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So far our Saturday has been the BOMB DIGGITY💥✌️ We started it off with a brain dump of everything we want to accomplish this weekend...because if you ain't organized how the heck are you supposed to get anything done🤷‍♀️ then we crushed a workout together, which I've gotta say working out with your partner is one of the VERY best things you can do for your relationship💗 You push each other, help each other, grow and get stronger together💪💏 Plus that endorphin release totally deepens yo bond together, and who doesn't want to be HAPPIER anyways!?☺️ That's what those endorphins do.🙌🍃🌈 Now we are off to spend this sunny afternoon on a boat with some fraaaands.☀️🕺🚤🎉 Happy Saturday babes!!!✨💋
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Want to try out this new HIIT workout girrrl!?🙋💪🔥 Feel free to tag your fitness BFF👭 to join you.👇💗 ✖️There are six exercises - do each one for 45 seconds with as much intensity as you've got boo👊💋
✖️Take 30 second ACTIVE rest breaks in between moves so you can go all out again😉
✖️Repeat the circuit again.✌️
✖️Share below when you get it done!👍

CHEESIN SUPPPPER BIG😁😁😁 because my man and I got up at 6am this morning to get a workout in before he headed off to work!💪 It's cool holding each other accountable for not just fitness, but also personal growth so we can both improve and focus on being a better US.💞💏 A few years back neither of us did daily personal growth😕 and if I'm being honest..babe was a little inconsistent with working out.😆 But when I became a coach and got serious about my own health and fitness journey💪 and became committed to personal growth everyday🤓💭🌻🌈 an interesting thing happened...he did too!😍✨ 👉👉👉That's what happens when we LEAD BY EXAMPLE ; when we realize that our actions and who we are becoming ALSO affects those around us.🙏👫 We become like the people we spend the most time with🙌 so hang with peeps who want to grow, become better, and have positive habits.✌️💖😘
#CouplesWhoWorkoutTogetherStayTogether 💪💕
#FitBlissTribe 🦄 We are a tribe of ambitious women who change lives on the daily while bettering our own.💖👭💋 If you want to learn more about our tribe and how you can join us, just send me a message girl!☺️💌

HIIIIIIII👋👋👋 Look at how FREAKIN PRETTY the sky is in my sunnies.😍😎☀️☁️💕💕💕 How can you NOT be extremely GRATEFUL on a beautiful day like today ammmiiiiright!?💁✨ How's the weather where you're at today girl!?😘 I'm just sitting here, soaking it all up, thinking about how just a few years ago I would still be at work for another three hours.🙄 Then I would get home hopefully by 8pm, have to make and eat dinner, clean up around the house, and before I knew it it was time for bed just to wake up and do it all ova again the next day.🤦‍♀️ 👉I don't miss that life.🙅🙅🙅 I became a coach and built my biz for the FREEDOM it provides ; the ability to call the shots errrryyyyday and do whatever the effff I want, when I want.😜 And that ain't selfish at all...bc ONE life to live☝️ so live it how YOU truly want to live it.✌️ Anyone can live a life by design. Just gotta create your VISION and go for it boo.💋 Always here if you want to learn about coaching and our #FitBlissTribe 🦄
#LivinThatFREELife 🕊🍃🌸🌻
#DreamBIGGER 🌈

Peek into some of this mornings moves in my LESS THAN 30min 🆃🅾🆃🅰🅻 🅱🅾🅳🆈 workout.😱😍👊🔥
What do you babes think of my new floral workout leggings too!?🌸🌺🌻 They're so fun!😍🎉
I love how convenient it is to workout at home💕 and the fact that it doesn't matter what I look like when I get it done.😆 Some says I like to get all cute for my workouts, and some days I just workout in my pjs!🤷‍♀️😂 Don't mattah when you're in the comfort of yo own living room!🙌🔥
Now I'm off to check in with my virtual bootcamps ladies, cuzzzz that's what we do💁 hold each other accountable and make sure we are on track with our goals!💪 But if youuuu want to try these moves out boo - do 2 sets of 15 reps of each exercise.💪
💕Oh and did you hear??? Enrollment for my July FIT AF CLUB is currently open...until the limited spots fill up.🤷‍♀️ Are you joining us?? Reach out girlfraaand.✌️💋
#FitBlisaTribe 🦄
#HealthIsTrueWealth 🌿✨

I'm sure y'all have heard...but DREAMS🌈 only work if YOU DO BOO.💁💯✌️💋
KNOWING that in your bones doe is way different than just knowing the saying... I know this first hand.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ When I became a coach a few years ago and wanted to leave my full time job so I could own my time, enjoy making my own schedule and travel whenever🌴 I didn't actually do the WORK right away. I guess I kept waiting for someone to fix my life for me, make my dreams my reality for me, or just thought success would land in my lap someday?🤷‍♀️🙄
That's obviously NOT how goals work.✋️✋️😂 We don't just wake up to our DREAM LIFE🦄 we have to WORK for it.👊 Plus, that makes it oh so rewarding when we have to work for what we really want in life.💖 Don't wish for easy - wish for WORTH IT.✌️
So I wasted a good year pretending like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing to grow my biz in the beginning but lezzzbereal I totally wasn't.🙅 I had a turning point ☝️ after tho...I learned (thanks to my personal development plan🤓 and connecting to my life vision) that I needed to take RESPONSIBILITY for my life and for my dreams.✨ I learned that the only way I was going to help people and make WAVES 🌊 in this world was if I SHOWED UP EVERY DAMN DAY.🤘
And that's how it works babes...we show up everyday, and we keep our dreams in the front of our mind. We feed our minds with positivity and never give up.💪 Let's never give up on our wildest dreams k???☺️
💕Thinking about hosting an event next week sharing how I said byyyeeee👋 to my 9-5 and became my own boss🔥 thanks to coaching and how you can do it too...would you want to join?🤔 Reach out girl.✌️💌
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

