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She rarely leaves the house without her hat, and I want to be cool like her. So... this is me trying to be a hat person. For the third time. Fourth? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #failedsomanytimes #somuchsuninCAthough And this @carlyjeanlosangeles hat is giving me hope. 💕 #cjlatagmail 🙈

This one. She is witty, sarcastic and a ball of stubbornness. That giggle though. 💕 #myLuciaJane

Thick as thieves, these three. Patting myself on the back for that alliteration. 👌🏼😜 #GogoOrangesGoosey

“It says OCEAN!” - Jones to anyone he makes eye contact with. // and if anyone knows where to find a shirt with a cute sea otter on it, we have a 6 year old quite obsessed. (I don’t blame her: they were so cute!) // #CRbayAdventures #CJLAtagmail

I’m starting to see why people never leave the Bay Area: it’s perpetually fall and spring. Even hot days close with cool perfection. So I guess it’s a question of how much you’re willing to pay for the weather, because 🏡💰😩 // in other news, my glasses are from @costco - because you can buy EVERYTHING from Costco. Amirite? #dontwannabewrong #CJLAtagmail . . #liketkit

Pretty much sums up our #TGIF feelings around here!

Brace yourself: this might be a long one. 💕
// This move was a bit of a gut punch for me. I was telling someone last night that our moves from Pittsburgh and from Boston were both very unexpected, and had I known, maybe I would have done things differently...
// but then I stopped myself, because I realized my “doing things differently” really just meant: don’t let people in. Don’t get too connected. Don’t dig the roots down deep. The thing is, the deep roots make the moves harder. Way. Way. Harder. // I’m an enneagram 3, so it takes a lot (or me being really tired!) for me to show that anything isn’t hunky-dory inside. It’s not something I necessarily do consciously, but I don’t feel the need to bog others down with my feelings. // The past few weeks, I have very intentionally created structured time to be quiet, for prayer, yes, but mostly just silence. I too often like to fill with noise when I’m feeling most vulnerable, so this has been eye opening for me in a lot of ways. (Maybe some I’ll share, but most is just for me.)
// I’ve also set aside very committed time to pray for my 3 hooligans who call me mom. I’ve been more bold in praying for them out loud and together, and more disciplined in praying for them consistently. // I wanted to share one of my favorite “prayer reminders” with you: these stackable name rings from @slateandtell - I’ve had them now for a few weeks, and I rarely take them off. I love them, but I think the kids love them even more: Jones calls them my prayer rings and loves to find his name whenever he can. // Slate & Tell has let me give you $10 off any purchase with the coupon code: KACIA
// Thanks for letting me share a little more about what’s been going on in my life and heart right now. How about you? Any moving experiences or wisdom? Any items or tips to remind you to pray more consistently? // xo.

Oh, to be Lucia. 🍊

Sums them up pretty perfectly. Happy Easter!

“But if I close my eyes for five minutes mommy, I’m going to fall asleep!” 😩 // Yes, yes that is the point, my love. 💁🏼‍♀️ // PS: moving is really hard. I’m here, but quiet. Feeling like Wonder Woman some days... and looking for a hole to crawl into most others. I’m here, but taking a moment to breathe and assess goals and dreams. Thanks for all the messages checking in. 😘

Playing tourists! Started the day at 4am to prove it. #stillonBostontime Cable cars this morning, Chinese New Year parade tonight!

The past week has been full of “couldn’t make this up if I tried” happenings. Moving isn’t easy. Moving with kids isn’t easy. Being a kid, and moving: isn’t easy. // I’m trying to give as many normals to the kids even though we will be empty home owners in a few days and boarding a one-way flight soon after. // Valentines from @minted were the PERFECT afternoon activity! Harlow even played teacher and helped Jones with his. 💙💜 Link in my profile to get a discount off your first order!

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