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Jorge Carvajal  Coach If you want to socialize you're going to have to pick up a surfboard or meet me at the ocean. 🏄🏻🌊

One mile #ocean swim done...🌊☀️🤙🏻

Exposure to stress is needed in order to develop a strong host that is not ripe for the taking.
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"Stress is caused by anything and everything the human body encounters." Physical and mental stress are an absolutely vital building blocks in the acquisition of mental and physical strength.
Humans are marvelously made beings. We are set apart from other beings by our malleability.
Stress manifests itself in many ways, shapes, and forms. We all experience stress in a variety of different ways in our daily life. Coaches and trainers carefully calibrate workouts such to optimize the physical stress that their athletes endure during any given training cycle. However, such plans tend to ignore significance of daily and situational life stressors.
A new workout is a new challenge, a new stressor for the athlete to conquer. "Stimulate adaptation!"
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A perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing. - Lao Tsu
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I'm back in the water after 6 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours. Not gonna lie, I teared up. 🏄🏻
"The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea." Isak Dinesen #grateful 🙏🏻


The studies by Pembrey and other epigenetics researchers suggest that our diet, behavior, and environmental surroundings today could have a far greater impact than ever imagined.
Historically, genetics has not meshed well with discussions of social policy; it's all too easy to view disadvantaged groups—criminals, the poor, the ethnically marginalized—as somehow fated by DNA to their condition.
The advent of epigenetics offers a new twist and perhaps an opportunity to understand with more nuance how nature and nurture combine to shape the society we live in today and hope to live in tomorrow.
"Epigenetics will have a dramatic impact on how we understand history, sociology, and political science," "If environment has a role to play in changing your genome, then we've bridged the gap between social processes and biological processes. That will change the way we look at everything."
So why do we continue to buy into the belief that our genes control our destiny? It's because we are psychologically ill equipped to deal with DNA results, repeatedly falling into predictable biases—switch-thinking, essentialism, fatalism, negativity dominance, and more—that mold our thinking about the information we receive.
The surprising conclusion about the promise, and limits, of genetic engineering and DNA testing upend conventional thinking and reveal a simple, profound truth: your genes create life—but they do not control it.

#life #epigenetics #DNA #destiny #Prometheus

I watched the movie Altered States as a young teenager in my parents dark living room one summer in Miami. The film was inspired by John C. Lilly's sensory deprivation research done under the influence of psychoactive drugs, in which a person floats in a light free, sound reduced chamber in a highly concentrated solution of Epsom Salt and water maintained at a constant temperature of 94.5.F Lilly et al. 1977
In it, William Hurt plays Professor Edward Jessup, studying altered consciousness and experimenting on himself in a floatation tank under the influence of mind altering drugs.
Despite the film scaring me—bad trips, biological devolution—It set me on a path of discovery and I've been intrigued by sensory deprivation ever since.
Psychophysiological Effects of Flotation: Hormones directly associated with the stress response, Cortisol, ACTH and epinephrine showed decreases during float sessions. Turner et al. 1983
Flotation and Performance Enhancement: Because flotation potentiates imagery while disrupting over learned psychological processes, the technique is especially suited not only for the acquisition of new improved skills but the unlearning of less adaptive ones. Suedfeld et al. 1990
Flotation and Pain Management:
By reducing both muscle tension and pain in a relatively short time and without effort on the part of the patient, flotation provides a dramatic demonstration of the benefits of relaxation. Turner et al. 1985
Flotation and Chronic Illness:
Flotation provides an effortless introduction to deep mental and physical relaxation which is potentially helpful to those with chronic physical illnesses, those with cancer, those with trauma to the nervous system, those with depression or bipolar mood disorder. anxiety disorders, and those suffering overwhelming stress.
What does it actually feel like? It feels a little like just finishing a very good yoga class, or a great meditation session where your brain is swept of all bullshit.
Professor Jessup had it right all along.
#justfloat #mindbody #stress #mindfullness #alteredstates

Usain Bolt's Final Race In #Jamaica 🇯🇲
Bolt clocked 10.03 seconds to win before a lap of honor in front of a raucous crowd who danced, waved flags and blew their vuvuzela horns while fireworks lit the sky.
He returned to kiss the finishing line before flashing his signature 'lightning bolt' pose.
Bolt's final race in Jamaica was at the same track where he launched his international career at the world juniors in 2002.
"I'll try my best even when I've hung up my spikes, to really continue to push track and field in any way possible."
Bolt says he will only run the 100m at the World Championships in London in his last outing before retiring.
#RESPECT ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Been a while but I'm hoping to get back soon. #healing #ocean #sea #surf #surfing #surfer #rvca #blue

Ritual - a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
I’ve always loved that word, maybe because I’ve always had rituals in my life. I think we all do.
Here is a view into my morning ritual.
1. Wake up and make my bed. It is the first sense of order I get in the day, and I set that tone.
2. Breathing sequence. Usually an Apnea protocol :7/21/14 - Inhale/Hold/Exhale
3. Meditate. I like Sharon Salzberg's guided meditation, Breath Meditation, in the Insight Timer App, which is 9:49. I also use Tara Brachs-Gateway To Prescence meditation, which is also on Insight Timer.
4. Drink some tea in a wooden tea bowl. After listening to the @richroll podcast, ZEN and the Art & Importance of Living Tea, with WuDe of the Global Tea Hut, I came away from that podcast with an expanded consciousness and an education on tea. I bought some of the GTH tea and started this practice which has become a ritual within a ritual.
5. Yoga. I do three poses, Downward Dog, Warrior and a Triangle Pose. Which stretches the Superficial Back, Front and Lateral Fascia Lines of the body. I hold each for several breaths.
*It’s simple, but it sets the rhythm of my day, which is part of the ritual of my life.
#morningroutine #breathe #meditate #tarabrach #zen #tea #consciousness #yoga #rythms #rituals

My friend @coach_brettb is donating all proceeds from the book during the month of June to fight blood cancers. If you're reading this you know someone affected by cancer. I lost my mother to it.
#stepup #makeadifference #cancersucks
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There have been some incredible pictures of people with their copy of "Conscious Coaching" from all over the world, but this one from @kieranobyrne with the book by his side while he was donating platelets to a hospitalized man who was in dire need of a donation THAT VERY DAY in order to help save his life, struck an especially touching and even haunting chord that I'll never forget.
Stories and things like this are a uniquely powerful reminder that no matter what even the most cynical person says, (and sometimes that voice is the one in our own head), that even the smallest things we do can offer comfort, support and even motivation to those who are in need, or who are doing incredible things to help others, like Kieran and so many others have done.

This is why I'll be donating proceeds gathered from Amazon sales of my book throughout the month of June to the @leukemialymphomasociety which is dedicated to helping fight various types of blood cancers. You can find the link for the book in my bio, and if you want to learn more about LLS you can do so by checking them or via my tag in their photo and their website which is linked in their Instagram page.

Thanks for the support.

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