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Cody Kurtz 🤘🏻  Husband, Dada, Photographer, etc. 2018: California - Texas - Louisiana - IRELAND 🙌🏻- New York x 2 - Pennsylvania x 2


Well. Today was the BEST way to start 2018 weddings. Hala and Abe welcomed me into their wonderfully multi-cultural family for the past 72 hours and it’s gonna be hard to leave. Not only has today been God glorifying but it’s been A. MAZE. ING. I will definitely be spamming y’all with more photos from day because...shoot. Today was BANGIN. So so so unbelievably happy for these two. What an honor it’s been.

The only words that can describe the last hour and a half are “holy crap that was magical”. Today I got to witness @alphatwin95 and @rachstirn take their next leap into life together and boy was it AWESOME. Quite literally something out of someone’s best dreams. Hundreds of candles both in the trees and lining the beautiful scripture-filled path leading to THIS. I adore Darby’s family and I’m so grateful to have celebrated with them. What a freaking way to end 2017.

I'm not gonna lie - I wasn't prepared for today.
I wasn't prepared to end 2017 with joy and excitement. I wasn't prepared to work with an insanely joyful, caring, AWESOME group of groomsmen and bridesmaids. I wasn't prepared at ALL to meet one of the raddest event coordinators I've ever worked with (shout out to Tony for being legit). And I certainly wasn't prepared for Chelsi and Jacob to be the chillest.
The Lord really surprised me with one of the most relaxed weddings I think I've ever shot. I won't be able to get over just how amazing Jacob and Chelsi loved every one of their friends and family (and vendors) all day long. I'm thankful to call these two beautiful people friends. So stoked to get to 2018 and CHECK OUT THE FAKE SNOW EXIT Y'ALL. HOW FUN IS THAT?!

I’ll never get over these first look feels and neither should you 🙏🏻😭

Today has been my favorite Black Friday EVER. Wanna know why? Cuz @acute.angle and @jongroves_94 eloped in their backyard with their 15 closest family members and a few friends. I got to be there as an honorary family member with a camera and boy was it a good one. By the end of the wedding day, I felt like I had known everyone for practically my entire life. I’m thankful for these two inviting me into such an intimate space. I’m grateful for their kind words, their laughter, and now their friendship. I’m stoked for them moving into marriage and ministry, seeing how the Lord has totally orchestrated everything up to this point. And it’s awesome.

It’s finally the time of year where twinkle lights are a-plenty, sweaters start coming out of the closet, and I gain an extra 15 pounds from all the delish food I devour with friends & family. But I’m really freaking thankful for my job and my life. When I look back on the past month alone, I’ve booked 3 of my highest paid weddings so far, purchased part of a super rad studio (@themillsthouse), bought a dream camera, and continue to raise some of the most adorable little humans ever to walk the planet. I’m grateful for the couples who aren’t afraid to invest into my family and my business. I get to pour into/serve some amazing folks and it gives me insane amounts of hope for what 2018 has in store. So to all my clients, thank you. I’m so grateful for you all.

Well here's a fun story for y'all.
A few months ago, I was perusing Craigslist looking at local photography jobs for no apparent reason. I saw this ad for "Photographer Needed for Proposal" or something like that. I thought hmm, this could be a really fun scam or it could be legit.
Fast forward to 3 weeks (or so) ago when I was talking to Parker about doing the photos but realized I was already scheduled for something the day he was proposing.
Yesterday I get a message from Parker that the lights festival he was gonna propose at got postponed to TODAY. AND I WAS FREE TODAY.
So after hours of snooping around and spying on him and Gillian, I finally got to capture this sweet moment in time. Nah it was freeeeaking unreal. I honestly don't know these two very much but I can't wait to get to know them more. I'm unbelievably happy for these two. Gosh I love proposals.

Hey Madi and Dillon.
Thanks for being awesome today. That's really all I have right now because you already know how much fun I had because I kept telling you all day long how much fun I was having. Thanks for going along with my "hey how about you guys go climb in that tree" or the "let's walk through 75 yards of weeds to get to that place over there" all evening. Thanks for the awkward convos in the beginning that bloomed into deeper, more meaningful topics. Thanks for being real and for ultimate trusting me. Love you guys!
So stoked for you guys tying the knot and shout out to @jublieeandinsanity for referring you too ;) and a shout out to my great grandpa for leaving me with the most legit of blankets, you da best Gramps 🤘🏼

@taylor______m - “I REALLY wanna wear this green dress but I also love your spontaneous, crazy photos!”
@codykurtzphoto - “Say no more, fam 🙏🏻”

Grateful for 💡💡💡 and people like @thehannahhughes who are totes down for something a little different on their wedding day 🙏🏻

Timothy and Taylor - y’all are bonkers. Thanks for spending an entire afternoon with me in Oklahoma braving storms, stuffing our faces with delicious 🍕🍕🍕, and most importantly for having fun on our engagement shoot. I mean, we freaking swam in moderately warm water as the sun was setting. It was so so so SO much fun. Even though it was a few weeks ago, I’m freaking STOKED with how these images turned out. So so so excited for y’all moving into marriage in just a few short months. It’s gonna be killer. Y’all rock. Stay classy 🤘🏼

Hannah & Christopher. Today was easily in my top 3 weddings of all of 2017. Here's why... You two are cherished and loved. I've loved getting to hear your stories, hearing how the Lord has blessed your lives with friends and experiences and SO MUCH.
I've loved seeing all your loved ones gather together and celebrate YOUR LOVE today. Not an unkind word could ever be said about you.
I loved how you turned your (Hannah) house into a beautiful location to celebrate marriage and the Lord. People from all across the world came to celebrate with y'all and it was killer. It was like a huge family reunion with people who I totally didn't know. But not for a moment did I ever feel left out.
Thank y'all for loving me so good and everyone you come in contact with. You two are going places. Let's hang sometime.

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