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Cody Nederhood  Byron Center Mi God Family Country

Oldie but a goodie. I call it: Falling, with style.

First day ever in the dunes. So cute! #tbt #smalltiressmallmotorsmallshocks

Bowling ball and bumpers comes to mind 🎳 #swaybarneverheardofthose #dirttour #midwestprerunners #dirtalliance

Finding the limits, and just pushing a little past. Sketchy's fast right? #threewheelthursday #dirttour #dirtalliance #gfw #midwestprerunners πŸ“· @izthistaken

Sideways in the turning lane. Actually about to probably get up on #twowheeltuesday and drive off the track. Anybody else that got any dirt tour pics of love to see them. Send em over! Either on the track or getting hauled off πŸ˜‚

Starting across the track, rolling over a corner and wide open to a long uphill results in only 40mph and about 65' compared to everyone else's 110'+ triple. #dontcare still hit it over and over and over. #flyingfriday #fordfriday #mexicanjumpingbeams #dadirttour #dirtalliance

Need to make some time to get back out on the boat πŸ‘Œ can't work on the house every night... #wcw

Some beach, somewhere.
#65creedmoor #65grendel #6.5 #vortexoptics. Pretty sure the majority of the time we go shoot we spend sighting in Tanners new setup because he can't keep the same scope on the same gun, or not have built something new...rather than bang steel at 775+ like we'd planned.

You could say we did it for Dale. Turning left and all. #3 #doitfordale #dirttour #dirtalliance
@jessepigeon pushing that button πŸ“Έ

Looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. We bought a house!

Truck did great for the two day abuse! Crazy how much harder hard pack track is compared to the dunes. Didn't push it to hard Friday night practice trying to get used to the track and not knowing the jumps. Woke up Saturday and just went for it. Way more comfortable and faster going into time trials. Blew a tire first lap, spare on and back in line. Completed 2nd lap but it was sloppy. 3rd lap broke a steering bolt in the column and got dragged back off the track. By the time I calmed down after the tractor bucket cracked my glass/hood dent and got the steering fixed time trials was over so no official time. Beside that had an absolute blast on and off the track being able to have everyone together.
@izthistaken killing the πŸ“· it's awesome having so many great photo people all in one location!

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