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Cody Kerns  CEO @iComeUp Marketing πŸ“± Currently Servicing 550+ Clients The World Is Yours 🌎 Miami πŸ“ ⬇️ How I Built a Business to 100K/Month ⬇️


When @paypal decides to put a 90-180 day hold on 7.5K of your money because you are a "high risk" for them...They don't want you to win, they want you to go slower. You know what you do...Earn more. Work harder.

The power of your energy is real. While I was sitting at breakfast the other day I got a handful of messages that aggravated me/put me in a bad mood. I'm positive it was that exact moment when I was sitting there complaining that the window got smashed. That bad mood I allowed myself to get in cost me $4,125.00. Stay the course keep your head up don't take it too seriously. Thank you for the good vibes @sambakhtiar

On top of the 🌎

Used to work out of my grandpas basement/house. Most I had at any given time was $1,500 to my name from selling things I shouldn't have been selling, in 30K of student loan debt. Couldn't pay a bill. Decided to move out at 19 and send it to Miami, got down to $300 in my bank, was boiling tap water to drink, eating canned tuna, Pb and Js and fast food daily because I was too stubborn to get a "job"...Too relentless to just give up, always had a vision and goals. That same year is the year iComeUp went from 0-200K. I always visualized about a day like this and always knew it would happen, just a matter of when...Got the best girl by my side, an amazing team and an office space. All working towards the same goal. Keep working. πŸ“Έ: @riverkerns

Last month I earned over 35K through social media and our company did over 110K. @jeremybish0p and I are dropping a package this month that can teach you how to monetize your online brand. We've now helped over 50+ people create an income anywhere between $1,000 to $15,000+ per month using our methods and tactics. Check the link in my bio for more info πŸ“ˆ

I told @riverkerns 2 years ago when we first started iComeUp that if we ever hit 1 Mil in sales I would get a tattoo of iComeUp on my ass.......true story. Cali next week

The clarity this girl has helped create for me is unreal. Make sure you set up your life so you can travel/make money and enjoy the benefits all at the same time. Miami to Maryland to Los Angeles to Punta Cana here we come πŸ™

2 years later we decided to make a "What is iComeUp" Video...That being said if you were ever curious about what it is I do check the link in my bio. Edit by: @disframe πŸ“Έ

Best comment wins a free pair of Yeezy's @pratik

Next few weeks, Miami, Jack Johnson and then Punta Cana for my 23rd with this one. Tag your bae 1st 25th and 50th 100th and 200th comment all get a $50 Venmo

Thank you for having me @sambakhtiar was a pleasure πŸ“ˆ πŸ“Έ @riverkerns

In-House accountant βœ”οΈ Financing Options with $0 Down βœ”οΈ Office shopping Monday βœ”οΈ Internal System Improvements/Upgrades βœ”οΈ

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