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Coco_the_chococlatelab  Born June 3, 2014 Chocolate Labrador Retriever San Joaquin County. Go follow 👉🏼my Sister's Cami's account @cami_the_shihpoo

A dog is used for companionship, is apart of your family. A dog isn’t for until you get bored of having a dog, or when you get a girlfriend or boyfriend and they don’t like dogs or cats, or until you move and don’t want to take me along with you,or until you start having a baby, or until you have no time for the dog, or because it’s not a puppy anymore, or because it’s too old. A dog/cat is a forever dog/cat. I am so sick and tired of people wanting a dog and than out of no where they give these reasons to why they don’t want a dog or a cat anymore. A pet is your family. Not just a dog you can get rid of when he gets too old or isn’t a puppy anymore. It’s a commitment, if you aren’t ready for a commitment than don’t get an animal. It’s that SIMPLE.

**ON MY STORY AMD HIGHLIGHTS!!** Fourth of July is coming up! More pets are lost at this time of year than anytime of the year! Please keep your animals inside. If you have Facebook and your pets get out please post on Lost and Found 209. Keeping your pet inside reduces the risk of your pet getting out. Animal Control gets overwhelmed with dogs during Fourth of July. Keeping your dog inside reduces the risk of him getting out, and getting hit by another car. Getting your pet microchip, and a collar with tags will help the chances of him getting home if he gets out at anytime of the year or at Fourth of July.

I hate giving this type of news 😔😭... Rest in piece sweet girl.

Does anyone know someone that is willing to foster or take this guy in? If you have any questions or have someone in mind please private message me. Thanks.

Mia found her forever home. Thanks to Tom for making this happen! This is going to break my heart letting her go. 😩❤️ good bye Mia ❤️💕

A family friend rescued this German Shepherd that is coming from an unstable situation. I can only foster her to three to four days, if not I will have to take her to the shelter or find a rescue that will take her. Female German Shepherd, four years old. Up to date with shots, spayed, and microchipped. She might need to be socialized with other dogs. There will be a re-homing fee. Please Message me.

**EMERGENCY FOSTER OR ADOPTER** Request an adoption application by emailing

Request foster application by emailing

Vern is 2 years old and a happy little boy!He looks like a dausand mix desperately looking for place call home❤️... He has been SAFE evaluated( kid and dog friendly) and is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative & in need of an ADOPTER or FOSTER commitment ASAP!!... He is at a shelter facility in North Carolina that rehabilitates dogs that were victim of abusive & neglectful situations (the same facility Precious, Doc, Shorty, & CutiePie were rescued from).... When new dogs are in need, the dogs who have passed their SAFE evaluations have a certain amount of days to find a rescue... If not, they face their fate due to no fault of their own... The facility has NO CHOICE-- so it is up to us to work together -- BE HIS VOICE -- and find sweet Vern a home!

6 more to come!

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