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Dan Bruce  Certified Olympic Lifting Instructor Amateur Strongman Personal Trainer Online Coaching Athletic coach Powerlifter Bigbruce4114@gmail.com

Goofin around with the ab roller again. 2 red resistance bands.

Getting hit with a mancold, so I unleashed my inner #basicbitch and made pumpkin spice chicken soup, garnished with pecans and cinnamon. ...im still sick though.

@therealjustinelliott smashing a 25lb deadlift PR, faster, and with better form. 7% increase in 10 weeks. 405 is at his finger tips. This is 390. #benchpress #powerlifting #progress #fitness #strength #liveforit

Post deadlift seminar with a great group of people. We have 2 sessions left and I expect to see some big PR's. Its been an honor and a pleasure to work with @dave_brownsound and his secretly strong fiance @krennykren as well as the ruggedly bearded @agreco18 and the savage strong @bondoc133, as well as the silver fox Kenn who likely doesn't have the gram. Keep an eye out for more group training here at Whitby Consumers.

#wcw goes out to @xinabruce smoking a huge PR 146lb and confidence booster. We addressed a lot of technical issues, and weak points this off season. Its coming down to crunch time and everythings coming together. I'm so proud of the progress she's made, and the determination she has. Vegas here we come! #strong #progress #biggirlbench #fitness #powerlifting #girlswholift
We wouldn't be where we are without the influence of some of the strongest, and positive people in the game. @kenwhetham @sheriwhetham @m_jc_b @kenkinakin

520+double reds x2x3
520 +reverse purples x5x2 and a set of 12
Feels good man. 700 soooon. @croweznest

Pretty sure my car might eat my soul. #chevy #camaro #1LE #zoomies

2 hour bath over. Getting rid of streaks is a pain in the ass.

My new chauffeur, Alfred.
#batmobile #bowtie #chevy #workhustlethrill @xinabruce couldn't have this beast without the wifes love and motivation.

A tight 405 from some group bench training tonight. He went from 315x3 raw to 405 in the slingshot in 1 hour of technique work. Already monster strong, just needs polish. We will see how this translates to raw next week. #benchpress #clanginplates #technique #slanger #powerlifting #liveforit #fitness

Wooooooh #PR 650 trapbar deadlift. Feeeeling good. Must be the anticipation of the new wheels. #deadlift #newcarlifts

205x1 sumo deadlift pr for Carri, after failing to get 195 off the floor twice. We addressed the sequencing error, and set up queues and nailed an even bigger weight. #progress #saturdayfun #sumo #strong #deadlift #fitness #fitfam #gluuuuuutttttteeees

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