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Design a life so amazing, you don't need a vacation from it.✨💞✌️ Enjoying this beautiful Sunday before planning and prepping for this FRESH week ahead!☺️🤸‍♀️ I used to dread Sunday nights bc it meant back to work I go on Monday for that blah 9-5 grind 🙄 which was really a 7-8 grind.👎 Ugh, it totally sucked my soul and left me unfulfilled.💔 Not a day goes by where I don't express my GRATITUDE that coaching came into my life and I had the courage to go all in and build the life of my dreams.🌈 I'm nothing special ; just a normal girl who drew a line in the sand one day and decided to stop playing small.✋️ You can too girl.💖 Always here if you need help☺️ it's kind of what I do by mentoring other women how to crush their goals and make their dream life a reality.💫😉

First of all...Sweaty AF after this one💦😳 And I don't know if I am having so much flippin fun🤸‍♀️ with these workouts bc of this cute agility markers we use or if it's just bc the program is dang fun in and of itself😜 It's also exciting trying something NEW🎉 ya feel me boo thangs?✌️💋 ✖️DAY 7/21 IN DA BOOKS🤜🤛✖️ Now off on a walk with my man and maybe some acai bowls🤷‍♀️😍😛
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Saturday adventures so far have included fat fueled coffee ☕️🔥 with my man💏 a farmers market date where I picked up these fresh flowers 💐😍 and some green juice!🌿✌️ My idea of a perfect morning fo sho🤗🤗🤗 The guy at the juice place asked us what the occasion was for the flowers...I just said no reason really, everyday is a special occasion so why not?🤷‍♀️💖✨🤸‍♀️How are you babes spending your Saturday?💋

Your fear is the edge of your growth. If you don't jump in, you won't go anywhere.✋️ I could have stayed small. I could have stayed the shy, insecure girl who was too afraid to make a peep.🙊 I hated people looking at me. I wouldn't talk in social situations bc I didn't want any attention on me, and when I had to speak up in front of others it made me hella anxious. I was a scared little girl. But I had a CHOICE to stay scared and small or take a chance🤸‍♀️ get out of my comfort zone😱and BLOSSOM into the woman that I am today.💃 We all have a CHOICE. We each get to decide who we want to be in this one life we have. Do you want to be bold and courageous and make WAVES 🌊 in this world? Or do you want to stay small and never try anything new or push yourself out of your normal comfort zone?🙌 The choice is always our own.💖✌️
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✖️DAY 5/21✖️ It doesn't get easier - you just get better.💪 Second time doing this workout babes, and okay okay, if I'm being honest 😜 it really wasn't that much easier.🤦‍♀️😂 But I wanted to share this with you bc my mantra was keep showing up errrryyy damn day👊 and it WILL get easier.🤸‍♀️ One day at a time right ladies!?🙋 I love trying new workout programs bc not only does mixing it up keep your body (and mind!🙇‍♀️) guessing so you avoid a plateau AND challenge yourself in a brand new way, but it ALSO keeps your fitness FUN and EXCITING!🎉 Bored with your fitness? Try a new workout, join a supportive community, set goals that scare the shit out of you so they aren't boring.😴🙄🙄 And oh hey girl, I have a supportive FIT AF CLUB you can join if you want to be coached by me and be a part of a FIT TRIBE👭💪🔥 Just saying🤷‍♀️ Reach out if you want to chat.✌️💋
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LIKE I'M PRETTY EFFFIN SURE I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE WITH EXCITEMENT BABES!!!!!!💥😍🎉🤸‍♀️💖✨ Where my TRAVELISTAS at!?🙋✈️ I just booked my ticket to spend over two weeks in Maine with my fraaaands and family!!🌊 It's so nice being able to just travel whenever without having to ask a boss for the time off.🙄 Like F dat life.🖕been there, done that.😝👎 I'm all about FREEEEEDOM🤸‍♀️ and this is EXACTLY what my dream was when I first become a coach.🦄 This is what I worked so hard for, and why I continue to work my ass off in my biz so I can make even BIGGER goals happen✨ and help my coaches accomplish their HUGE dreams too.🤸‍♀️ It's life changing being a part of, not just an opportunity where the SKY IS THE LIMIT☀️☁️🌙 and you can make ANYTHING HAPPEN🙌 but also a TRIBE that supports you errrryyyday and pushes you to be your best.💖✌️ Love my #FitBlissTribe 🦄 babes to PIIIEEEECCCESSSS!!👭💖💖💖💖 Like. SO. MUCH.😍
#FindYourTribeLoveThemHard 💋

