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Courtney Child  |2 boys,2 girls and their adventures...mostly pics of my girl..she doesn't hide when the camera is out|Utah| @courtneychildphotography

Our summer travels took us to the Midway Crater...a geothermal 96° F mineral pool in a hole in the ground. It was relaxing and fun (except for when Izzy crawled on top of me in the water because she was afraid of sharks 🤷🏼‍♀️) AND I had the unexpected surprise of meeting the extremely talented and beautiful @haymason! She happened to be swimming at the same time as us...such a happy coincidence ☺️

I witnessed a miracle during our family vacation. It was an experience that left my whole family in awe and a lot of us in tears. It was a reminder to me that Heavenly Father loves us, is very much aware of us and in the tiny details of our lives.

Escape the busy life, come together, relax, unwind, take in the sights and

Yesterday at church, Izzy and I sang a song together. We sang Izzy’s favorite song, “The Miracle”. She has never sung a solo in front of an audience before and she was very nervous. We practiced a lot and said our prayers and I said a lot more prayers in my heart. She was so scared but she did it! As we were performing, the fact that I was singing with my daughter, the beauty and truthfulness of the words of the song, and thinking of some friends in the congregation and their heart aches made my emotions get the best of me and I had to stop singing to cry a bit. I was embarrassed, but truly could not pull myself together! Izzy kept singing and carried us through! I am proud of her! She did it! The members of our ward are so kind and loving and lavished her with love and praise, and even cards and gifts afterwards! I am so blessed to be among some of the most caring and sweet people I have ever known. I am so thankful for the opportunity we had to sing together. Hopefully she will do it again someday!

Happiest of Fridays to you all!

Gathering tiny flowers for her little flower basket in her fairy garden that she planted tonight. Any guesses how long she will keep her garden watered and alive?

My view was quite wonderful this evening. Oh sweet Spring, stick around for awhile please!

She arranged this bouquet herself with the help of @al_the_gal. 😍

Maybe we can help Spring arrive if we buy a bouquet of tulips 🌷 and read some books about Spring??

Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the sky. And I’ll be honest here. I was tired of looking at brown scenery so I greened things up a bit...and I changed the color of her coat. I try to keep things pretty authentic, but I wanted to explore different techniques. The before and after is in my stories.

Winter has returned to Utah and we are thrilled!

Future Olympic Ribbon Dancer 😘

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