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Cody Sessions✖️  ▪️Team Body Goods & Emines Tattoos {sponsors} 🤼‍♂️Pro Muay Thai & MMA🥊Pro Boxer🎓Student

Surrounded by broken goods. Hopefully I can fix them.

Slow and steady.

Got a haircut, getting my mind right. Close to my fitness goals. Still working though

In it to win it😈 let's get it🤙 #nike #run

Officially 21. Never thought I would live to see that number. Feels the same as any other day, crazy that it's here. Through foster care and moving a grand total of 34 times (so far) obtaining certifications through college/trade schools, owning 4 vehicles, and now moving into my 3rd apartment. Being homeless at points and times...the title of 21 never crossed my mind as a possibility in the past. Only until recently has it dawned on me that I actually made it(to 21)...certain things aren't exactly the way I want them, nor are certain people in my life that I wish were and many people have passed away along the line. Everything happens for a reason soon enough, a house and a career and maybe a wife🤔😂 only have a few more goals to knock off the checklist at this stage of life and it's looking good from my point of view. Soon to be...the next chapter of life. You can hate the player and the game, but you can't hate the coach.

Great hike 🤙

Teep Tuesday. 😈🤙

Last night I went 4 hard rounds against a game opponent from Bellator. He was a 135er so I jumped up weight a bit. I trained myself this camp. Been in between gyms lately. Was blessed enough to have a few pals from ufc San Dimas and some other gentlemen I train hold pads for me on a couple occasions. I almost couldn't fight due to me not having a corner....but miraculously some gentlemen from Sityodtong came to the rescue and let me get the chance to perform last night. I was told by numerous people that it was a great show. Possibly fight of the night. And that I proved I deserved to be in there. It's not easy getting booed walking out to the fight due to fighting the hometown hero and being the underdog...but at the end of the night we both got cheered for and positive feedback. Every fight you learn something more about yourself. I learned I fight for my own respect before anyone else's. I'm not a perfect fighter, nor do I have a perfect record. I go out there to put on a show, fight to win, and leave it all out there no matter what. I have never been spoon fed "easy fights" I have jumped weight and fought bigger more experienced opponents on numerous occasions. Even on hours notice or days notice. Gone to there own backyards to fight in front of crowds that only know the other man and want me knocked out. I've fought without having a training camp, or in between gyms, or with injuries, drive myself while cutting weight to weigh ins and have no one there. Been alone in the back rooms waiting to get called out to fight with no team present. Say what you want, believe what you will. Just know that I work hard and bust my ass regardless of any outcome. I've never missed weight as an amateur or as a professional. I've always been early to meetings/weigh ins/the venue...and displayed professionalism in doing so. Thank you to the people that support me and enjoy watching me fight. And a special thanks to the gentlemen that have held pads for me and trained with me late nights from the kindness of there hearts and helping me prepare. Nothing went unnoticed or unappreciated.

Touched down at 124 pounds. War time tomorrow. Let's get it😈 #muaythai #boxer #boxing #abs #fitness #mma #hardwork #weightloss #fight #reebok #fightnight #fit #wck

I'm constantly in the gym. I'm giving my all every day. I am fighting July 22. In San Diego! I have tickets and would love to see everybody there. Let me show you how hungry I am. Win or lose I've worked too hard to not perform. LETS GET IT!! #MuayThai #muaythai #boxing #boxinglife #boxer #fighter #fight #ko #hardwork

Great rounds yesterday 😈🙌👌 feeling ready! Getting ready!

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