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this weather! i ended up with quite the sunburn yesterday after weeding and de-winterizing in the garden, hence the long sleeves, but the carrots are coming in nicely and i'm feeling really excited about everything i've been learning over winter. it's been a welcome distraction and has me hoping this year's summer garden will be our best yet.

#homegrown #womenwhofarm #growyourown

was recently reminded of this. 😂 siblings and cousins nearly twenty years apart.

spring moves up the mountain.

sometimes i can hardly believe the beauty i'm allowed to witness. how sacred and fragile it all is. i hope photos like this can make people more and not less comfortable with all the many, wild, wonderful ways we come into the world. also, you guys...that woman right there. salt of the earth. #birthphotography #doula #homebirth

baby boy buis, 4.14.17. it was one of my life's greatest privileges to document your birth. your parents were the perfect team. they waited so patiently and worked so hard to finally hold you. welcome, sweet koda! #birthphotography #doula

small mercies.

i crawled back into our bed this morning and called to you weakly through hot tears. you opened the covers and your arms wide, pulling me close while wondering aloud what could be wrong. i couldn't speak and every time i tried the grief shook my rib cage, trapping the words in my aching chest. you only kissed my face, your strong hands in my hair, waiting. when my throat finally opened the words tumbled out in the tight spaces between heaving sobs. sadness, anger, guilt. like bricks i'd stacked on my back and intended to carry alone. when i finally looked up, you were wiping your own eyes and i could feel two bricks slip from tired hands. #honestmarriage #jackandcait

never mind, it's spring again.

collard greens bolting in the snow. #seedsaving #mountainliving

oh hey, april. weird how color photos taken in the burn scar can look b&w.

spring part one.
a few more photos of things around here if you follow the link in my profile. i'll be trying to share more of the improvements we'll be making as we settle into a longer stay in the trailer than we'd originally anticipated. 🌿

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