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Keith  40 years in gymnastics - offering online tutorials and clinics on gymnastics type movements and strength.

This week's pre-workout is all about handstands! We need to get those shoulders open to have a. Ice straight handstand! These are just some of the videos from my handstand tutorial at to help you perfect those important handstands.
Ok let's get to this weeks pre-workout:
1️⃣lay on your stomach with a pvc pipe. Have your face and feet on the ground and lift the bar with straight arms. This is going to strengthen your shoulders so you can open up that shoulder angle in your handstand
2️⃣spend some time with your exercise band stretching your shoulders. I know I lecture a lot about increasing your mobility - but bottom line if you don't have good mobility then you won't have a good looking handstand.
3️⃣work in balancing with a friend. Have them rock you back and forth. Your goal is to keep your midsection tight. Do 3 sets for 25 seconds!
More handstand help at
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Drew’s peach handstand (needs work but it’s pretty cool for a level 9) and Harrison’s double pike! Great job @qcgdrewmitchell13 and @harry.son.andary29 -
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Arthur getting through his first full set on horse - gotta clean up but not too bad for early October! I think he will have a pretty good first year of level 10
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I let @zab_zach make up this week's sequence (it's great having the kids do my job). Ring sequences are a great way to get stronger since they work different areas of your body and are fun.
So let's see you try this one out and tag me!
2 front lever chinups, muscle up, 5 tuck ups, 5 dips, 10 second L seat - extra credit for a cross at the end. Remember try to do it with perfect form and rings turned out!
More sequences and programming at USE THE CODE “bars” FOR 25% OFF
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Here’s a great post from @coachseands on bar muscle-ups/kips. They are included in the tutorial at
For more tips go to and use the code “bars” for 25% off
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Kips and bar muscle ups do not have to be difficult. Here are a few drills I do with my kids. #kips #barmuscleup #highbar #gymnastics #crossfit #barbrothers #gymnasty #sport #fitness #bodyweight #fitness #bodyweighttraining

This time of the year is rough. The playing with the new skills is winding down and the kids have to start putting skills together - reality hits! This fall is actually going a bit better than most - good to see that hard work is paying off for @qcgdrewmitchell13 and @2021arthurashton . Now if Arthur would just point his feet!
Just like every sport it’s a process - sometimes you just see the final product on tv and don’t realize the long journey that great routine or huge lift takes.
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Will redeem @max_delgado__ since I posted his mess up yesterday. Here he is putting his new dismount at the end of his half sets. Just got to find the landing on his double twisting double back.
Notice the same smooth swing you want to have on your kipping muscle ups - just a lot bigger!
#gymnasty #gymnastics #crossfit #cfgymnastics #rings #strength #flip #fun #calisthenics #barbrothers

Boys were supposed to do hopping dips - Zach did hopping clapping dips and @max_delgado__ had to show him how much higher he could go - well that didn’t work out so good!
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If you have an athlete close to making a muscle up the final step may be to just spot them through it a few times so they can break a bad habit or just feel how to make it successfully.
You want to be careful that you don’t just throw an athlete up there that is not ready and also make sure you have control of the athlete.
1️⃣start by having the athlete just swing some. Practice reaching in and grabbing one shin and putting the hand on their back. You need to get in close - remember when they are doing the muscle the rings may go out to the side so position yourself so you don’t get hit with the ring.
2️⃣when they are ready to go for it grab their shin and assist them on their back. The reason I like to grab the shin is twofold - you can then teach them to bring the legs underneath them and also if you have a shin and one hand on the back you have control of them when they are on top
3️⃣if they go crazy while up there - go ahead and bear hug them if you have to. Work on spotting less and less.
4️⃣it’s also good to develop ability to string muscle ups together. If they can do one or two - stand there and spot them on the next 3 so they will build strength.
5️⃣visit and use the code “rings” for a discount tutorials on muscle ups and more gymnasty strength!
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Ever wonder what gymnasts tumble on? Our floors were a bit hard so our great owners got us new ones. The floor consist of springs on fiberglass boards that flex with a foam on top. Our two main floors will use over 130 boards!Thanks Jeff Metzger and Steve Greeley! You guys are the best!! @stevegreeley -
#newfloors #tumbling #gymnastics #midwestgymsupply #gymnasty

This is one of my favorite skills on floor. Eventually @zab_zach will do this from a back handspring to give him more power and add a 3/4 twist at the end - it’s pretty cool skill.
#ThisSkillIsFetch #gymnasty #gymnastics #tumbling #flip #fun #fitness #bodyweight #jump

If you’ve seen people in the Olympics do a double back and catch the bar it’s called a kovacs. This is the first step in learning them. Arthur and Drew are working the first step - doing the tap and letting go and standing on the bar. The next step is adding the flip. It’s a long process to get a consistent kovacs. Luckily they have another release so now we can spend time on a kovacs.
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