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Paul made traditional Greek #avgolemonosoup for his #cookbookchallenge. From How to Roast a Lamb, a glorious cookbook from Michael Psilakis. The foam top of this chicken soup is made by mixing egg whites with lemon juice, dill, and an egg yolk–chicken stock emulsion. It took all day but was totally worth it!

Fruits of the Forest Crumble #cookbookchallenge made by @steveschul from The Silver Spoon cookbook. #blueberries #strawberries The salted caramel ice cream was a bonus!

Stellar #cookbookchallenge by @steveschul, with recipes from The Silver Spoon mega Italian cookbook. Steak with Mushrooms, Sweet Pea Flan with Carrot Vinaigrette. He even made the bread!

Making Crab Rangoon and duck sauce. From Lucky Peach ( 🍀 🍑) Issue #5: Chinatown. We fried them up, dunked them in duck sauce, and ate them in less than 20 minutes. #cookbookchallenge

Delmonico Martini, from the New York Bartenders Guide by Sally Ann Berk: 2 oz gin, 1/2 oz dry vermouth, 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, 1/2 oz brandy, orange twist #cookbookchallenge

Buttermilk Pie with Cornmeal Crust, from Short Stack Vol. 4: Buttermilk, by Angie Mosier. Lemony sweet/tart. Blackberries make it divine. #cookbookchallenge #pie #buttermilk #blackberries

Balti-baked squash with feta, tomato & mint. From the Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali Pathan. Vegetarian delight! #butternutsquash #indianfood

#MaiTai from Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau by Elizabeth Ann Toupin (1966), which preceded our Hawaiian dinner of Yakitori and Shrimp and Potato Nests😀

Katsu Don (pork cutlet and egg rice bowl) from Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking by #Morimoto #cookbookchallenge #delish

Navy Bean and Escarole Stew with Feta and Olives, from @bonappetit Dec '16/Jan '17 #cookbookchallenge. Delish!

Cookie-press snowflakes and a wreath. With #chocolate. Thanks, Martha!

The bird came out of the oven wrapped in a coat of crisp, seasoned skin. Mmm. #thanksgivingturkey

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