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coach cristal  🦄Founder of #FitBlissTribe 🌻Certified Health Coach 💪Virtual Bootcamp Expert 💗Self love 💎Crystals 🌿Holistic life 👇Let's connect here too babe!💋

When your morning workout kicks YO BOOTY🍑💦 and it ends with a motivational talk about choosing LOVE in all situations.💕💕💕 We all get to decide how we react to things and the type of mindset that we show up with in this world.🌎 We can choose to not be a part of the hate, a part of the judgement of others, stop all feelings of thinking any one of us is better than another - because we aren't. We are all the same. We all deserve love. Spread the love.✌️
#SpreadMoreLove 💕
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Don't be selfish -- tag your fitness BFF and let's get to it!😆💪🎉💖🦄 I love mixing up my ab workouts and this one is a great way to do that🙌 no crunches here🤗 we've got a mix of standing ab exercises and then some plank variations and floor ab exercises to tone and strengthen that core!😉
✨There are 8 exercises in this routine.
✨Do each exercise for 45 seconds, on both sides where applicable.
✨Let us know when you get it done by commenting below!👇🙆💖🎉

Most people don't fail because they couldn't. They fail because they DON'T. The saddest dream is the dream that was never pursued. The saddest life is the life of someone who never tried, who never realized their true greatness, and reached their full potential.✨ Go after your wildest dreams babes.✌️💋 #FitBlissTribe 🦄

Off to meet our besties for a dinner date!✌️I literally don't think I've stopped smiling since we got here.😁 I was actually saying last night that my jaws hurt from smiling and laughing so much!😂 It's a good problem to have tho, because life is meant to be joyful.💗 If you're not having then you're missing the whole point of this life thanggggg.💁💁💁
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

#FlashbackFriday ✨ to this strength and stability workout with my mini me!😻🤣✌️ Don't forget to tag your fitness BFF👭👟💗
✨Do each exercise for 60 seconds.
✨Repeat one more round!🎉
✨Share with us when you get it done!💪🏻😉

First of all...I'm doing a happy dance bc I'm soooooooo excited for our live workouts today with my ⓉⓇⒾⒷⒺ and our supertrainers!!✌️ But secondly...whenever we travel I am reminded of how far I have really come with my own personal growth. I used to battle with anxiety daily to the point where I would try to get out of social situations, and it was always triggered so bad while traveling, bc HELLOOOO PEOPLE ERRRRRYYYWHERE.😳 But now, I don't experience it at all. The commitment to stepping out of my comfort zone, getting past my fears, and spending time EVERYDAY growing myself🌱 was the best thing I ever did🙌 and let's be realzzzz I wouldn't have done it if I didn't become a coach, bc one of the things we do daily is focus on our personal growth!💖🤗✌️ As always, I'm here if you want to learn more about coaching or chat health, fitness, wellness girlfriend!💋
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Woke up at 3AM this morning in Houston, and now we be in PUNTA CANA!!!!!😍🌴👙🌸 Gahhhhh, how is this even real life!?!?😆 I'm just a girl who decided to go for her dreams🦄 and now I get to LIVE OUT THAT DREAM LIFE.✨💖💖💖 Never settle babes.🙌 Make your life as CRAZY AMAZING as you want to. After all, you only get ONE!☝️💋 Punta Cana with my ⓉⓇⒾⒷⒺ is going dowwwwnnnn for the next 5 days, and we totally EARNED dis.✊️ We work hard in our bizzzznasses so we can play hard too.😉🌴✌️
#LiveYourDREAMLife 🌈
#FitBlissTribe 🦄
#PuntaCana 🌊

MOVES from today's workout.💁💪💦 just in case my stories weren't enough for ya and you wanted to actually see it flow.😆✌️ Let's hope IG doesn't take this down because sometimes they do that ish with the music.😒😔
✖️Do each exercise for 60 seconds.
✖️Take no more than 20 second breaks in between.
✖️Do 3 rounds.
🔥Love those butt kickers🍑 in plank tho🙌 I find they work your core even more than mountain climbers.👙👌 Whatchuuuu think?🤔💋
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Just for fun I tried these workout shorts on that used to be a little too snug😬 ...and now they fit.🤗🙌 #ResultsAreFun 🔥 So if you follow me on my stories here or perhaps FB live then you know my trainer reminded me in my workout this morning that if you want results - you can't settle for what you did yesterday.✊️ If you want to keep improving, becoming a better you, and breaking down your self limiting beliefs babe - then you MUST push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. You can't keep settling and expect to see different results.🙄 Try something new🤸‍♀️ push yourself💪 keep setting higher goals, follow through with those goals😉 and achieve that ISH.🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥 Next virtual bootcamp is 5/8 if you're looking for results + being a healthier, happier you.🤗 email me girrrrrl.💋✌️
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

60 🅳🅰🆈 🆃🆁🅰🅽🆂🅵🅾🆁🅼🅰🆃🅸🅾🅽 🙌️ As you babes know, I just finished my latest workout program and here are the results!🤗 But seriously, this program went WAY BEYOND physical changes. Yes I got more toned, lost 5lbs and lost inches👙 but I also improved my endurance and MOST IMPORTANTLY reminded myself I can do hard things.🤘 Which in turn gave me a CRAZY CONFIDENCE BOOST!😎💖 This is a program I quit the first time I attempted it and honestly NEVER thought I would attempt it again. Because it's MF-ing challenging😆 and out of my comfort zone. But a wise person once said - NOTHING AMAZING EVER HAPPENS INSIDE OF A COMFORT ZONE.👈👈👈 So I committed, tried again, and CRUSHED IT.✊️ My next virtual bootcamp starts May 8th ladies if you are looking to tone up and FEEL GOOD in time for summer.🌴 Space is limited. Email yours truly if you want to apply.✌️💋
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Some of my fav exercises from this mornings workout!😻💪 🚫No sound on this one🚫 This was a 30 min workout where you work the muscles to exhaustion, then do a 10 second hold to really tone and get them burninggg.🔥🔥🔥😉 One of the most effective types of training.😳✌️ Anyone want to do this program with me!? I'm thinking it will be my next one and I will commit to it for my May bootcamp!✊️ Email me if you want to get in on it!💋 For now if you want to try these exercises : do 10 reps, then the 10 second hold, repeat 2 more times, then move on to the next exercise.🙌 for our plank at the end - hold for 60 seconds.🔥
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

🌞GOOOOOD MORNING FIT FRIENDS!!🌞Yes, I'm in my bikini at 7am.🤣🤣🤣 I'm doing my oil pulling (which takes 20mins - there's also a video on my like page sharing all about its benefits and how to do it!) so I thought I would use that time to try on bikinis for our freeeee Punta Cana trip thanks to coaching!😉👙🌴🌊 Plus, what better way to get motivated for this mornings workout right!?😆💪 I'm kind of OBSESSED with this new one I got.😍 What do you ladies think!?💕
#FitBlissTribe 🦄
#Fierce 🤘

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