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As I said yesterday, I'll be going through the five stops we made on our RV trip. Here's stop number 2 from #ifyouroamthedesert
2. Kelso Dunes, east of Calico
Why? Because we live in California, which is known for our beaches, and Yosemite, yata, yata, but we have cool sand dunes that look like we're in the middle of the Sahara desert? Pretty sweet! This place did not disappoint at all. The drive is gorgeous, with granite mountains all over, and the view from the peak was like nothing I've ever seen before.
So... Very kid friendly depending on the age of your kids. We saw many families there, the difference between them and us is their goal wasn't to make it to the summit, they were just there to enjoy the huge sandbox. We however had our one year old strapped to Roman's back and went to the top, which was exhausting. We were rationing our water and gave up on half the things we were wearing, but it was amazing. Since we went early spring I didn't have to have shoes, I was bare foot/ in socks the whole time, and it was way more comfortable than shoes because sand gets in and makes walking up a steep sand mountain even harder. So this is a must! Whether you're a hiker or not, to the summit and back it took us 3.5 hours, and thats because we went to the east peak, not the one everyone else went to. Out of the whole trip, this was the most challenging.

Ps: this is one of my only artsy photos, so bare with me

First stop: Calico Mountains, north of Joshua Tree
Why? It was a few hours north of our main destination so it was a good break after a full day of driving from northern California. But it was the most random of our stops because I wanted to go for the colors of the rocks due to Kevin's Russ' photos. That was the first thing I learned: nature photographers and travel bloggers wait for that perfect moment, and here it's after the rains due to the minerals in the rocks, they turn beautiful hues of pink, blue, and purple. It's also a great spot to do dirt biking and quading, which I wish Roman did, but we couldn't fit a bike and there were no rentals nearby, so that must be saved for a trip another time.
So... It was a little bit of a bust! Haha, sure I could make out the colors, but you either have to watch the forecast every day waiting for the rain to bring them out significantly enough or photoshop the pictures like crazy, which isn't really real. The plus side, while Roman napped in the early morning (Liam and I are early birds) we were for a peaceful walk through the beautiful landscape, which was okay with me. So go if you have off road vehicles, then it'll be a blast! Great for the husbands and if you have older boys (we saw the cutest family of three with their five year old-ish boy on quads and it looked so fun). Otherwise, skip.

I thiiiink I'm ready to share about our trip. Typing and editing took a while so sorry!
I'll post one or two places a day with commentary on each and if anyone wants the info all in one place email me and I can send you the info via email.
The hashtag for the trip is #ifyouroamthedesert so please use it if you go on something similar
I couldn't think of anything creative so if you don't like it, tell me so I could change it. Otherwise, that's what it is!

Someone really likes his 🚽

He's starting to understand when I think something's funny, and it's really cute how he tries to do it over and over again to see if he'll get the same response 😙

I've kind of learned to embrace momentary chaos, because often times it the messy and crazy that makes our family happy. #liamandthelamb
We're working on the front yard because the back needs to stay pasture safe for the lamb so here's our awesome backyard folks 😆

Practicing for my May weddings.

They're becoming good friends #liamandthelamb

Saturday fun

In celebration,
Photo by @evelynbarkeyphoto

Four years ago you made me your wife, and we started this crazy journey together called life.
It's been messy, amazing, hard and sometimes confusing. But you love Jesus, and I do too, so that's why we continue. We've moved up and down California, had a baby, and grown a lot, and to this day I think you're super hot.
I think that rhymed accidentally, but I guess the thoughts flow somewhat poetically, because we're crazy about each other. Happy 4 yrs @roma_m

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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