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Jay Laville  - PowerWave Founder/Coach - Life Explore - Food Lover

The moment you wake up be: - thankful for what you have,
- thankful for who you are,
- focused on what you want from life

Stay driven, stay passionate, be somebody. #meraki

It’s so important to understand that if we don’t respect ourselves then no one will. My mum was offered gifts by one of the highest ranked Japanese Sensei’s if she became his “woman,” which ultimately would ensure her position in Karate being known as his partner. She immediately turned him down and instead fought her way to establish her right to stay in a male dominant art. Despite all they did to stop her, she got her black belt off her own merit, her own self belief and hard work. That’s what made her such a strong person. She knew who she was and she knew what she was capable of. She didn’t need anyone else to establish her. Self respect in this life is crucial for a healthier mindset especially within the millennial era of insecurities we currently live in. My mum was 4ft11 and became the First Lady of karate. She was one of the founders of an organisation that lead to over 32,000 members who were led by her teachings in the self defence. Today she is my drive, my inspiration, my mum. This is why I continuously preach: Be Somebody! #restinpeacemum #besomebody #meraki

Talking to my friend in Holland, I wanted to call her a nutter, apparently i called her a “nut picker” 😂😂😂😂wtf @jinte_si

Am in love with the Phillips smokeless indoor BBQ grill. Uses infrared heat so cooks the inside of the meat whilst grilling the outside. And drains off any excess oil or fat but doesn’t dry the meat out. Heats up within seconds and cleans even quicker. Thought I’d tag my brother as he’s intermittent fasting and has to wait a couple of hours before he can eat. Here bro I’m eating this for you, 😂😘Teriyaki chicken (homemade without sugar crap) halloumi and split pea rice. Cost per meal, £2.07 👍🏼💪🏼 @danlaville #brotherlove #phillipssmokelessgrill #mealprep #quickandeasy #powerwavemeals

At the end of every day is when I allow myself for a moment to relax and reflect. I got up early, I trained, I prepped my meals, I got as much work as I could have done and I tried my best to give classes that I hope will impact peoples lives for the better. Tomorrow I will wake up and improve on what I managed today. Forever move forward and always look to improve yourself daily. #meraki #powerwavelife

When you’re in one of them moods... how not to promote your classes 😖😄

Get the macros on point and you’ll fuel your body right for the day ahead. #mealprep #powerwavenutrition

Our new sponsors for the PowerWave Games sent me their latest release of trainers to try, Vibram Furoshiki, absolutely love them. So comfortable, supportive and great for the style of training I do in PowerWave. Also great for traveling with its travel bag. Thank you Vibram 😍 I’ll be wearing these in all my videos. @vibramfivefingersuk @vibramfuroshiki @vibram @giuseppe.grandinetti #powerwavegames2018 #vibramuk #functionaltrainers

Friend took my phone and deleted all my food take away apps 🤦🏻‍♂️😖 said “if you got time to train then you’ve got time to prep your meals!” He’s right. After being ill, makes me think, start cooking at home more often, know what’s going in your body and the level of hygiene it was prepared in. There is nothing out there what they serve that we can’t prepare ourselves during the week. I’ve banned myself now. For at least 6 days of the week I’m cooking for myself. Nandos I can match you, and at 1/4 the price 😳💪🏼. Grilled coronation chicken with honey mustard and Himalayan salt dressing and balsamic vinegar beetroot salad. Munch #homecookedmeals #mealprep #healthyliving

A great brand is a story that never stops unfolding. This symbol relates to the hurdles we have overcome in life and the strength we’ve gained to keep on going. Be somebody! Who makes everybody feel like a somebody. Meraki! #powerwavelifestyle #powerwavemeraki #powerwave

JunkYard Golf Bricklane #shoreditch @mrsergiupaul @danlaville

First proper meal since recovering, @reddog Hoxton @mrsergiupaul @danlaville

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