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christina molitvenik  Homemaker, wife and ma in California. ☀️

Dad is sort of brilliant ⛺️ ☀️

Okay, I'm loving the new walking stage so far. It's opened up this whole new confidence and creativity in Liam and I'm just so 🤗. He's throwing his diapers in the trash by himself (and then comes back to take it out again but we're working on that) and loves bringing me a book every 2 minutes. Being a mom is the best

"That is what our egos are doing all the time. Doing jobs we have no pleasure in, doing diets we take no pleasure in. Doing all kinds of things, not for the pleasure of doing them, but because we are trying to put together an impressive curriculum vitae. By comparing ourselves to other people and trying to make ourselves look better than others, we are boasting. Trying to recommend ourselves, trying to create a self esteem resume because we are desperate to fill our sense of inadequacy and emptiness" -Timothy Keller

This passage and book as a whole is a must read to those who are struggling with the whole social media- image problem. If there's ever thoughts of "why am I doing this?" Or "who am I?" Or "are they even real people doing this stuff, or fakes?" Then take an hour and read this book. I don't know about everyone else, but it could be a monster that ruins people's lives, if not kept in check. #seekdependence

I'm starting to believe that no matter what I do, my kitchen will always be dirty. If you're ever curious why I don't photograph the darn thing, it's because it's the corner of the house I prefer to pretend isn't there. How people do it, is beyond me. Maybe we should have just settled and gotten a microwave so I wouldn't have to heat 4 meals every day on a stove top 🙅🏻

Why there were pints left by the time I got to @gingerelizabeth beats me, but I'm smart and stocked up for when everyone realizes they need some and theres a shortage. 😋#GingerElizabeth #icecream

How we cooled off yesterday #habitandhome

It's 98 degrees today, so our diet is popsicles

Another video of the farm, but in this one Liam's eating dirt and soaking up vitamin D #letthembelittle

Filter? You should be ashamed for thinking such a thing. #nofilter

Liam and I get dirty, I always end up picking more than I need, and we get this awesome view every time. #flowerfarm

I've been struggling with mornings recently, but Liam's morning game is strong.

My cuddly little boy. How fuzzy you make me feel

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