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CobbittyCalligraphic  Calligrapher, Opera Singer, Handywoman, Choir Director, Singing Teacher, Mum and Wife. (But it's the Calligraphy that keeps me sane😊)


I must admit, it’s become a little ritual of mine. My dream is that one day, that poor bastard opening envelopes at the Tax Office will track me down and say “thanks mate”. #taxreturncalligraphy#cobbittycalligraphic

My babies. Just one more, from @luis.creations and I’ll stop, I swear!! (Hahahaha)#cobbittycalligraphic

Playing with my ecolines this morning. How precious is it to have time to play? It is the greatest luxury. #italicscript #cobbittycalligraphic

Trying out the ‘4 swimming lanes’ proportions for my Spencerian as suggested by @atvandenbosch this morning. I like my ascenders like I like my men...Tall. #cobbittycalligraphic #spencerian

White on grey Peterkin envelopes in Spencerian is the height of elegance, methinks. #cobbittycalligraphic #peterkinpaper

I finally bought a white retractable pencil. Oh happy day. I found this rolling ruler in an antique shop in Stanthorpe in Queensland! Bizarrely. #cobbittycalligraphic

Sonic Hedgehog cake I just finished at midnight for my daughter’s 4th birthday tomorrow. #cobbittycalligraphic

For some odd reason, I love pretending I live in 1878🙃#cobbittycalligraphic

Getting a little italic practice in on a rainy Saturday morning. Just heard my daughter respond to “where’s mummy?” with “she’s in the Calligraphy Room” and it made me smile that there is a whole room on our house devoted to Calligraphy. #cobbittycalligraphic #mycalligraphyroom

90 quotes in 4 hours for The McGrath Foundation. Could it be done? Got to 86😩#cobbittycalligraphic

Practising all the important 'F' words. #cobbittycalligraphic #callicon2017

Happy place. Wine, a pen, an alphabet😁

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