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Urmi Kothari-Energy Coach  Founder @kineticliving. @niketraining Coach. @ifaafitness_academy. #Fitness career counsellor. Certified in #STOTT #pilates, Kettlebells, Animal Flow

Wake up and channelise the #weekend #warrior in you by including this #functional combo :
1. Squat-curl-plank
2. Squat-curl-plank-push up
3. Squat-curl-press-plank-push up.
Do 5-6 reps depending on the variation - EMOTM for 10 minutes. And redeem yourself from the lazy weekend mood. 💪🏻🌈✨🔥
Learn 🤓how to make your own functional variations in the upcoming @ifaafitness_academy certification and/or Mentorship programs in Sept. details in my previous post .

My experience in coaching and training and the feedback from my students and colleagues has taught me immensely about various aspects of building one’s own skill sets. 🤓😎
Announcing two important events in Sept 2018
1. Functional training certification that I will be conducting at @kineticliving with @ifaafitness_academy 8-9th sept. •two intense days of theory and practical where in we focus on the concepts & programming, form& technique, coaching & communication. • A fitness test and coaching test and if you a pass, a certification. Or you will have one month to submit your assignments. •Knowledge of fitness fundamentals like muscles / planes of motion is highly recommended so you can maximise your time. ☝🏻☝🏻I have been told by most students that 2 days aren’t enough to grasp everything and many of them are aspiring trainers (having corporate jobs) so the pace of the certification does overwhelm some of them. Hence...
Meant for - fitness enthusiasts who don’t necessarily want to certify themselves -want to learn basics of form and technique. Body awareness. -want to learn different functional movements -want o learn sport specific movements
HOWEVER IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A TRAINER AND ARE STARTING OFF NOW... I would highly recommend both. Coz Mentorship doesn’t certify you to teach. It is top notch quality practical training with group workouts and if you do well, shadow the @kineticliving sessions. Email me on . Registrations for both are different but if you sign up for both you get the Mentorship with some concession.

Beginners Calisthenics workshop on equalisers tom 10:30 am. DM me to sign up
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Australian Pull-ups with the @lebertfitnessindia Equalizer
Focus on :
✔Keeping knees above heels and chest below the bar
✔Depressing shoulder blades down into their sockets and gently
✔Squeezing the shoulder blades back towards each other while lifting up
✔initiating the movement from elbows and not lower back ✔Keeping lower back in neutral
✔Lifting head over the bar
✔Shifting weight ahead over the feet while pulling up
✔Shrugging the shoulders
✔Using hips to get more range (a way of compensating for the upper body)

SWEAT.IT.OUT : A metabolic n core conditioning combo circuit: core is abs, spine, glutes, rotator cuffs. Not six packs.
1. Donkey kicks -30
2. Reverse crunches (weighted) -15
3. Reverse plank hip extensions -15
4. Side Kick through -5 each side
5. Back extensions -15

9 min AMRAP.

Six years back when Kinetic Living was born, one thing was very encourage students to look beyond fitness even while working out... The repertoire of workouts, The eclectic mix of students, The goals and most importantly the coaching style... all have imbibed that very essence- using Body as a means to tansform the mind.

It is always bout believing in more. Not things. But BEING MORE. EXPERIENCING MORE. After 15 months of kicking fitness in the butt at the @kineticliving Bootique, it is time to take the wellness element to the next level... metaphorically and literally. 🖤☝🏻
@kineticliving will be spread across two floors starting MID AUG 2018. Stay tuned for all new programs and dates. Filled with Gratitude for a crazy family and the support of a tight-knitted team @dhiraj.bediskar @mishtikhatri @monicanarwani . This is going to be lit!

A fun effective and result oriented workout that will sculpt your butt, shoulders and abs . Add it as a finisher to your main workout... 💪🏻🔥✅6 min AMRAP

Dumbell chosen 10kg but you can scale as per fitness level.
1. Toe touches-10
2. Weighted hollow rocks-10
3. Drop squats -10
4. Criss cross Mountain climbers -20 each side

Functional training certification in association with @ifaafitness_academy coming up 8th & 9th September. Mentorship dates 10,11,12 th September .
Email me at if you are interested with the subject ... “FT certification” or “Mentorship” or “Both”

Don’t save your best self for a moment you are expecting in the near future. Life is happening now. Get Involved. How many of you are saving your Joie de vivre for a ‘special’ occasion? Don’t wait for the weekend to dress up... Don’t wait to tell someone you love them. Don’t wait to feel grateful. Every moment has the potential to be magical... only if you are there for yourself. ✨✨🌈
Begin and end your days with gratitude and a sense of ownership towards your life. Monday’s have nothing on you.

My life ...
Wake up early morning.
Have a kick ass workout session with my @kineticliving team. Followed by a workshop. Then some more Coaching. Followed by some Mentorship for trainers...
Then just like that...get inked... Will spend the rest of the weekend with family and friends, read and work on some future plans. Feel truly blessed to have a life I love where I get to be someone who facilitates people’s personal growth. And that further fuels my inner fire to work on myself...

Friday motivation:
1800 skips in between coaching sessions to make use of time and stay ahead of a busy schedule and yea... excuses. 💪🏻😅😅 Day 14 of Break up with sugar challenge with @kripajalan . Keto desserts have saved my life. Try out my Keto coffee as well available at @kcroasters for a great Pre-workout or a good pick me up when you hit the 4 pm slump... especially on a Monday and a Friday 😁

Practice like you have never won. Perform like you have never lost.
How many of you have convinced yourself you are going to fail Coz trying and failing takes some guts?
Try something different. If you are stuck in a rut with your workouts or at the same boring gym then take a chance and have Some fun on the @lebertfitness equalisers .
Workout level: advanced .
Who said bodyweight is Easy?
Video: @dhiraj.bediskar and full workout reps, instructions and modifications on @kineticliving

Here is a video that makes me so happy as someone who is in the #fitness industry. 💪🏻

I have known for more than 4 years now even before he got insta-famous and I had known ABOUT @sweatyswetha from him long before her digital fame. •
And when they came to Mumbai for @devilscircuit in Jan 2018, @dhiraj.bediskar, both of them and I hung out and spoke about all things fitness and BEYOND. •
Last weekend they came to @kineticliving for the first time and boy we had so much fun! •
This video shows that friendships or human connection is born out of genuine love for movement and it doesn’t have to be about who can do more reps or lift more weight or who has more followers. 💕🔥🌈😈
Post this video we also did some kick ass #handstand drills that I learnt in my #Acroyoga days. And just chilled in general. This is the age of collaboration...not immature competition.

Last month when I was in Chennai for a workshop at the @thequad_in , I also met @preetizach, a senior journalist who is a keen fitness enthusiast herself. •
The result was this article that is in today’s @the_hindu (Chennai edition).
🙏🏻🙏🏻. Thank you for such a well written piece and
Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey. So happy ☺️. @kineticliving

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