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Leana Marie  𖥸 content c r e a t o r &coach. ૐ ❁ style & wellbeing. || love & light. ∘ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʀᴀʏ ᴏғ sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ △ soul sister circle ✧ dōTERRA AU social media

t r u s t. the path. || ๛༻
@celestetwikler 🌊
“living a life truly inspired by the ocean, it is only natural that, Trust, is a representation of a wave intertwined with a beautiful, unique Unalome. feelings are much like waves, we can not stop them but we can choose which ones to surf, by trusting our intuition.”
When i am inspired by something, i feel it so deeply and i want everyone to know. The magical @celestetwikler new collection is exactly that. ✨ Upon first look i was so deeply connected to not only the hand drawn designs but reconnected with something deeper within myself. This beautiful piece is on its way to me, and i think at a wonderful time as i feel Trust, has now become my 2019 word. “this design has some twists and turns, symbolic of the journey of life, but at the end of the day, we can only trust in our self and know that everything will wash over like a wave” Head over to @celestetwikler to see all be new designs. May they inspire you as they have me.
🦋 Love & light xx

soul s t a c k. || ❁ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ ❁
“honor your bloom,
trust your wilt.
each serves a purpose.”
~ @alex_elle 💜🌊📚 there are so many empowering and inspirational people shining a light on topics that warm my heart. these books always bring me back to my true self, and allow me to explore more of myself too. 🦋 create, learn, explore and awaken yourself to all that is around us. Tap the photo for all the authors! I hope these books inspire you in ways you didn’t expect! love & light xx

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turquoise oceans & salty breeze. || ❁ ∘✧𖥸✧∘ ❁
“dear one, stand your ground.
cultivate the earth around you.
see what grows there, what blooms.
adjust accordingly in each season.
may hearts flourish around you.
may you feel vitality under your feet.
may you know, you belong.”
~ @b.oakman 🦋🌿🌊 beautiful inspiration from the lovely @hannahargyle capturing the beautiful essence of a single moment by the sea shore, a moment of growth, a moment to bloom. 🌻 May you all know and believe today that you belong. love & light xx

spring scents. || ❁ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ ❁

The mind achieves,
what the body believes.
🌸🌿🦋 enjoying the beautiful scents of @doterraaunz yoga collection this morning- anchor. align. arise.

How do you find time for you during the week? do you have some practices to help ground you during the day? 🦋 the simple scent of an essential can help to ground, center and enlighten you. Spring is in the air, the flowers are all blossoming and it’s time for you to shine bright, stand tall and blossom too! Love & Light xx

swipe for magic. || ❁ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ ❁

@clarembee you are true magic! Last night for the third time i got to experience the magic that clare, @tmjbowen @brandonrobertyoung bring to the stage, and bring to peoples hearts every time they perform. I cannot quite put into words just how grateful i am for people like you, for the love you spread, for the people you empower and the way you inspire on a whole new level. You bring so much good to the world and you help heal so many through your souls, words and music. I am so grateful you are here today, you are lighting the way for so many others and i can’t help but follow along, leaving a little sparkle wherever we go of course. Thank you for always being YOU!!
Swipe to see the magic from last night ✨💜💜

rise and s h i n e. || △ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ △
🌼 inspired by the magic words of @beautaplin this morning, reminding us that today is your day! rise, shine, be unapologetically you and conquer the day.
✨ Sending all my love & light xx

a time to blossom. || ❁✧ ∘ ❁✧ ∘ ❁
“she is a
tree of life
to those that
lay hold of her.” 🌸 so incredibly inspired by @hannahadamaszek latest piece - Fall of a raindrop. It represents our inner world, our dreams. “It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype. Eyes follow the figure, as she breaks forward, finding out who she is in the times which she is most vulnerable.” I love the strength that she still possess as she walks forward, as she blossoms. May this piece empower you this weekend and let you stand tall ready to bloom 🦋 Love & light xx

light the way. || 𖥸༺✧ ❁ ✧༺𖥸 “morning is here,
the day
is new,
perhaps this is where,
the l i g h t
breaks through.”
~ @morganharpernichols ✨🦋🌼 Morning light radiating from the lovely @tegansteele inspiring me this week as the mornings and days get warmer, and the light breaks through each day illuminating my own rays of sunshine. Be the light, share the light, embrace the light and live your light. ✨

the morning light. || △ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ △
“all the flowers
of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds
of t o d a y.”
🌸🌿🌻Morning inspiration from the beautiful new @spell_byronbay collection and this magical Lily Kimono...if there was a kimono made for me it’s this one! I am so drawn to certain colours and how they make me feel, and the types of flowers used in it just remind me of tropical holidays away and all the beautiful flowers you see blooming. 🌺How will you plant your seeds today to create a beautiful tomorrow? what has been inspiring you this week?

awaken. △
revitalize. ❁
reconnect. 𖥸

@hanakotherapies 🌿 Beautiful new Awakening blend that has become a daily ritual of mine these last few weeks, especially after lunch to awaken a new energy within my whole being. It’s such a special ritual spraying it over the crown of the head, onto the heart and around the body. Crystal infused with the lovely lemon myrtle scent shining through alongside geranium, grapefruit, lavender, neroli and many more.🦋What’s your favourite daily ritual? How do you awaken, revitalize and reconnect?

morning m a n t r a. || ✧ ❁ ✽ ॐ ✽ ❁ ✧ “just look
at how vibrantly
we have
breathed today,
in this one afternoon.
a lifetime.”
- @alison.malee 🦋 Now that the Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse have been, it’s time to open yourself up and allow this light to open you up to new potential, infinite possibilities, and your own epic truth. Trust that everything is evolving as it should and the magic you dream of creating is ready for you. 💜 So inspired by @spiritualgangster illustration, reminding me of the many depths of my soul and the many things that make me ME. Ask yourself today, what do you wish to manifest and create this next month? What can you let go of and release the burden of? I’m here, let’s do this together. Love & light xx

l i l a c dreams. || △ ∘ ✧𖥸✧ ∘ △
“let it s w i m
through your body
without a map,
...and watch it
turn into l o v e.”
~ @musingsfromthemoon 💜🦋 moments of beauty appreciating the magic of @sergeysuxov photo. Life has been flying by lately and sometimes it’s easy to forget to sometimes just stop... just be and feel the magic swim through you. Enjoy just that very moment, that very breath, that very heartbeat... enjoy life just as it is right then. Tomorrow when you awake, take a moment to hold gratitude for yourself and let that golden light of gratitude beam through you all day. hold it above you like the moon and shine for all to see, for we can shine the light for others to follow too. ✨ Sweet dreams, love & light xx

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