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Coco Janelle 🌸  Palestinian•Jordanian ✝︎ •@fitwsis •SC: cocojanellem •Twitter: thecocojanelle •girls compete. women empower.

@fashionnova 💕
My sister is so funny. She was telling me that whenever she doesn’t know what to wear she just looks at my Instagram, finds an outfit she likes, and then tries to find the matching pieces in my closet 😂 we love sharing clothes and shoes because we’re exactly the same size. Do any of you like sharing clothes with your siblings or friends?
❃ Skirt: No Strings Attached Mini Skirt
❃ Heels: Flat Put Fabulous Heels ❃ Purse: Brenda Bag
❃Top is from H&M

Is it Friday yet?🙄 @fashionnova
❃ Coverup: Caught In Pearls Crochet Skirt
❃ Bikini: Fine Lines Underwire Bikini Set

trust the vibe, energy doesn’t lie✨ @fashionnova
❃ Dress: Fashion Slayer Mini Dress
❃ Purse: Brenda Mini Bag
❃ Heels: These are not online anymore but there are a ton of similar styles:
‣Lose It All Heel
‣Gigi Clear Toe Heel
‣She’s a Winner Heel
‣Better Be Quick Heel
‣Judgement Free Heel

summer loading...🔆 @fashionnova #novababe I posted my ab workout from today on @fitwsis 🥰
❃ Jacket: Contain Denim Jacket
❃ Bikini: it’s not in their website anymore but I will double check. They have a lot of similar red bikinis tho❤️

black or white polish I can’t decide? @fashionnova
❃ 2 piece set: Warm Feelings Set
❃ Heels: brb finding the name lol
•This is so off topic but I’ve been really happy and content with my life lately and I want to share what has been helping me achieve self happiness.
••Staying lowkey: not everyone needs to know your business all the time. Me being an influencer, my life is always public. But I choose to keep a lot of things private because I believe in the evil eye and people will talk and jinx your happiness seriously. Make moves in silence🤫
••Find what makes you happy and keep doing it. What makes you happy and keeps you at peace? Whether it’s being with friends and family or working out, surround yourself around that positive energy.
••CUT OUT NEGATIVE PEOPLE: this should be #1. All those people in your life who don’t appreciate you, who don’t make time for you, who take advantage of your kindness, who don’t give you the same energy back....yeah cut that quick. You do not have time for negative energy and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. Remove yourself from toxics situations and people. Surround yourself with people who love you, care about you, and who genuinely want you to succeed in life.
••Focus on yourself more. I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with spending time alone but I promise you it’s so liberating. I love being alone and being in my own space. I feel like I always learn more about myself and figure out new things that I love or makes me happy. More alone time!
••Lastly, live in the moment! I need to work on this more because I always overthink and worry about the what if’s. Live in the moment and stop worrying about what will happen. Enjoy the ride and let God lead the way ❤️
I love you all, I hope you all find your inner happiness. If there’s something that helps you please share below I love reading your thoughts. xoxo

warm feelings 🥰 @fashionnova
everytime my hair is straight I always think it’s getting so long then I wash it and my curls bounce up 2 inches 🙄so deceiving lol
❃ 2 piece: Warm Feelings Skirt Set
❃ Heels: Glass Heel

don’t chase people, it’s too much cardio and you’ll lose your booty gains. It’s not worth it 😂😴
@fashionnova #novababe
❃ Bodysuit: Amber Lace Bodysuit
❃ Shoes: @fashionnova I can’t find the name:(
❃ Sweats are from @ootdfash

good things come in tall packages 🤪 how tall are you? (I’m 5’7” but on Instagram I’m 6’5”😂) @fashionnova #novababe
❃ Top: Seanna Knit Top
❃ Heels: Deceive You Heeled Sandal
❃ Shorts: They are vintage Wrangler shorts from a little boutique!
•To all my tall queens who are too insecure to wear heels because you’re taller than all your friends, I’m here to tell you to rock them legs girl. Embrace your height ladies! Be confident and love the way you are whether you’re tall or short or in between: you are loved, you are special, you are beautiful! Stay shining ✨

don’t play with me 🤫
What’s your favorite childhood game? Let’s reminisce in the comments. Me and my siblings used to play “street” where we would pretend we were driving cars and we’d follow street signs, and pay for bridge tolls etc all on our bikes/scooters 😂 we lived next door to our cousins so we all used to do this outside. My brother was the cop and he would give us tickets if we were speeding lolll Ahhhh the good ole days before cell phones💆🏽‍♀️
Go show love to my siblings they’re my everything @cecemug @farrism7
Shirt: @forever21

It is what it is trust me you get what you give✨Lucky really wanted to be in this picture lol
Leggings: Align 2 from @lululemon the best leggings you will ever purchase and 100% worth it. It’s like a push-up bra for your booty and the quality is amazing.

@fashionnova biker shorts :)
Happy International Women’s Day to ALL you beautiful and strong women. There is no limit to what we women can accomplish. Be WHO you want and do WHAT you want! Girls Compete, Women Empower always!
•I love you all so much and because today is a special day I want to have another mini GIVEAWAY ! One winner will win a special gift from me:) Anyone can enter and all you have to do is tag a woman in your life that inspires you to be greater everyday. For me it’s my sister Celine and my mother Nancy who continue to push, inspire, and love me no matter what. You are powerful, you are strong and you are loved. Stay beautiful and keep shining ladies ✨

You can never go wrong with blue jeans and a white tee 🦋 @fashionnova I’m 5’7” for those asking in the comments💕
❃ Top: Kiki Top
❃ Jeans: Cosmic Warrior Jeans
❃ Shoes: Adidas Falcons

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