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Cody  26, Male, Perth, Australia. My art is generally anime, manga and video game related. Personal page @codlez

my @itsbirdy Korra print came today 😊 even though he told me he was throwing in some extra stuff I was still really surprised and happy when I saw he not only threw in the Aang print but also his water pokemon starters print. thanks a lot @itsbirdy love them all. unfortunately the frame got a little damaged on it's way but I'll be getting some frames for all three this week anyways 😊 #itsbirdy #atla #atlok #avatar #pokemon

my hat from @adcartattack came today, it looks incredible, I've been looking forward to this for soo long, I can't wait to wear it out 😁 everyone should check out his stuff, I'm definitely getting more once I have more money #snapback #custom #handpainted #southpark #southparkthestickoftruth #cartman #videogames

inked now :) I'll try and do something better in between assignments in the next week or 2 if time permits

one piece drawing finished! 😁 only took me ages to finally complete haha, it was actually done yesterday I just didn't get a chance to take a picture before work >.< anyways pretty happy with it for the most part 😊

sorry for being inactive again stupid work.
the colouring on this is pretty shit too so not the best returning pic :( my black pencil is soo small now it's hard to sharpen >.< grr hah anyways finished this now so that's something right? :S

sorry It took so long to finally finish this I'm terrible >.< but here it is my minato pokemon team #teamyellowflash

My entry for @puzu contest #coloredpiece_4puzu final round, not really on par with some of the amazing pieces I've seen already but still was worth finishing, I didn't have all the colours I wanted to colour in in copics so I stuck to coloured pencil, not sure if that was the right choice but what are ya going to do >.< ha good luck to the other entries look forward to seeing them all finished

Kinda rushed the inking on this which is kinda silly of me, there are more mistakes than I'm happy with making. Sorry >.<

Completely messed up my willis and terriermon evolution drawing, this is what I get for putting it off and then trying to finish it at work :S oh well. Will be doing a couple more coloured ones soon, kinda been sticking to black and white a lot lately #digimon #terriermon #gargomon #willis #movie #cartoon #anime #manga #animedrawing #mangadrawing #animeboy #drawing #sketch #wip

Gareki and Nai from Karneval #anime #manga #art #drawing #sketch #ink #gareki #nai #karneval

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