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Garrett Coates  🍽Health/Fitness junkie💪. Growth mentality👨‍🏫. Health/Lifestyle coach. ⬇️50+ lbs. Love the life I live. Looking to influence others in EPIC ways!

All lights are green for this dune buggy adventure 😎 #dunebuggy #herbalifevacation #herbalifestyle

On our way to the Dominican!! Next stop Charlotte. Final stop, PARADISE!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU Herbalife!! #herbalife #herbalifevacation

Oh my this girl is on FIYUHHH 😍🔥. Still part time Herbalife but full time life changer!! AND fully qualified ACTIVE SUPERVISOR!!! I’m so so proud of @coachtoma!! Not only for being an incredible woman in my life but for being a bright light in so many others lives. This is only a sample of the impact she makes on those around her and I’m so excited to continue to watch her grow!! Congrats Cece!! Thank you for being you ☺️

This company just gets better and better every single day! $400 for a weekend getaway! Thank you Herbalife!!! #herbalifenutrition #iloveherbalife

Happy happy birthday to this little floofer!! Can’t believe he’s already 3. Finally legal to have his first Pup cake 🙃

Just gonna nerd out for a bit. Finally got my Ian Malcolm back from Mr. Goldblum. Had to check the sticker to make sure it was real 😂😂. Overall I’m pretty dang happy with them 😁 #funko #popfunko #funkoaddict

Fueling my obsession with a little sexiness 😍😂🙌 #goldbluming #funkopop #addicted

My favorite morning concoction 😍. Orange Liftoff, Lemon Tea, Lemon Niteworks. Mandarin Aloe. My special “Go-J”. Energy ✅
Boosted metabolism ✅
Healthy heart and blood flow ✅
Digestive health ✅
Tons of B vitamins and antioxidants ✅
Happy tongue 😋✅ Recipe for a great day? DEFINITELY 💪😎

I am so beyond grateful for this beautiful woman right here. She has helped me in ways beyond measure, not only inside the nutrition club and Herbalife but outside of it as well. Her smile is contagious. Her personality is unique. And her care is unmeasurable. I wouldn’t be here partly because of what Ciarra Toma has done for not only me but this entire community. Words cannot describe how much she really truly means to me and there’s no way I could ever repay her. But this is a good start 🙂. Thank you so much for just being you Cees.

Yes yes YES!! Help me welcome Herbalife’s newest Supervisor Bree Zaccaro (@comeflywithbree)!!! 2nd month I’m too 😏. Her results have been absolutely phenomenal and I’m so excited to see her future!!! Congratulations Bree!!

Our first attempt at cauliflower pizza. Chicken spinach and pesto made with riced cauliflower. Heaven 😋😭🙌

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