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Dan Bruce  Certified Olympic Lifting Instructor Amateur Strongman Personal Trainer Online Coaching Athletic coach Powerlifter Danbrucefhp@gmail.com

295x5@7 spoto press with a half inch pause. Because @pauloneid loves that half inch.

385x3x8. Getting a tiny bit of hip shift. Time for a tune up with @kenkinakin on Friday morning. Worth every bit of the 80 minute drive. @pauloneid #deadlifts #tuneups #almostpuked

Squats are feelin greasy. No hip pain, super quick on my singles. Lots of control on my tempo squats. Zero hip shift. My right glute burns like a son of a bitch after, because its workin OT. Thanks to @pauloneid and @kenkinakin things are lookin up. #rehab #roadtorecovery #squats #powerlifting #booty #butt #cheeks lookin forward to be able to squat with the crew again.

Progress photo. 5 minutes before getting my back shaved, and 5 minutes after. @xinabruce #donutsgiveyouwings

Some binch. After reviewing the video replay, I adjusted the spoto press lower. Getting famously large with the Outlaw crew. @kenwhetham @m_jc_b @pauloneid

Stiff legged deads. 245x12x4. Glutes are toasty. #deadlifts #glutes #thisismyredshirt #powerlifting

365x3x8. Dis was ez. I kneed moar wait. Plz coach. Gimme the pounds. My body is ready. @pauloneid

Putting in work on this bulk.

I have eaten my body weight in bacon wrapped filet mignon. Yes, Im taking interviews.

Wooh. Pain free deload squats. #notslow 50% of my raw squat for singles. No shift either. @kenkinakin @pauloneid

One of Durhams own putting in that work so he can better help people. @paramedic_rob 200lb farmers walk + car pushes. Sometimes you need to take #fitness outside to take advantage of this lovely weather. #doingagrow #circuits #torture #hiit #farmerswalks #fit #fitfam #trainingwithdan

When you make passerbys participate in your horrible outdoor torture workout. Shes a good sport :) #fitness #goodlife #outdoors #changeitup #functional?

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