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▪▪Jack of all Trades▪▪  It is strongly advised to take advantage of the people's general habit to believe that what they see is all there is. Est. 1995 🦄

Do yourself a favor and skate today 👌

It might be mellow but it sure is pretty out here. 🌲🌳🌼🌻
I'm riding the new Egg by @pantheonlongboards, the dimensions are actually tailored to ladies and to smaller riders; it is the most size-appropriate board I have had the pleasure of riding.
Pair it with @donttripskateboards Euphoria trucks set at 30°|55° and @sector9 Race Formulas to get you dialed into some epic downhill sessions.
You're welcome

Happy to finally get new pavement kisses 💋
Yes, I was wearing helmet and gloves 🤔
Also, these pants are the shit i wear em all the time 🤷😍

Don't waste time over what it is people think of you, it just shows you where they are in their own journey of life. 🌼

What dreams are fuckin made of 🌟

Second in my first park event next to the talented @shredder_lo taking first place! Thank you so much for inviting me out here and letting me know this benefit event was happening @vixen_skateboarding, such an awesome turn out of ladies !!! ❤️🤙
Side note: I later succumbed to the powers of the sun mild via heat stroke

Close up because rainbow is me 🙄🙌🌈

I hope you're having a blast over there in AZ homie, I'll see you at Maryhill in two months!! 😲😬
📸 @richardschlossberg

it was sent today

hey bby. wanna take a ride on my saucer 🖖

Went to visit some fields on my @pantheonlongboards Torus pusher 🌞🌼🌻🥀

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