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Tuesday Thomas-jackson  Maxwell-Skylar's Mommy,Professional entrepreneur, Music Lover, Bike Slayer and fitness enthusiast. Keep your negativity to yourself!!

@RepostRegramApp - @dcesquire How can you idiots still buy his shoes... how can anybody support this piece of sh*t... Meantime the Trump administration is taking decisive action to undermine civil rights investigations against police officers who violate Americans because of the color of their skin; meantime HUD Secretary Carson proposes new rules to require impoverished families who can barely afford food to pay more while receiving federal housing subsidies while corporations receives billions of dollars in corporate welfare; meantime the the Trump administration is proposing more legislation to undercut the Affordable Care Act putting millions more in jeopardy of losing their health coverage. How can anyone forget Trump’s ruthless attack on President Obama’s birth certificate trying to delegitimize the first black president.
Kanye has a right to his freedom of speech just as we have a right to not support him. His positions and support of Trump is hurting our communities. Trump gave the white supremacist in Charlottesville who said horrible things about blacks and Jews the same moral equivalency as the protesters who stood up against these monsters. I can no longer support artist or entertainers who support this man. I hope @toyawright and @monicabrown no longer promote his clothing line or him. Think of the blood of our ancestors, think of the march in Selma—think of all of the souls who gave up so much to fight for equality... what about Trump’s nonsensical transexual ban in the military??!!! And please don’t forget the African shit hole countries comment he made... How could any decent person that has the blood of our ancestors in their veins support this man??? How??? #kanyewest #kanye #donaldtrump #boycottKanye if you boycotted Starbucks— Kanye is doing wayyyy more damage #kanyecancelled I can’t have no sympathy for a fu*k boy!!

Trying to get this Friday workout 💪🏽💪🏽

My daily reminder of Gods grace💕💕 #flashbackfriday

We promised our baby girl dolphins and dolphins 🐬 is what she got!! #motionsickness #anythingforthekid #besthusbandever

The Hawaiian 🌺 sun has not been my friend #burned MJ has officially become a #beachbum

Sunset chasing with my loves!

Today’s adventures #hawaii #vacation #love

Hawaiian 🌺 Easter 🐣

Finally internet connection!

Who’s family is one of the first customers at the new @farmburger today! #teamjackson #grantpark #yummy #foodie

When @kendricklamar theme class brought that 🔥Energy was through the roof in #45minutes . #gettingbackontrack

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