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Jorge Carvajal  “Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world” Miyamoto Musashi

THANK YOU @coachsanandreas @fingermash @thee_chief_chidi @jhettler24 @danpfaff @altis @altisedu for the opportunity, the knowledge and fellowship. THANK YOU @team_exos for the hospitality and THANK YOU @fergus.connolly for the wisdom but most importantly for sharing your experiences with me. 👊🏻 #greatpeople #greatcoaches #greatfriendships

When I’m in Los Angeles there is only one place I train at and only one place I recommend —-> @yard_strength. Thanks Troll for the great hospitality, but most importantly thank you for your friendship. #greatfriendgoodtimes

It was a great day to share info, talk shop and be with like minded, good people. Thanks Tim, Troll, CBates and Jaime! #COS 💪🏻 #lastory

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If you work with athletes, kids, or are a parent with kids playing sports, you’ll want to listen.
Today’s episode features a special roundtable featuring experts Jorge Carvajal, Zach Even-Esh and Jeremy Frisch.  Together, these coaches have over half a century of training expertise, and have worked with a wide sweeping range of athletes.
In addition to this, their experience is with many athletes ranging from very young to professional level, and have also seen the changes sport culture that have come about over the last few decades (if you aren’t aware, those changes have resulted in injury rates magnitudes higher than what was seen in the 1990’s).
Today’s topic is the injury crisis in youth sports and the related deprivation of movement and physical literacy of the coming generation.
I was asked a while ago if I had anything special planned for the 100th episode of the podcast (I can’t believe it’s gone so far!). I didn’t have much in mind for it, but I’ve actually saved this recording a few episodes to be 100, since I feel that it checks a lot of boxes on what makes this podcast what it is, and that is the time and willingness of great coaches to be a voice to help other coaches, and ultimately, help athletes reach their highest potential.
I think that the message today that these three coaches bring is honestly the most important one of all, more important than getting an extra tenth off your 40 yard dash, and a higher calling than tacking 2 extra inches on one’s vertical jump.  That higher calling is the physical literacy and movement crisis that so many young athletes are facing. It is one that elicits burnout and injury like never before seen, and also feeds into the nature of our educational system itself.
Topics covered on the show include the age an athlete may actually be ready to specialize and when that is appropriate, how local culture impacts which sport a child plays, how depriving students of movement is harming students educational and global experiences and how to bring physical literacy back into our culture.

16 more days till we make history and have a great time in Phoenix.
Come join us!👊🏻 #linkinbio

An obvious solution to the problem is to cut down on screen time. Even the most obsessive users should be able to do so. The neuroscientific study on Facebook found that the subjects’ cognitive ability to inhibit their impulsive behaviour was less impaired than for drug or gambling addicts.
And data from Moment, an activity-tracking app, show that it is possible for light social-media consumers to be content. Each week it asks its 1m users whether they are happy or sad with the amount of time they have spent on various platforms. Nearly 63% of Instagram users report being miserable, a higher share than for any other social network. They spend an average of nearly an hour per day on the app. The 37% who are happy spend on average just over half as long.

The happiness rate is much higher for FaceTime (91%), a video-calling app, and phone calls (84%).
BOTTOM LINE:When it comes to social networking, actual conversations are hard to beat.

Keep connecting in person as much as possible!!!

More information doesn't mean better decisions. Learn how to distinguish between the signal and the noise.

SUPER stoked to be speaking at ALTIS in June alongside Fergus Connolly. 🤙🏻
Hope you can make it! #ifmymamacouldseemenow
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There is the “SAVAGE” you see written on a T-shirt, and then there is SAVAGE.

Make better choices.

I spend a lot of time on the road living in hotel rooms. Here are some of my best hotel room tips.
1. Lysol Spring Waterfall spray: Don’t use regular Lysol which makes the room smell like a dentists office. Most rooms in hotels have a certain smell. You know what I’m talking about. I recently stayed in a hotel that had a combination of mold, cigarette smoke, and a geriatric living facility smell. Couple of sprays and instantly the room odor changed to a real nice fresh smell on top of killing germs.
If you’re flying find the nearest drug store and pick one up. TRUST ME.
2. Large Binder Clip: Sometimes the drapes in the hotel leave a gap in the middle. No matter how much you try sometimes you can’t get both ends of the curtain to meet. There is nothing more annoying than trying to sleep and seeing a light continuously breaking thru that half inch opening in the middle. It borders on black ops type of torture. Use the clip to bring both ends together and you’re good.
3. Medical Tape: For those times when the curtain leaves a gap at the ends, take the medical take (available at any CVS/Walgreens) and tape the curtain ends to the wall. Boom 💥 darkness!
4. Ear plugs: Not just any ear plugs, get the CVS 33dB (when you go get your medical tape). Those things will drown out the noisy kids in the hallway or the amorous couple next door on their honeymoon. SOLID!
5. Dohm Natural White Noise Sound Machine: This thing is one of the best investments I’ve ever made (Thank You Rob Schaaf). It acts as a white noise generator to mask unwanted ambient noise/sounds so you can relax. Ear plugs and a white noise machine can drown out a jackhammer inside in the room. Say goodnight!💤
6. Bath & Body Works Vanilla/Lavender spray: I spray it on the sheets and on the pillow. It doesn’t matter where I’m at in the world, the moment I smell it, it connects me to home and all that is safe and comfortable and it’s lights out.
Drop a note and share some of yours.

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