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Sara  🛰Lover of science|Zoology|anthropology|iphoneography&coffee ✊🏽Feminist☭ethical-vegan foodie|movie buff|Biophile 🌍🌿🐪🌿🌍 Twitter:CocoControverse

and then he said, let there be orange... 『🐵🐒⊂( ᵕ.ᵕ )⊃ 🍊』

BOO!👻 always late for Halloween🎃 i wanted to do something fun and simple so I wouldn't freak out when it didn't turn out to be good. That did not work. How is drawing/painting considered to be stress relief by some? How? #SlothsAreAlwaysRelevant #CoffeeIsaPropThough

Past afternoons on campus(─‿‿─)🍵 Someday (not soon, not at all soon), i will miss this shithole. Especially this part, soup in the hallway, a few disapproving professors in the background and a squeeze of lemon🍂

Morning scene: oud playing by the beach📷||Field trip to enjefa 4-16-2016|
These guyes are why i need oud lessons ASAP plus they're my favorite field sighting🐚⚓️🔭 عيدها كمان💭 🎶This photo always makes me happy🐋

Urban wilderness

Roadside oasis🏜🌾

Windy at KISR🌾

Welcome to my crib 🚐 jk i wish...
This baby was acquired in 1999 and seemingly abandoned not sure how many years later. I want to take it and go on a solo ride deep into the desert for at least two years. I'll do whatever kind of research they'd allow me to do🌾🐪 pretty please? *packs*

y,w,l or y,w+ maybe? 😾👉🏽hmm..🔬 #rusty


Solar mamas screening🛰🌞✨ must watch! Very moving i'm in awe of these amazing women and their beautiful story: a group of illiterate women coming from poor villages in different countries spend 6 months at barefoot college in india learning to become solar engineers and bring back their new skills to their villages👏🏽

Threepio is here to help🙅🏽 those librarians' interior skills are on point man🕹📽🍿👌🏽 the rest of faculty should take note

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