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Nicola  Embracing health body and mind 👌🏼 Life is about balance ⚖️ IIN Health Coach 👩🏼‍💼 Stress Management ❤️

Whether you voice out loud or silently..remember to be kind to your mind..always ❤️

This little boy brings so much joy to my life..he’s the cutest funniest boy and so very proud of my nephew Ollie..happy 4th birthday my little munchkin auntie Nicola loves you so very much 😘

Moments like these make me grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and those yet to come..spending time on my own in a beautiful city is something I love to don’t truly know yourself until you’ve spent time on your own and I don’t mean the confines of your don’t have to go on holiday on your own to experience this though..a walk in nature..a trip to the seaside is a perfect way to be by your side and spending quality time with just you and you only..for others to know who you have to be able to spend time on your own and love yourself isn’t as scary as it sounds and this trip as given me the time and the strength to move forward in what will be new scenery..a new life and an amazing new future ❤️

Found a lovely food shop yesterday that reminded me of wholefoods..lots of delicious things to eat and drink and green toiletries..loved the tomato section and though you cannot see it here..these tomatoes were quite big..and look at the purple and yellow cauliflowers ☺️

Trust in yourself..believe in yourself and know you can do what you put your heart and mind to..absolutely anything..but also please remember you don’t have to do everything all at don’t have to strive to be perfect..what is perfection makes us tired..emotional and burnt out when we try to do our all..all of the time..the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” should stand out to us that we will achieve so much more when we breath..relax and take care of ourselves with the self-care we all need..make sure you build in some relaxation this weekend ❤️

Showing gratitude I feel should be a daily reminder of what we have..what we’ve been able to achieve..see and do..being able to travel and make beautiful memories isn’t always possible for all..seeing one of my favourite artists yesterday and the paintings he painted and the drawings he drew..the life he led and his thoughts being on those who worked on the land and seeing what often many miss was an opportunity I won’t forget..what are you grateful for..❤️

One of my favourite flowers 🌻

In art heaven..☺️ love the life you lead..make memories..have grateful..enjoy your life to the fullest and know there may be bumps in the road but let the sun shine bright and you’ll do ok ❤️

Life’s about balance when supporting your health..eating 80/20 is my rule..not depriving myself from a treat when I fancy one or berating myself for not exercising that day..when you eat well and keep active most of the time, why tell yourself you can’t have the pancakes alongside your fresh mint tea..I may be on holiday but I’m keeping active with sightseeing around Amsterdam..find the time to fit in the small things as they do count..but also remember if you eat that treat enjoy it and don’t add to your stress by feeling guilty for doing so..remember life’s about balance ❤️

Spotted these beautiful sunflowers 🌻 outside the airport and they were surrounded by some artistic elephants 🐘 such a fabulous sight to welcome travellers to the city of Amsterdam ❤️

It’s all about looking after you..taking care of yourself and giving to you yourself in yourself..and listen to your gut Instinct and what it is saying..then your free to support generous of your time..just never forget about you ❤️

Bank holiday baking from my new @deliciouslyella cook and coconut flapjacks 😋 smell divine and very easy to make..whether your vegan, vegetarian or not these recipes are great for all..easy to find ingredients though swapped the maple syrup for honey as my maple syrup seemed to be wearing a coat and didn’t smell good..can’t wait to eat 😍

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