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Coach Kavanagh  I do not read private messages. Email for training details.

After almost 22yrs i finally get to meet the man who inspired me to start MMA. Absolute honor to meet @realroyce at Bellator. After losing my self confidence and self worth after getting beat up badly he is responsible for me getting it back and finding my passion. I'll be forever grateful.

Wow! What an inspirational story
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Believe in yourself!

When I was at my absolute lowest point, which is that picture right there (Monday January 4th 2016) I believed that WHEN I got better and recovered from intensive chemotherapy and also radiotherapy due to Cancer that I would eventually contact Coach @richiecranny , the founder and CEO of W2W, apply and tryout for @wimp2warrior Ireland.
That was my belief. With a lot of hard work and determination that became a reality at the beginning of 2017.

I used 2016 to recover and regain myself with small consistent steps forward and support from my family and friends and my training buddies/Coaches at @tpfacademy
Now half way through @wimp2warrior Ireland Dublin Series 2 at the world famous @sbgireland under the best coaches in the world led by @coach_kavanagh we are training hard toward The Finale and loving every minute of every day.

I can safely say that for myself and all of us competing on Dublin Series 2 it has been a life changing experience so far.
We finally met Coach @richiecranny today after he traveled from Sydney and shared a lot of experience with us and advice.
From the beginning I awaited the day until I actually met him in person to thank him and all the coaches for believing in me.

I am not the only one with a story to share, there are many, many more of us with stories, overcoming an adversity in their life and not letting it keep them down but believing in themselves and moving forward, growing stronger.

My advice to anyone that has a Wimp 2 Warrior tryout in their city, anywhere across the world.
What are you waiting for, it will change your life in so many ways for the best.
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For obvious reasons Coach Owen Roddys Wednesday's Foundation Striking class one of most popular on the timetable. for membership details.

As a group (37) season 2 of @wimp2warrior Dublin have lost just under 150kgs after 10 weeks training! Well done everyone and great work @kingofkingspt . Big news coming soon about W2W coming to YOUR city #changinglives

What a great bunch of kids! Fantastic energy and future champions for sure, thanks for the invite 👌

Ready or not...

Starting my long journey home to Ireland so taking a moment to reflect on and be grateful for a truly amazing experience in beautiful Australia. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to visit but was never able to afford it or find the time to go. I want to thank everyone who came along to my talks in Sydney and Melbourne plus my seminar at @sbgaustralia without you this would not have been possible so a huge Thank You! While there I got to visit many beautiful places but highlight for me was meeting some real heroes like @johnwayneparr , @danielkellyjudo , @rocknrumble , @anthonyperosh . They really epitomized to me what I hoped an 'Aussie Bloke' would be. Hard working, humble, tough and self reliant. They certainly did not disappoint. Special mention to my first real BJJ/MMA technical coach Ben Power who many many years ago, before I was SBG, walked into The Shed and really opened my eyes to what a real martial artist was capable of doing with his empty hands….and all with a smile. While here I regrettably missed Brian's stellar performance on Bellator and of course Artem's upcoming fight on UFC. In +15yrs I've not missed a fighters fight due to 'personal holidays' so this was not easy to do but unfortunately this trip was planned months in advance and that's how the dates fell. Finally thank you to Mel, Pete, Lynn and Angie for putting it altogether and of course the beautiful Orlagh who eases my public speaking anxiety and made the trip perfect.

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