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Nicola  Embracing health body and mind 👌🏼 Life is about balance ⚖️ IIN Health Coach 👩🏼‍💼 Stress Management ❤️

We are living in a country where girls are missing school because they can’t afford to buy sanitary products..these are items that all girls from when they start their periods until they reach the age of menopause essential item..NOT a luxury is this even possible that this is happening currently in the’s shocking..please please give this page a follow @thehygienebank they are doing an absolutely amazing job providing hygiene products to the those who need them..and this includes sanitary products for girls who really do need you can donate these items to various drop off places around the only means buying 1 or 2, more if you can items to donate much love PPS check out @heygirlsuk to for the buy one donate one on sanitary items for girls ❤️❤️❤️

Never stop believing in yourself..keep trying..learn from failures and keep can do this ❤️ ps @humansofny is so worth a follow ☺️

As much as I’ve lived in London for a good while..I still have much love for my home city Nottingham and this is heartbreaking knowing that 1 in 3 children are in poverty..that’s a third of all can this be happening in today’s UK..but it is and families and children more support than ever and more reliant on food banks and @thehygienebank for toiletries..these voluntary run services need you and me more than ever ☹️❤️

When you’re loving your morning becomes a complete book of important quotes..reasonings to really think about..eckhart tolle ❤️

4 weeks today and I get to go on an amazing week to Miami with @cats_n_fats not that I’m counting down or anything 🤩 I’m extremely grateful for having this opportunity to travel to other parts of the world and spending time with good’s about making memories and holidays definitely giving me this..making memories can be anything and I’ve a lot to be grateful for ❤️

World Mental Health Day..remembering mental health needs to be discussed always not just in the day..people need to be supported always not just on the day..ask not once but twice are you ok..remember not everyone can say how their feeling when they feel like they do and let’s rid the stigma of mental health today ❤️

It may not 👀 the most prettiest dish..but who cares we don’t all have time to beautify our meals on a Sunday night 😉what it is though is tasty tasty tasty..homemade tomato and veggie pasta sauce with butter beans and olives..and yes that’s pasta in my bowl..I eat bread and pasta carbs 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 cheap..quick to make and filling and enough for tomorrow and may be Tuesday if o don’t decide to finish it all tomorrow night 😂 a lesson to take from this..healthy food can be quick cheap and filling, no fancy strings can be hectic and filled with a 101 things to do..don’t over complicate your life..year..week or day..if you don’t have to..and as much as Instagram is filled with some tasty looking dishes in here..don’t fall in to the trap of theirs being better than yours..we can all enjoy this together..big hugs and love to the rest of Sunday evening and let’s start the new week with a big 😁and 🙌🏼 oh and a 🤩

Just because it’s Sunday..a sunny day..loving a happy place..grateful and a Sexy Sassy Lady..or should that be a WOMAN 💃🏼😍💋🦄

The good thing about traveling to work by public transport is the opportunity you get to read..missed this part of my morning and what a good book to start with 🤩

Some days it’s all about the 20%..why worry about the smaller’re having’s the’ve moved..had a smoothie for breakfast or not..either way life’s about enjoyment making fun and good memories and telling yourself..tomorrow’s Monday am..get back to more movement more good foods and loving all of your life..don’t have what if’s have amazing fabulous moments you can look back on and say..I’ve had life is truly wonderful and I love myself more and more for it ❤️

Just lately I really love being by water..whether a lovely water feature like the one I saw in Amsterdam..or walking by a beautiful lake (Virginia water) to a peaceful stream and mini waterfall at Richmond Park..water feels soothing and a place to offer quietness and tranquility..whatever your tranquil place is that offers you a moment or two of calmness do it as often as you need to..big cities..busy lives..crazy jobs get to us all at times and the burn out is real..been there and got the T-shirt and not a place I’m going back to..take a moment this weekend to breath deeply..appreciate what you (even for a moment) get some fresh air..curl up with a good book while snuggled in comfy clothes or a blanket or whatever ticks your mindful boat..just be kind to yourself sometime this weekend..happy Friday 😘

Thinking back to a few weeks ago and visiting the Banksy get one life..use your words wisely..think highly of yourself..take care of you..and do the things you enjoy doing..making memories are things you’ll remember the most..the people you spent time with..the things you saw..things you were able to experience..tell yourself positive words yourself there for yourself is everything you make it ❤️

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