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I love intensity in ALL my workouts ... But it's very different when you lift weights and when you do active recovery work.
Yoga is also very different from when I do my mobility workouts .
Just the way I crave to run or lift, I also crave my yoga practice with my teacher @tanmehra Or self practice. (Not to be confused with mobility workouts)
Here I am using a dharma wheel to open up my entire spine and shoulders after an intense #functionaltraining #workout that lasted 70 min.
My cool down / stretches lasted 20 min.
My workout :
7 unbroken pull ups
500 skips
4 rounds non stop
30 min endurance fix from @niketraining app called burpees bridges and bounds
20 min Stretches
1. In this pic: I am focusing on my mid back and upper back to really open the stubborn T1-T6 due to lot of snatches and pull ups and push ups
Holding the wheel further away from my head and touching elbows down opens up the shoulders and ribcage.
Held for 3-4 min.
2. In this pic: focusing also on my hip flexors, quads and ankles while opening up my Lower mid back and lower back to counter all the running and Kettlebell training . Help 3-4 min.
DO NOT try this without supervision. Follow them up with forward bends to counter the deep back bending.
As a coach, giving my two tips on keeping your joints open : both mobile and flexible is EQUALLY important as it is to strengthen the muscle and tendons around it.
Strengthen the smaller muscles around your stabilising skeletal structures like scapulae, lumbar spine (lower back), SIJ (sacro-iliac joint) to prevent long term injuries AND to amp up the intensity in your workout. Remember : you are as strong as your weakest link. (Start with my miniband workouts uploaded on my @kineticliving handle)
Sign up for our clay : stretch and prehab classes to bullet proof yourself from injuries

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#Throwback to the afternoon spent shooting at @kineticliving with @vitaminstree for their slick video #fitisnotabodytype !
I really resonate with that title because being so invested in sports and fitness and movement for more than 18 years, my body has changed drastically over the years and some skeletal structures have been enhanced like my broad shoulders. And sometimes I would be told that I am looking too manly or if I exercised so much, I would end up looking like one. Guess what! I I have hundred times more people appreciating what I can do with my body and mind. And more than that, I have done things which I never thought I would or even be strong enough to do.
So yea, fit is not a body type ... it is a state of mind. If I wasn't mentally fit to handle those doubts, I wouldn't be here. So my girl friends, don't get stuck to any body type... choose your style and OWN IT! 🙌🏻👍🏻😎 Special thanks to @tara_s_k for bringing me on board for this video: watch it on YouTube guys ! @vitaminstree it is

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When it comes to my training, I follow the philosophy: "Things that scare me the most are usually the ones I am the weakest at. And those are the things I need to be doing the most." (Can be seen from much I prepare myself mentally before giving this set a go)
2 weeks back I was doing pull ups at least thrice a week and actually built up to 8 unbroken strict pull ups but last week I did them only once and I am back to my struggle phase after I do 6 🙄🙄 !
F**k I hate that!
I know these are NOT impressive numbers but it's always present me v/s future me (the past me, in this case 😂) Well that's what it is about, ups and downs. So back to working on them.
Tried this variation as a core and back finisher after workout:
1. 8 pull ups (5+3)
2. 50 crunches / 50 flutterkicks / 50 oblique crunches (each side) / 20 weighted hollow rocks at 7.5 kg/
4 rounds .

Vary ab exercises with every set.
Followed by 30 min #NTC app workout : The Wipeout 2.0
With some variations of my own.
Ended with 100 flutter-kicks in Hanging L-sit (video out soon)

Ignore studd boy @dhiraj.bediskar video bombing ! 🙄😆

On a rainy day, some of you might have skipped your run or still blazed the tar with your will... nonetheless you deserve some love... Here are few #hipmobility drills that you can do at home.
WHY you need to do them? Watch the video for your answers explained in layman terms :) .

You need a tennis ball and a foam roller. .

Watch full tutorial on my YouTube link in my bio!
Enjoy !

If you are looking for more tips, join me on 7 th October 12 pm at my Bootique gym @kineticliving for a workshop to strengthen your feet

This month at @kineticliving is dedicated to running as a whole.
I Will be sharing all the #techniques and #training that help me make a better #runner. .

First up a workshop on 7th October 12 pm to 1 pm: is how you can move well even if you have flat feet ... ✔️landing techniques ✔️foot strengthening ✔️fascial tensioning
✔️balance training
Now I am not going to write you a running plan, i am going to train you so you can run harder, faster and stronger using my experience from #mobiity #pilates #yoga #Kettlebell and lots of other #functionaltraining ... Check out our timetable on @kineticliving or Kinetic Living Facebook page.

Pic : @carlspies7
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Three moves to work those T- shirt muscles before you start the weekend to keep you feeling slim and strong !
1. 1-leg push up to side plank leg raise (showing you variations in every rep)
2. 1- leg push up to knee tuck plank
3. Russian push ups (The last two reps is a regression i.e. an easier variation)
Little doubtful about the name but not doubtful about its benefits. ✔️shoulder integration with the rest of the trunk ✔️recruits gluteal muscles ✔️works all the four ab muscles through different movements ✔️the shift of weight and the transitions demand very good control of the whole body forcing the core muscles to stay fired up ✔️spatial awareness ✔️coordination
Taking press ups and plank walks from the @niketraining app workout "The Slow Burn", to the next level

Work hard. Party harder. Workout the hardest. That's my philosophy since I was a teenager and I am sure my workout buddy @mojorojo would agree with me on that!
For now, showing of our calves after a #lowerbody session with Rohan ... barbell squatted more than my body weight after very very long for 6 reps in good form.
Followed by some calf work for Rohan and 200 #kettlebell swings with 16 kgs for me .
Thank u @mojorojo this was super fun! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 PS : followed by a yoga workout with the lovely @sarahjanedias ... my legs will are officially jelly 😂😂

The side cleans and press.
Works the arms, shoulders and entire lower body .
Taught this at the bootcamp and my @kineticliving peeps just loved it !

So much fun coaching and sharing knowledge with people who are hungry and humble at the same time.
Blessed to have them! U guys know who you are !💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

After a full blown full body #weighttraining for #strength, taking flight from the regular to an advanced version of the "bird dog" exercise that originally is a great way to warm up :
1. It activates the core muscles
2. Takes the shoulder and hips to a good (not great) range of motion
3. Ideal way to include it in the beginning of the class.
BUT BUT that's for the original version where your knee is resting on the floor.

This one is great to include in between your strength workouts as a challenging core exercise that will work your #shoulders and #glutes to the next level

Getting ready to re-start the @niketraining NTC LIVE sessions this evening by
Pampering myself to some personalised grooming essentials... @nike training Tights, rival sports bra and @niketraining club jersey for the coach in me and @bbluntindia hair care and styling gel to add that edge to my short and fiery mane !
See you at @theintegralspace. 7-8 pm ! If u haven't registered, Do it now !! At www.nike.com/Mumbai

Inspired by @primal.swoledier, included these in my workout :

1. 10 side cleans each side at 8 kg ( post coming soon )
2. 6 each side Body clean to snatch with 12 kg (in the video)
3. 6 Pull ups
4. 6 parallel bar dips
3 rounds
Followed by 1000 skips
This is a very skill oriented intermediate mix of exercises. Try this workout only once you have mastered the basics.

Going to be teaching #snatches and more 👊🏻... in #kettlebell #bootcamp this week.
Thank you @primal.swoledier for the inspiration !

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