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Cody Kleman 

A year ago I was lost and floating through life, then I got a message from this extraordinary woman @millysunnyy and everything got brighter. A few weeks later a date happened, and a few short weeks after that a relationship started. Since then, we've been inseparable and everything is an adventure. The love I feel for her is next level and it only gets stronger everyday. This Instax stays in my wallet at all times, and has been there since the day it was taken and reminds me she's always got my back. Thank you for the life you've shared with me, here's to many many more years of knowing and loving each other babe! ❤️❤️❤️

Got to experience my first rocket launch, and took some sweet pictures along the way. First photo is the cloud of gasses left behind illuminated by the sun in the upper atmosphere, second is the landing, third is the aftermath of the gasses and fourth is my camera set up with a view of the background where the rocket launched from, 19 miles away bird's eye view. It was an extraordinary experience and can't wait for the next one!

Played with a defocusing technique and got some fun results shooting fireworks!

Seven Magic Mountains!

Love waking up to a breaking storm!
#itsbeenawhile #rain #storm #iforgothowtohashtag

James getting some lunch! He loves hornworms!

First wedding of the year requires a three camera setup! Brought some film along and took a self portrait of myself looking dapper. Been an awesome wedding even with the rain and wind, everyone is having a good time!

Picked up a gorgeous Super Pastel Ball Python! +10 Reptile Dad points!

Went out to Shell Creek Road to view the wildflowers, did not disappoint!

When you forget about your wallet so you can nerd out to the fullest extent. #fuckit #collectoredition #videogames #horizonzerodawn #ps4 #gamer #doctorstrange #marvel #3d #steelbook #emptywallet #worthit

Took this on a Sony A7RII I rented to test out and oh man it's an incredible camera! This was taken in the dark, and the amount of detail this camera pulls out of it is incredible. #sony #sonyar7ii #ar7ii #rokinon #14mm #fstop #manual #photography #landscape #tryit #rental #borrowlenses #longexposure #dontgochasingwaterfalls #waterfall #cave #sanluisobispo

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