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Anyone know what kind of flower this is?

A one day late shout out to my dad Paul. He spent his fathers day yesterday helping us install electricity in our non insulated metal roofed house in the desert during a heat wave. Talk about a loving father! Thank you dad!

We recently started an instagram account for our restoration project #adobebarns follow our progress @adobebarns

Future power source x8, gonna need a few more batteries #solarpower #ranchin

I wanted to share a Friday afternoon smile from Lucy. She has made a full recovery and is back to her old self. Thanks to everyone who has reached out asking about her.

Scary times this weekend. Our sweet dog Lucy got bit in the face by a #mojavegreenrattlesnake on Saturday. we were able to get to her quickly and immediately take her to the hospital thanks to @thekmdb and her nascar driving skills and our friend Erin who was visiting and communicated with the hospital and gave Kristina directions. After a long 24 hours we learned Lucy will survive and make a full recovery. This is a picture of her yesterday evening. You can see her neck is still swollen but on her snout where she was bitten the swelling has gone way down. Looking forward to getting her home tonight for a long week of rest and recoup. Thanks to the av veterinary center for taking such good care of her.

Over the hump, ready for the weekend #lupine #antelopevalley #adobebarns

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