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Matt Allen  ⚡️Strength Coach of: 👊🏻MMA legend Cung Le ⚡️CoOwner of TEAM @CYBERBODYSHOP ⚡️Coach of IFBB OLYMPIANS: 💋WendyFortino 💪🏾Tory Woodward 💪🏻Erika Reed


Shoutout to @wendyfortino on our 11th Valentines Day together!! Best 11 years of my life! I love you Wendy! 🥰

Client Spotlight: Marina Hanna! @marina1hanna ———————————
After winning her Bikini Classes in her last 3 shows, Marina is looking to make the move to the Figure Division! We are so excited to have the opportunity to coach her in the next phase of her fitness journey! Keep an eye out for her on the Figure stage at the NPC Governor’s Cup on March 30th! @spectrumfitnessproductions ——————————-
If you would like help with your next contest, send inquiries to

Client Spotlight: Osazee @fitboyzee
For the past two years in a row, Osazee has managed to win his class at the NPC Contra Costa. This year Osazee will be watching from the audience as he is taking some time off from competing in order to make some Serious GAINS! Watch out for an even bigger and better version of Osazee on stage later this year! ——————————-
We are coming up on 12 weeks out from the 2019 Contra Costa (May 18th) If you would like our help this year, forward inquiries to:

Here is a mini #flashbackfriday post from my last photoshoot that I did. Even though I no longer compete, I can always count on getting myself in top shape once the season starts back up each year. Helping all of our team @cyberbodyshop athletes get in top shape, along with helping my wife, @wendyfortino prepare for her contests and photo shoots is always pretty much a guarantee that I will have all the tools that I need to get myself in peak shape. It just goes to show how much of an impact your energies and people you surround yourself with can affect your personal lifestyle choices!

“Pay yourself FIRST... In both finance AND in fitness...”
The idea of “paying yourself first” is a common theme that you will find in most personal finance/wealth programs. The idea behind this is to save and invest the FIRST 10% of your income before the rest gets divided up between all of your other expenses. This prioritizes savings and automatically forces you to adapt all other expenses to what is left over. On the other hand, as the concept goes, when you pay yourself last, you are more likely to have nothing left over for personal savings and investing.
I like to use this same “money management” strategy toward my “fitness management” with me and with my clients. Essentially, when you “pay yourself last” by working out at the end of the day (after a long day at work, commute, family commitments, etc.), your workout tends to get the last priority. By being placed last in priority, it becomes the first thing to be compromised when something unexpected comes up. As it turns out, none of us are “machines”, and energy levels are finite... So, even if you do eventually hit the gym at the end of the day, your best energy and focus will most definitely have been devoted to something else. 
What can we do to combat this cycle? My suggestion is to pay yourself FIRST by waking up an hour and a half earlier than normal. Use your maximum allotment of focus and energy of the day to invest in yourself by getting your workout in and preparing all of your meals for the day. This way, when the chaos and unpredictability of life hits, your fitness and nutrition will not become a casualty... That is why I highly recommend “PAYING YOURSELF FIRST!” 🙏

A little throwback to boating with my sister. 😎
Apparently it’s our Facebook“Friendversary” @grandpas_online

Ok, so last week everyone was posting their “10 Year Challenge” photos. This week I want to up the ante! So, here is my 20 YEAR CHALLENGE! I realize some of you aren’t even 20 yet, but for everyone who is old enough, post your #20yearchallenge pics! 👍🏻

"Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies" -Friedrich Nietzche " “How many people do you know who pride themselves on their convictions? As if the intensity of their belief makes them true?" -Tai Lopez

How many people do you know of who hear about a new diet or training protocol, and decide with such conviction that it is the ultimate program? They become militant about this new program, and decide it is the only right way to go; even though they just started and haven't seen results yet... They ridicule anyone who isn't doing the program they have committed to believing. Additionally, they become so stuck in their convictions, that they cannot adjust. When things are not panning out the way that they had hoped, instead of adjusting, they double down and put extra effort into an ineffective strategy.

Diets and training programs are just templates of strategies that people have had success with in the past. No ONE program is the ultimate truth.
I believe in following a plan without being so crippled by convictions. I believe that it is best to be open to making simple adjustments or to change plans if the original plan is not working as expected.

... uphill BOTH WAYS!

Throwback to the last time we were at Santa Cruz Power Fitness! @santacruzpowerfitness We will be back up again this weekend for the big event! Hope to see you all there! @john_cakes

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