What we do consistently shapes our life, and defines who we are + who we are becoming.🌻
In order to make any changes, we must take action CONSISTENTLY.⚡️ What we do once in awhile makes no difference.✋️
For a bit there, I was inconsistent with my morning ritual.😕 I could blame it on being busy with our move and then traveling multiple times, but let's be real - excuses don't serve our highest self.🙅 They hold us back from reaching our full potential and the goals we desire. So I had to take OWNERSHIP for the fact that I simply was being inconsistent bc 👉*I* wasn't MAKING THE TIME for it every damn day.👈
It's not about HAVING time for the things that we want to do and the areas we want to improve in...it's about MAKING the time.☝️
So I recommitted about two weeks ago to my morning ritual, and the first week I failed. Yep, just plain failed.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
So I recommitted the next week, and followed through this time.💪 Just because we have slip ups and fail doesn't mean we give up.🙌🙌🙌 We readjust, recommit, and remind ourselves we why wanted to do what we set out to do in the first place.💖
I'm pretty proud of myself for waking up early and doing my morning ritual even while we were traveling last week and through the weekend.🤗 Don't forget to CELEBRATE your progress along the way babes and congratulate yourself every time you show up for your goals.✨
Consistency = results + a happier, better you.💗😘😘😘😘 Ya feel me ladies??✌️
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

Facebook reminded me of this killer workout this morning so I wanted to bring it back.😆✌️ How crazy is it that this was a full year ago!? Is it just me or is time flyyying😳 Like how are we already halfway through 2017!?😱 How are you doing on those goals you set in the beginning of this year babes!?✨ Remember, any day any time you can recommit and make shit happen.👊🔥
Okayyy so for this workout loves!! I am challenging you to get it done today and comment below when you do!💪 #AccountabilityBaby 😉
We are hitting the total body with this workout:
Do all six exercises ((on each side)) for 60 seconds.
Complete two rounds!✌️💋

Tonight on our weekly #FitBlissTribe 🦄 training we were chatting about how to overcome self doubt, which I know specifically us ladies tend to struggle with😔 so we were brainstorming things that make us feel POWERFUL & CONFIDENT💪💃 and one of those things for me is : FITNESS.🔥 Seriously, committing to my fitness journey and making my health a priority makes me feel so BADASS.😎 Every time I get a workout in, I am reminded of how STRONG and CAPABLE I really am.✊️ Getting those endorphins flowing✨ from a workout instantly makes you happier, more creative, more confident, and the list of benefits goes on and on!😍 It's not just about the physical results - it's about being the best you and proving to yourself you can do hard things.🤘 Always stand in your fucking power ladies bc you are more AMAZE than you even realize.💖💖💖😘
✨Enrollment for my July FIT AF CLUB🔥 is currently open babes if you want to apply and have me as yo personal coach fo everrrr.🙌🙌🙌😉 Email me to learn more.💌

If you're not growing and evolving🌻 you're dying.💔 This is the way life is 👉 life is all about GROWTH and constant change🌱 so if you aren't making the effort errryyy damn day to become a better you..then you aren't in FLOW with the Universe.✌️✨ We have to make that conscious decision to get up everyday🌞 and work to grow just a little bit more in the areas we want to become better.🌻 If we don't make that decision and follow through with action💪 nothing ever changes.😳 You will keep living the same day over and over again as the same person for the rest of your life. Nothing changes if YOU don't MAKE CHANGES.☝️ All those goals you want to hit? That dream life you want to live? Reaching your full potential and becoming the person you know you can be? DECIDE today that you're going to stop talking and start DOING.👊🔥
#PersonalGrowthJourney ✌️
#BeTheBestVersionOfYOU 💖
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

💪Today's brand new workout🎉 This was a sneak peek available today only in the virtual gym I offer to my clients! This actual program will be dropped next month!!😍😍😍 It's AMAZE✨✨✨ And the meal plan with it is BOMB👌 My July bootcamp babes get this program along with thousands of other workouts😱 Why haven't you joined us yet boo??🤷‍♀️ Always here to help!💕 And for now if you want to try these moves out - do each one for 60 seconds.🙌 Since this isn't the full workout, you can do a few rounds.💪 And obviously you should warm up with some dancing first.💃🤣🤣

🌞🅶🅾🅾🅳 🅼🅾🆁🅽🅸🅽🅶 🅱🅴🅰🆄🆃🅸🅵🆄🅻🆂💋 This Monday called for some fat fueled coffee ova here!😜☕️🔥 I've got a long to do list to CRUSH👊 which I'm excited about because it's filled with tasks that LIGHT ME UP😍 and make me happy I am able to do something I love for "work".🙌💕💕 Not that what we do as coaches can be called "work"😆 since it's all about making fraaands and helping people while working on our own goals!💪✨
Today's fat coffee is:
☕️8 ounces organic coffee
☕️1 tsp brain octane oil
☕️About 1 tbsp cacao butter
☕️1 scoop collagen protein
👉The MCT oil boosts your metabolism and takes your bodies fat burning abilities up a notch🔥
👉Cacao butter boosts serotonin levels = you feeling happier😃
👉Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, but as we age it's production declines. So I supplement with it errrryyyday.✌️ It helps keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy, and improves your gut health, reduces joint pain, and boosts your metabolism too!🎉
Anyone else do fat fueled coffee!?🙋💗
#HappyAndHealthy ☺️
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

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