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COBSHOP.NET  Maker of the AutoCOB™ The most Efficient/Versatile/and Cost effective grow light available. Completely silent! No BS. just lights that work. USA Made!

I went into this looking for nothing more answers. Yield, quality nothing mattered. Basically a test to find the most cost effective, lowest wattage you can run on a group of plants. Luckily no yields were sacrificed here. Less wattage used than a plasma tv and the results speak for themselves. These are also autoflowers. Seed to chop 65-75 days. All about the roi and the best way to achieve the most for less. #autocob #autoflower #cob #fucktheframe #cobshop

Before and after. Huge shout out to @greenleafnutrients The results I’m seeing around the net are epic, cost wise it can’t be touched, ease of use and excellent customer service. One bag from start to finish. 🙌🏼💯% respect for you guys. Thank you so much.

Repost❗️What a beautiful shot from a local grower @gorillagrowersocal, just upgraded his tent with the best grow lights available. #autocobs from #cobshop Thanks bro for the wonderful picture. Make sure you like and follow to see the progress.

Another update on the AutoGorilla. 2-3 weeks left and they are really fattening up well. This entire grow is still under 440 watts. 11 watts per square foot. With access to as many lights as I can imagine and piles of other prebuilt manufactured lights this is what I’m running. Trying to maximize yield while having the lowest power consumption possible. #cobshop #autocobs #autocob #gpw #autoflower

Plenty of time left for these buds to fill in and consume the scrog. Definitely a gram per watt grow at 440 wall watts over a 4x10 space. Efficiency vs wattage is the same as par watts vs wall watts. Cobs and autos are cutting into the industry hard. #cobshop #autocob #autoflower #gpw

Yoyo’s are perfect for angling the pendant style AutoCobs. Very happy with the growth and transition into flower.

Maybe it’s the @ymvmammoth making the ladies so happy. This is the first run with the new addition and I think I’m sticking with it. Short version of a long story but I saw samples being passed everywhere and after a few attempts struck out. The folks at mammoth went ahead and pm’d me and a week later it was here. I didn’t need the sample as much as I wanted to see their effort before buying the monster bottle. Thanks mammoth. #autoflower #cobgrown

Less than 700 watts and covering 50 square feet. The power of cobs. #cobshop #autocobs #citizenled #fucktheframe lots of you guys question the wattage needed and grow after grow I’m proving it.

Little lst before they hit the scrog. Going to be some real bushy plants now with the side branch madness. Vegging in the 4x10 with 440 watts. 11 watts per square foot. #autocob #cobshop #autoflower #airpotusa #shortstuffseeds #cobgrown #fucktheframe #autogorilla

Little update, rooms looking good, plants are doing well can’t be happier. #autoflower #cobshop #autocob

Auto Gorilla OG moving right along. Been a few days since the last update. Thrilled with the growth. #autocob #cobshop #fucktheframe #autoflower #shortstuffseeds #ledgrown #ledgrowlights #gramsperwatt

Final weight on the grow. 11 watts per square foot in veg and 15 watts per square foot in flower. Total was 600watts in flower, averaged 2.17 grams per watt. Been saying it for over a year now. Cob wattage is as real as it gets and autos don’t need what photos need. Daily light integral. #autocob #cobshop #autoflower #cobgrown

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