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Urmi Kothari-Energy Coach  Nike+ Elevated Trainer. Founder @kineticliving. IFAA Master Trainer. Mindful Athletics. Fitness career counsellor. Mentor:Motivation to Action


Sunday Mood:
Ran the marathon? Stretch
Didn’t run the marathon ? Stretch!
Link in bio for a full lower body stretch routine. Would love to hear your feedback on it.
Pic @gadgetwala
Gear @nike
Accessories #applewatchseries3

Craving this superfood basket breakfast during my stay at @hiltonshillimretreatandspa at The Green Table which is based on the #wellnesscuisine concept (strictly wellness so no caffeine beverages, refined food) right after my trek to #shillimpeak .
It is made from natural fruit compote, almonds and cashews loaded up in an edible basket made from different seeds and nuts. The coconut milk topping perfectly sealed the deal for me.
Not in picture is veggie detox juice and a fruit platter. Raagi idlis and dosa made from Green gram are also options one can choose from.

When you feel plain lazy or low on energy at the end of the week, having your workout bunch around turns a Friday into #friyay ! 💯💪🏻🙌🏻 Thanks @iamraajan @kamlesh_negi @dhamidrashti @khemkaniraj for the making outdoor #calisthenics at @kineticliving so much fun!

Exercise level: advanced . Plz have a spotter around if you have never done it before. People with neck and lower back issues plz avoid.

Marathon is on our heads and keeping your joints, muscles and soft tissues nimble and responsive while still tapering down is key.
Get your SSSTTRREEEEETTCHH AND LIGHT CORE work on with me at @kineticliving on Saturday ... a day before race day for a session that will leave you feeling alive and pumped for the race.
Pic : @gadgetwala
Gear: @nike
Accessories: #applewatchseries3 And a sheepish smile (usually when I have a good stretch class planned)
9:45 am to 10:30 am .
Drop in fees 900/- Limited seats .
DM me to register .

Exercise: The lateral ape walk from Animal Flow. The teacher ‘calls out’ the instructions.
Here the forest voices, serene morning vibes ‘called out’ to me and I ended up ‘flowing’ for an hour post my 5 km Hill run.
You can make this easier by keeping the hips low and the knees close to the floor. Focus on landing softly and one foot at a time.
Shot at @hiltonshillimretreatandspa .

Something big coming up for Pilates enthusiasts ! Stay tuned.
Repost @kineticliving with @get_repost
Want a Flat Tummy? Check these Pilates moves by @coach.urmi with @thehauterfly and #applewatchseries3 👊

Can't seem to get the motivation? Call 9594504666 or DM us for membership deets and we'll help you kickstart that New Year resolution!

Showing off ... .
Wait, I was talking about my infinity pool and the view from the mountain bar & bistro at @hiltonshillimretreatandspa . What did you think? 😉

How did you spend your Sunday ?

Diving straight into Nature, wellness, wild beauty, meditation, conscious eating and rejuvenation at the majestic and serene @hiltonshillimretreatandspa , amidst a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
PS: going to click too many more pics 😜

Somewhere in some winery in Margaret River with very important friends.
#flashbackfriday calling me outdoors ! Let’s goooo

They may not see the fire within but they will definitely feel the heat.
I Keep my head down and keep hustling.

Travelling shoulder taps to test your core and coordination skills at the same time.
Why? Your joints are moving in a saggital plane (elbow joint) while you are moving in the frontal plane AND trying to keep your hips from rotating. (Anti-rotation) anti- rotation is as important an aspect in training as rotation.
Other anti rotation exercises include plank rows, partner resisted planks, side planks, hip lift March, planks on any unstable surface to name a few.
Level of the exercise in the video: beginner

There are days when you wake up feeling like shit,
Looking like shit and you want to go under the sheets again. ... think what is that extra shut eye worth? Nothing. Coz in the end you will end up feeling even more shitty out of guilt of missing your run or workout or yoga or whatever that makes you feel alive.
If you are not going to feel guilty, then probably your body needed the rest. But 8/10, you will be glad you didn’t give into the temptation.
MOOD post 7 km Fartlek training with @nikerunning #nrcmumbai.
Thank you @diyanayar @tejasajmera29 @dan_zico for the silent motivation.

Pic @carlspies7

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