I must live each day with intention.✨ Did you know you will wake up one day and it will be your last?🤷‍♀️ So living each and errryyyyday FULLY and with INTENTION is where it's at.🙌 Who wants to get to the end of their life and be like 'welp, didn't actually do any of the things I wanted to while I was here'.💔 Cue super sad music 🎶 and bring the tissues.😭🤧 Fo real doe...if you don't live everyday with intention, you will find that you never get to the things that matter to you.🙏 I wake up everyday ~ meditate, visualize, do my affirmations, and set my intentions for the day so I know where I am GOING.👉 I workout every morning bc it makes me feel SO FUCKING ALIVE.🔥🌸🌈 I built a biz that let me leave my full time job and be in control of my own time and income bc time is FINITE and I was so sick of letting someone else make my schedule for me.✋️ Where your intention goes, energy flows.✌️ Are you living every single day with intention?💖
✨Always here to chat if you want to build a biz that allows you FREEEEDOM 🤸‍♀️ like I did.💁💗💋
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BAHAHHA, when your workout videos make you laugh hysterically.🤣🤣🤣 Gaaaaahhhhdamn, I have way to much fun with what I do.😜 And to think I get paid to do this as my "job".😳 #ForeverGrateful 💖 Aaaallll I'm saying boo thang is if you want to do this too, reach out.✌️ Our #FitBlissTribe 🦄 has a Glimpse into Coaching event going down tonight😍 link in bio👆 or message yo girl🙋 So like, I'm pretty sure we did these moves for 60 seconds and then another round for 30 seconds, but I was so into it and dancing that I'm not 💯🤷‍♀️😆 If you ain't having fun with yo workouts, you're doing it wrong.🙌 That's not to say, it won't be challenging...because, fuck it's challenging sometimes😱🔥🔥 BUT smiling, dancing, laughing through the burn makes it so much better.😉💖

Shine bright bishes.✌️⚡️🌈🦄 If a deathly shy, insecure, anxiety ridden girl like me who HATED having any eyes 👀 on her and didn't even use social media, can build a biz using social media...anyone can.😆🙌 Spent the afternoon creating a training for my #FitBlissTribe 🦄 babes that I get to share with them in 5 mins!🤗 Public speaking used to make me want to BARF 🤢 now I focus on the people I am helping, rather than being selfish and thinking about myself.🙄✋️ This Tribe of women means the WORLD to me, like it's kinda weird.😂 Why haven't you joined us yet boo? We get paid to HELP people and improve our own lives.💗 #RadAF 🤘 Join the link in my bio to hang with us for a virtual partyyyy tomorrow night learning about coaching.🤓💋

A true decision isn't made until you change your behavior and take new action. ACTION is the secret sauce y'all.😉⚡️🔥 We can talk all day errryyyday about the changes we want to make, and we can even tell ourselves we are committed...but to be brutally's a lie until consistent action is taken.💪 I've been there where I was "pretending" to be committed to my goals and dreams🌈 but I wasn't actually doing what I was supposed to be doing.🤦‍♀️ And THAT feels like shit. It breaks down your confidence and self esteem.💔 Because deep deep down you KNOW you're worthy of your dreams, and you do know you are CAPABLE. You just need to tap into that💖 and take action TODAY.✨ Action builds more BELIEF, which allows you to keep going and get RESULTS.✌️💋
{DAY 2/21}
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

You know what lights me up?🔥 is giving as much as I can everyday to women out there just like me, working on their goals. It makes me so happy to share my journey, struggles and triumphs bc I know firsthand that support and community is so important.👭💗 Coaching has given me a purpose way beyond what I ever thought possible.🌈✨ And the funny thing is, before I became a coach, I didn't even use my FB page and had no idea what the heck to do here on IG.😂 I love that as coaches we don't need to be tech savvy, or social media gurus, we are just REAL people helping REAL people by sharing.💗 Here's a preview of today's workout in my brand new program!😍 And thanks for your feedback a little while back when I asked if you babes still love these videos and you said you do!🤗💖 We did each exercise for 60 seconds here.💪 If you're already one of my clients this program got added to your virtual gym automatically, and if you're a #FitBlissTribe 🦄 you also got it of course!😉🎉 I'm here to help girl, if you want to chat more about fitness, health, and wellness🌿 or starting your own bizzznasss like I did too boo.✌️💋

The moments you're completely tired and feel like you can't possibly go on...are THE MOMENTS you get RESULTS🔥 *if* you push through.👊 Results won't come from half-assing ✋️ you've gotta put your full ass into it.😆 That's the only way you will get to your goals.✨💪
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