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When life gets you down, go upside down✌🏽
You know what’s hard? Patience and time. If two shoulder dislocations have taught me anything, it’s that no matter how much of a planner you are, how “strong” your body is or what path you think you’re on, sometimes life throws a wrench at you and you just gotta deal (even if you don’t like it or it isn’t fair). If it throws off your plans, make new ones. If it shatters your benchmarks, set new goals. If it gets you down, find something that lifts you up.
It’s been just over three months since dislocation #2. My headstand isn’t perfect (and it probably never will be). But I’m ok with that. This process of healing (again) has helped me better listen to my body, chill the F out and learn a little bit of patience (I said a little bit, Rome wasn’t built in a day...) All the good vibes and all in good time. Always.✨

Currently obsessed with this wildflower stunner from @rebekahgoughjewelry
Have a damn good weekend and enjoy this sunshine, wildflowers 🌸

Dinner is a family affair in this household 🐕
Easy peasy. Fresh arugula, roasted sweet potatoes with avocado oil, baked salmon with honey and lime, pistachios, chia and spicy avocado hummus (thanks @hopefoods). And salmon skin for Camper of course ✌🏽

My other babies (other than Camper 🐕)
I’ve (knock on wood) kept these babes alive going on 2+ years now. I think I’m ready to take on another. Plant mamas, send me your recs! 🌿

Fresh new mani and collagen latte - Monday is already 💯

Well worth the 30 minutes it took to throw this baby together 😍
smoothie: almond milk, greek yogurt, frozen mango, fresh pear, banana, chia, flax, shredded coconut and Spirulina
toppings: blueberries, pistachio, hemp hearts and granola

Felt like spring this morning so we celebrated with a cocktail.

M✨A✨G✨I✨C is HPF at @corepoweryoga. Helping bring this shoulder back to life 🙌🏽

Yep. We did the dog DNA kit (although it’s not even close to the oddest/most obsessive thing we’ve done for this pup).
Turns out our little pittie mix is a pittie-beagle-German shorthair pointer. We used DNA My Dog and loved it - super easy to use. DM me if you want more info on how the process went!

Camper found his mini-me 🐕🐕

Can I press snooze on our vacation ending?

Throwing back margs like there’s no tomorrow (there isn’t, we go back to the snowmageddon tomorrow...)

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