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In North Korea, privately owned vehicles can be difficult to come by so most locals choose bicycles as their preferred mode of transportation. (📷 by @cnn_justin)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pauses while 7-year-old Archer Somodevilla takes a photograph during her weekly news conference at the US Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, DC. Thursday, April 27, was "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" and many journalists brought their children to the US Capitol. (📷 by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

An Indonesian woman rides her motorcycle along a section of seawall in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently built to tackle rising waters. Jakarta is not only one of the world's most densely populated cities, it is also one of the world's fastest-sinking cities due to exponential development and rising sea levels. Rising temperatures and climate change have led to severe floods and storms, threatening the mostly poor residents of Jakarta's northern coast with the loss of their homes. (📷 Ed Wray/Getty Images)

An #iceberg floats in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Port Kirwan, Newfoundland, Canada. Icebergs break off from Baffin Island and Greenland every spring and drift down the stretch of water along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador known as Iceberg Alley. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

People hold candles during a ceremonial march to commemorate the 80th aniversary of the bombing of the northern Spanish town of Guernica. Pablo Picasso painted the "Guernica," one of his most famous works, in response to the bombing. (📷 by ANDER GILLENEA/AFP/Getty Images)

Thousands of people dancing in unison to celebrate the Day of the Sun in #Pyongyang, North Korea. (🎥 via @cnnvr) #tinyplanet #northkorea

🎥 via @cnnafrica
Drummers play the #Maomoa royal war drums in #Zambia to mark the advent of the #Kuomboka Pageantry – Zambia’s largest cultural festival. In the ceremony, a crew of 200 paddlers are chosen to row the king of Barotse land over a 6-hour journey from his wet palace to his dry palace keeping him safe from floods. This event, which took place last week, is the first time the event has happened in 4 years, because of drought. Video: @JoMunnik

🎥 via @greatbigstory
Turn your sound on for this one. For pre-digital natives, there's nothing quite as nostalgia-inducing as the manual "click," "clack" and "ding" sounds of an old mechanical typewriter. That's why the @BostonTypewriterOrchestra is making these old machines quite literally "sing" again. Since 2004, this six-man ensemble has been playing a range of covers and original songs on both desktop and portable machines from years past.

31 years ago today, an explosion tore through #Chernobyl. It was the worst nuclear accident the world had ever seen, and we’re still feeling the effects of it today. This abandoned theme park stands in the ghost town of #Pripyat, which was evacuated after the disaster. Pripyat, located in modern-day #Ukraine, was a city in the #USSR and is a ghostly snapshot of Eastern Europe before the fall of the Iron Curtain. (📷 SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

Turn up your sound to hear the massive firepower of US-South Korea joint military drills. The two countries insist that they have no specific enemy in mind for these drills, but that's not how North Korea sees it.

@ivankatrump, daughter of US President @realdonaldtrump, International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde and German Chancellor Angela Merkel join a panel discussion on women's empowerment and entrepreneurship at the W-20 summit in Berlin, Germany. (📷 by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Louis Chan's photographs carefully document the rooms of Chinese American immigrants in New York City.
We never glimpse the tenants but walking through Louis Chan's intimate exhibition of life-size Chinatown interior photographs, it feels as if they might step out at any moment to greet us.

Carefully documenting the rooms of Chinese American immigrants in New York City, the photographs invite you to become an investigator, to piece together the lives of unseen strangers in the sum of the objects they collect. (Photos: Louis Chan)

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