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When you're supposed to deadlift but you got 3 hours of sleep and worked 13 hours. 15m bike and 100pull ups and call it a day.

345x3x2 then 345x5 wide grip
375x2x2 cg to a yoga block
Bench is hard when you get less fat

4 days worth of food packed into the work fridge sunday night. Breakfast and dinner at home, meal 2, pre and post workout brought to work.

Squats for the day.
455x1(sleeveless) 505x1(sleeveless) 565x2 (wraps)
495x1x4 with wide stance, minimal band assistance
Front squats 405x1 455x1 495x1
Hip is grabbing a bit at lockout.

When your back finally decides its going to have some definition.

Tapped out.

Some leg pump action today before ending the deload. Heavy shit saturday.

When you use your sbd's as ghetto blood flow occlusion. #butdidyoudie

Well reached my goal in my 10 day aggressive calorie cut. 245 to 232. Was planning on bringing the calories back up to maintenance but with a little fat shaming from @lequadzilla I'll likely continue for 14 more days. Don't know how my strength is because I took this time to deload properly. Total weight loss since December 43lbs #verticaldiet #fitness #cutting #bodybuilding #fitfam #progress

Shout out to @agwalk for smoking a 210lb low bar squat to conclude this strength block. 60lbs higher than we started. #powerlifting #training #gym #fitness #chalkedup

Deload deadlift done. 405x1x5. Calorie cut almost over weighed in at 236 this morning. Friday is the last day.

Lil #squat deload from sunday. 455x1x6 with the wide stance.

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