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Carlos A. Meza  Father of 3 Groms who enjoy skating/surfing/snowboarding and being together. Follower of Jesus/Work In Progress. Follow our Groms on IG @3mezagroms

First time walking Fremont street last night with @skate_n_surf_mama when we came across UFC Hall of Famer @forrestgriffin. I'd first seen him on Season 1 of TUF and will never forget his #epic battle with Stephan Bonner. I'm not gonna lie, I ran up to him like a giddy teenage girl... He couldn't be any nicer and was a class act. #ufc #legend

There are days that aren't easy... days where nothing goes right... the kind of days where I know I'm going to fail... These are the loneliest of days... When I realize I'm having one of those kind of days, I'm reminded that God blessed me with three children that keep me going... three reminders as to WHY I have to continue to try, NEVER GIVE UP and FIND a way to move forward... drawing on Gods strength when I can't draw on my own.
No matter how I may fail or come up short, this little girl ONLY see's the best in me. She tells me how much she loves me and how I'm the best daddy in the world (even when I know I'm far from it). She constantly holds my hand for reassurance when she is actually reassuring me. She'll never know how her LOVE and BELIEF in me makes me want to be a better man... a man that recognizes that he's a work in progress that is continuously being refined... a man that she can be proud of... This picture represents a small glimpse as to the joy she brings me. Words don't exist to describe how grateful I am for my London.
#blessed #daddysgirl #love #thankyoujesus #youcandiit #nevergiveup
#Repost @londonmeza ・・・
London ADORES her Daddy and I get to capture sweet moments like these in my head on a daily basis. I lost my Dad at 28, so I really hope she gets to hug hers forever. It started from the day she was born I could just see the love this man had for this little sweet girl from the first time he held her in his arms and it has continued to grow deeper and deeper each day. πŸ‘”πŸ’— #LondonMeza #8yrsold #FathersDay2017 @cmeza32 @3mezagroms πŸ“· @andie_artino

Droppin into the weekend like 😱😱😱 #combifail #showingmykidshowitsnotdone #friyay

Teagan got a fresh set up specifically for the vert ramp - thank you @pinkhelmetposse! On the outside, she looks like a #4 year old Beauty... On the inside, she's a BEAST! Don't let that smile fool you ;)
#vert #skate #girl #instakids #fresh #bones #independent #mermaid #pinkhelmetposse #motivation #beautiful #believeinyourself

#tbt to the time that I got to take a snap with 5x X Games medalist @mimiknoop at the Girls Combi Pool Classic this past January. She is a tremendous advocate and ambassador for young girls breaking into skateboarding and couldn't be any nicer, always taking the time to take a picture with fans (look at that big dumb smile on my face). #skate #skater #pioneer #allornothing #vert

Skateboarding has been such a positive experience for our family. One of the things I appreciate the most are the radical people we've met along the way who pour into our Groms lives and positively impact their journey. On the surface, this simply looks like a picture of @nealmims coaching #7yrold @londonmeza on the Vert ramp. But what is really happening is a man building a little girls confidence by telling her how he believes in her (even if she doesn't believe in herself), pointing out her past achievements to help her overcome her future doubts. It's these types of people who teach London how to trust in herself rather than succumb to her fears. I believe she'll remember these moments for the rest of her life. #coaching #proud #vert #instakids #grateful #priceless #believeinyourself #skateboard #skatergirl #skate

I stopped by to see our recently promoted Fire Captain at his newly assigned Fire Station. Very weird to listen to people refer to Mike as Captain, Cap or sir after 17 years on the job πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #identicaltwins #twins #fire #firecaptain #proud #lafd

London warming up with some get ups before getting salty... She's the first of the @3mezagroms to get her own IG page. Give her a follow @londonmeza πŸ™πŸΌ

A little bit of Steez for St. Patty's day πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this clip. Teagan had watched her older sister and brother work on the #vert ramp @academy_skatepark for weeks. It was like she was watching from the sidelines itching to give it a shot. On this particular day when we arrived she walked straight up to @nealmims and told him that she was going to drop in on the Vert ramp. He didn't laugh or joke about what she said like the rest of us. He genuinely believed her... As her dad, I'd seen her to do some crazy things but I didn't think that she was ready for a 11 1/2 ft vert drop in. I mean she's #4yrsold and just under 4 feet tall. I was more afraid than she was and I was standing at the bottom of the ramp watching her. But as my good friend @jrkenworthy says "radical people do radical things"... We shouldn't put limitations on our kids based on what we think they can or can't do. We just need to let them do what they do. Not to mention, you can't ask Teagan to do anything she doesn't want to do and you can't stop her once she decides she wants to do it... So after Neal held her hand and got her comfortable, what you see in this clip is what happened next.

London was super stoked to get this back side grind on the vert ramp @academy_skatepark. @nealmims is always so encouraging and gives her the confidence she can do it even if she doesn't think she can. She never complains, tried her best and always had a great attitude. Very proud of her ❀️

London Front Side

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