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Chelsea Farnam  That caviar is a garnish

What a guy. So happy I met him. Love you, Houston. Happy birthday, beb!

Thank you #obscenepumpkinvandal. I hope this lady does call the cops and they get a good laugh out of it.
Original post full text: “Hi neighbors,

At some point yesterday (Saturday, November 25) a person or persons who do not live in my building removed my uncarved pumpkin from my stoop, carved it, and replaced it with candles and all. They carved the word “Penis” into the side of it.
It was turned around, which leads me to believe someone saw the pumpkin and was offended (naturally) by the message. If you saw that I’m sorry and it wasn’t anyone from our building.

If you have any information on the potential vandal please let me know. I will also be speaking to the police as this was a planned vandalism that clearly took some significant time.”

With our bellies full of about 37 pounds of ceviche, we are home now. Saw 2 crocodiles. Watched a donkey drink a mojito then throw the glass on the ground, swam in a lagoon among a school of a million sardines, wandered into a huge Dia de los Muertos celebration in a small town, mused 100 times about how much Tulum has changed (pretty much entirely for the worse) but you can still find some pockets of serenity like this one. An undeniably magical corner of the world.

TFW you’re an independent beach donkey and you take long walks on the beach with yourself and ride off into your own sunset 🙏🏼💫

Happy birthday to me

Ringing in the first weekend of fall. But if you refer to it as “leaf peeping” so help me god I will slap you in the mouth.

We wanted to take an awkward middle school dance photo as a joke. But this is actually just how we are. Joke’s on us I guess!!!

You’re not supposed to touch stalactites and stalagmites but Bermuda is chill af and just lets you swim in them unsupervised. 📷: Friendly cave-dwelling sea monster

This was the backyard of our Airbnb and I’m still not over it. Anyway. On our way home now. They almost took Houston away at Customs, but Bermuda decided they didn’t want to keep him after all. Lucky me.

Today’s accomplishments: jet skiing (did not fall off), spotting some rare glow worms off a dock under the stars, picnicking on the very edge of this tiny island in the middle of the goddamn ocean. Solid day.

Spent day 1 in Bermuda doing what Bermuda does best. Warm sun, soft sand, pink beaches, extra rum in that swizzle, please!

World’s tiniest waterfall. World’s biggest rock. World’s best Houston.

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