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Don’t expect to thrive in who you are

While hanging on to who you were

It’s impossible to reach for who you will become

While holding on to who you used to be

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Justin LoFranco (@jaylowone) has a beautiful mind when it comes to community relations. After burning the candle at both ends for the majority of his twenties, Justin's passion for late night dinners, networking, and ultimately relying on others for his success, came to end as his delegate was not reelected and the campaign trail came to an end.

Rather than move on and join another campaign, Justin moved home. He had been introduced to the culture and community over the years while assisting in the management of campaigns. Yet, he had not been exposed to a resource that was absolutely dialed in with world community of CrossFit. A resource that showcased, the good. The bad. The ugly. But more often than not, the amazing things going on in the global neighborhood that is CrossFit. An entirely new industry has emerged as a result of this cultural boom. In his parent's basement, Justin decided to take a grassroots approach to spotlighting all of these talking points in a DAILY newsletter. Thus "The Morning Chalk Up" (@morningchalkup) was born!

Where there is a will, there is a way, and Justin has tremendous will. He has paved the way, by giving up 2 years of his life to get the Morning Chalk Up off the ground and consolidating a WORLD's-worth of content into a condensed format that further links CrossFitters across all boundaries. Look no further than your inbox.

Justin and his team, through his shear will to make sure that it grew legs and took off, have created something special and he shares it with the world literally EVERYDAY!! Subscribe to The Morning Chalk Up AFTER you listen to Justin's journey in this week's conversation, so you can gain perspective and truly appreciate what it took to become consistently amazing!

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E A Sports

His is the game

Watch that left

Tonight, Fox Sports 1, 730pm PST


Game On!

AlphaCre HD by @1stphorm

Non-stimulant preworkout

Boost bloodflow & oxygen to working muscles

More rounds

More reps

SelfCare = SelfLess

I spend more time asking questions these days

This week was cool to be on the other side

Featured on 2 podcasts talking mindset, wellness, happiness, & fulfillment

Thanks @jmaxmediallc for capturing today’s conversation

I’ll keep you posted when these interviews drop

Stay tuned
📸 @jmaxmediallc

The Art of Storytelling

Everyone has a story worth telling

Many times it has absolutely nothing to do with the journey traveled

But rather how the story is told

Fall in love with your story

Own your journey

Celebrate your path

You wouldn’t be you without it

You can’t be anyone else

Why CrossFit?

I like that shit. It’s pretty simple

Doing it with great people

Who don’t take life too serious

That suffer with a smile

That look out for one another

That’s bonus!

That’s @crossfitphx!

That’s Family!

Thank you @the_why_blog!

I’m humbled to be featured on your podcast

I’m grateful for your insightful questions

I’m appreciative of your genuine interest

I’m anxious for the feedback our conversation receives

I’m curious as what parts of our dialogue resonate with your listeners

Everyone Smiles. Until you get to the door

Here’s what you learn about yourself very quickly when you leave the plane

There is absolute freedom when you have no control at all

There are no problems. Only this moment

When you come to grips with all that you are actually NOT in control of, that is when you relax the most

It is indeed possible to let go

Life is short. Just jump!

🐘The world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the things that we perceive to be weaknesses are indeed our greatest strengths. For our guest this week, Shane Farmer (@shanefarmer), founder of Dark Horse Rowing(@darkhorserowing), this is indeed the case.

Through rowing, he discovered the Camaraderie that is a natural byproduct of shared adversity. The ideal that in order for the greater good to prevail, challenging conversation is necessary. Those ideals, and a few not-so-random encounters along the way, have paved the way for the development of Dark Horse Rowing!

In this week’s conversation we cover the many virtues that Shane brings to the table as he builds his curriculum, as well as his life and family. We’ll uncover the means and methods that create the sustainable fulfillment ever present in his life now. Join us and discover that being the Dark Horse isn’t such a bad thing. Thank you for tuning in and allowing us to be a part of your journey!

-@iamjeffthornton & @coachderz

The Wellness Conversation

We had a blast chatting with Naturopath, Dr Rachel Hesselbrock


Can’t wait for this one to drop!!

Check out all of our episodes at the @shruggedcollective and @feedmefuelme

📸 @jmaxmediallc

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“It depends”

A tell tale sign of someone’s value for your concern

Also an indicator of knowledge and experience

Are they trying to be right, or are they interested in helping you find the truth

When you ask a question of someone you perceive to be an expert

“Blanket statements”, “catch all’s”, “speaking in absolutes”

Tend to be statements of belief or opinion based around statistical evidence (maybe), that may or may not pertain to you at all

“It depends”, because it really does

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