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Kate Alarcón  Unusual paper plant life, handmade just outside Seattle. Inquiries: Pinterest: The Cobra Lily

Paper peonies, fritillaria, anemone, and jasmine. The one thing I really enjoyed about the mania was the sense of self-assuredness, as though I had a line straight to my gut instinct. I've always been an over thinker and second guesser. But maybe that drives all my tinkering? I'll need to think it over... #paperflowers #bipolardisorder

Paper peony detail. (I was trying to get at least a glimpse of the stamens on top- this guy is really hard to photograph!) #paperflowers

Paper peony. I've wanted to try one of these sorbet peonies for a long time. Something about the way that another layer of raspberry petals grows out of its shaggy white center reminds me of those sea cucumbers that disgorge their own guts to scare predators. In the Victorian language of flowers, peonies represent anger, so I dedicate this spiky, petal-vomiting sorbet peony to my local drive through Walgreens pharmacy. (Appropriately it took way longer than it should have to make.) #paperflowers #walgreens

Paper peonies! Had a blast at the workshop tonight with these talented ladies! Many thanks to the #bellevuebotanicalgarden for hosting us! These are made from @liagriffith 's new crepe line which we lucky Seattleites can find at @impresscardsandcrafts Special thanks go to the marvelously talented @freckleskelly for sharing her expertise!

Paper ranunculus. This is what became of those yellow petals from the other day. #paperflowers

Paper peonies. Spent the afternoon with @freckleskelly making these samples for tomorrow's class at Bellevue Botanical Garden. #paperflowers

Paper peony. (I know the tight balled up peonies are crowd pleasers but a sprawling, messy peony is my favorite!) #paperflowers

Paper peony class --2 spots left!
This workshop will be at the Bellevue Botanical Garden May 5, 6:30-8:30pm. Click the link in my profile to register. #paperflowers

Paper peony class! I'm just thrilled to be offering this workshop at the Bellevue Botanical Garden! May 10 6:30-8:30. Click the link in my profile to register. Space is limited to ten. #paperflowers #bellevuebotanicalgarden

Paper petals on a pretty tray. #paperflowers

Just a little bit better today. #mentalillness

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