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I travel a lot, mostly work. And i visited some of these so called "shithole countries". Away from politics and BS, most of the people I've met there had one thing in common, they all wanted, and i quote, to leave their "shithole countries". Most of these shithole countries call each others shitholes, for example Bangladesh calls Burma a shithole state. India calls Bangladesh a shithole nation. Israelis call Arabs shitholes. Africans call other Africans shitholes. And so on. Now the question is, do we need more leeches off the system from these shithole countries? Feel free to be one of those leeches calling me a racist. But the fact is, if you went to any of those shithole countries and buy a property or a plant, they will kick you out because you are an outsider. Examples, Zimbabwe, India, China,... Etc. Fuck double standards. #shitholecountries #doublestandards #makeamericagreatagain #politicallyincorrect

I miss the west... #NewYork #Manhattan #SloMo #CityLife

Chester Bennington (6 kids). Chris Cornell (3 kids). Both rich. Both have caring wives. Both committed suicide.

Selfish not to think of their kids and families?

So i guess I'm here now... Again, thanks boss ๐Ÿ‘

So i guess I'm here, thanks boss !

How to eat a #toblerone ! #bonapetit

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