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Casey Linton  🔺 Amped Fitness Ellington


Chasing that #500lbs squat! Trying to get stronger 1 day at a time! #liftheavy

What an amazing day! First Annual 5k was a great turn out! I could not be more thankful for all of #ampednation & of course #teamellington🔥
I was SUPER impressed with all of you, and proud. Way to go guys! 🔺💪

Heaviest triple of today. Sure felt a lot cleaner then my heavy single! This set was a rep PR -
#ampedfitnessct #neverquit

Always fight for that next rep! Feels good to be 100% again! 315x 1.. Missed the second, but thats ok! 🔺💪#ampedfitnessct #neverquit

Extremely humbling day. The Spartan Beast was easily the most difficult test of mental, and physical strength I have ever put myself through. So impressed, and proud of all of #ampednation that finished today, or has gone through a Spartan Beast. We have the best members🔺 #neverquit

These last couple mornings of work have provided me with a new level of fulfillment. To be a part of @ampedfitnessct growth as a company is something I will never take for granted. When I started there were only 2 locations, and today we stand strong... 5 locations deep. To see Ellington (our newest location) begin to fill sessions is one of the coolest feelings I have ever experienced. The atmosphere that our members create, the community that they build, and the work they put in make it all possible. If you are a part of #ampednation thank you so much for what you all do. If you are not part of Amped we would love the opportunity to work with you. Come give us a shot, and join the ride! #ampedfitnessct #neverquit #growth

Today @ampedfitnessct we back squat! Lets gooo!💪👊🔺
#neverquit #ampedfitnessct

Sunday Feels🐶

One thing about myself is I am super critical of myself when I fail, and ive become more self aware of that quality that I possess. I will never change that however, through consistent personal devolpment I have learned that when I fail my self relfection can be a powerful tool in taking steps in a forward direction. This has helped me progress as a person, and in my field. I have to give thanks to my 3 favorite motivators. I am extremly grateful for the content that you all put out. It has helped me become a better person, and I hope I get the opportunity to give thanks in person one day.
#personaldevolpment #selfawareness #motivation #workethic

Attitude is everything #neverquit

Making some serious post workout connection with @gisellecyrillo & I 👀 @jordanwo peepin her @myzonemoves totals for the w.o! Love how these pictures take me back to one of my favorite days @ampedfitnessct #neverquit 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺
📷 @angelo_pietri

One of my favorite parts of being a fitness coach is helping people accomplish things that they never thought were possible. Watching the process is an irreplaceable experience, and creates a unexplainable feeling. #neverquit
📷 @angelo_pietri

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