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"Now we have millions of people who care about exercise and perhaps a couple of dozen who know anything about it." Arthur Jones
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Excited to be presenting at this amazing event. Looking forward to deep meaningful conversations, collaboration, learning and growth. Hope to see you there.
The countdown has started...
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I use recovery methods to try and prevent overtraining rather than just recover. The body has a normal adaptation process that I try not to mess with.
Using #hrv4trainingapp I can see whether an athlete is in a sympathetic or parasympathetic state. I then target the state with the appropriate recovery modality to return the athlete to homeostasis and balance.
If athlete HRV scores are trending below their average, they're in a sympathetic state, which is a normal reaction to stress and should be short term. It's a normal response to the training process. In that case I'll use parasympathetic recovery modalities to achieve balance in their ANS system.
-relaxation techniques (meditation, massage, hot water therapy)
-deep water floating
-active recovery
-reduce training intensity
If the scores are trending above the athletes average, it means the athlete is in a parasympathetic state, which is a chronic reaction to stress and Ill use sympathetic recovery modalities to again achieve ANS balance.
-reduce overall training volume (I usually reduce volume and not intensity, because I've noticed volume has greater insult capabilities on the CNS than intensity) -intensive deep tissue therapy
-contrast therapy
-active recovery (a "mini" workout to boost GH levels)
There is an oscillation that exists which is normal and an expected response as a result of adaptation. The key is to prevent an overreaching state and the elevation of stress hormones that prevent the body from achieving adaptation. #training #recovery #adaptation #CNS #HRV

EVERYONE has a Dude #4 in their lives.
😂😂😂 Me calling friends last night to see if they wanted to surf in the morning.

Hey you wanna go out in the morning?

Dude #1: Yes
Dude #2: I can't bro
Dude #3: Yes
Dude #4 : I have to take my abuela to Sedano's in the morning but I usually go through the car wash on Saturdays first. I may have to stop at the ATM cause I have no cash. Hey, can we be back by 2pm? My kid has a soccer game, but yeah, maybe, ok!

Sprint day.
I usually sprint once a week -Saturdays.
1. Work on Acceleration Mechanics and being efficient.
2. Keep the distances short-10 to 20 meters.
3. Total volume is 200 meters max for the entire session.
4. Sometimes I prefer Time-Based work sets of 8-10 sec sprints for a total of 15-20 minutes.
5. Recovery is done lying down and the focus is on belly breathing in a 5/7/3 pattern. Inhale for 5, exhale for 7, hold for 3.
6. Green tea ingestion day before @ B//L/D and 1 hour prior to sprint session,to elevate fat oxidation and plasma glycerol levels.
7. Stay fasted for 45m-1hr post sprint session to allow for GH release to stay elevated = fat loss.
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Sharing your information freely, helps you grow exponentially as a coach, a person, and a human being on planet earth. #share #bekindalways #beyourself #training #technology #coaching #payitforward

Getting Barreled: Day Two

#TSAC2017 was awesome. Surfing Cocoa Beach was priceless. #NSCA

HRV and Reaction time.
Is there a relationship - YES.!!!

Right in the middle of the workout area. Really!? 😂 #nothere #notnow #takemeforawalk #dogsofinsta #dogstagram #labs #labsofinsta #labsofinstagram #training

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