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CMC TRIGGERS-CMC BARRELS  CMC The Original Drop-in Trigger. 40 Yr Aerospace Manufacturer for the DOD. We design our Products for top performance. We Thank Jesus daily.

Which do you choose? A colored anodized @cmctriggers patented Flat Glock Drop-In Trigger or OG Black?
Either way, it’s a quick, simple upgrade that allows you to have the same trigger shoe silhouette that you love in your AR15/10 and AK rifles! @fobbyphoto

I feel like all this shot needs is Batman!😂 This Dark Knight rifle looks powerful with a @cmctriggers patented Flat AR15/10 Trigger.

Two of the simplest upgrades you can make to your Glock are switching out the barrel and upgrading the trigger! @cmctriggers can help you with both! Our patented Flat Glock triggers are a simple Drop-In module that take only minutes to install. And our CMC Glock Barrels are available in 3 color finishes for your Gen 3&4 Models 17, 19 & 34! @jdandrocorpind

Feast your eyes on this beautiful @santantactical build featuring a @cmctriggers patented Flat AR15/10 Trigger!

IG was on fire yesterday and we love seeing your responses to our posts! It seems as though some didn’t even know @cmctriggers proudly makes a 2.5# Match Grade AR15/10 Trigger now! It has the same glass smooth break as the favorite 3.5# but is a bit lighter for the competition folks who want to go FAST!
Do you already have one? Or are you headed to the website right now 😉

Our morning topic got pretty hot and heavy, so NOW we want to know what Trigger Weights you choose when purchasing a @cmctriggers Single or Two-stage Trigger? Do you have a favorite for competitions and another for precision shooting? Don’t forget, we have a new 2.5# single stage Competition Trigger as well!

Sound off! What’s your choice and why? Is it the @cmctriggers patented Flat Trigger or our CMC Curved Trigger, for your favorite rifle set up? Both have the clean break and short reset you’ve come to trust from CMC, but it’s that trigger shoe shape that has everyone picking sides!
@dstrbdmedic167 @raja_defense_photography

With all the upgrade choices for your Glock, we are proud that you choose a @cmctriggers patented Flat Glock Trigger for your EDC! Check out the color and model options on our website!

There are so many AK accessories but you should upgrade what really matters first! Swap out that trigger for a @cmctriggers AK Elite Drop-In trigger and be range ready in no time.
@defensemk @stevecoulston

Thanks so much for participating and Congrats to @firearmwerks and @dirdyash!
Keep your eyes peeled for our next Giveaway for GLOCKTOBER!

Go ahead, build multiple uppers and stick with one favorite lower! Our @cmctriggers AR15/10 Drop-In Trigger is good for many uses, from your plinking rifle to your precision hunting barrels!

Ahhh the sun is rising, you have your coffee and your rifle with a @cmctriggers Flat AR15/10 Trigger by your side.
Wait, it’s Monday and you’re AT WORK! Where did the weekend go? Did you get any range time? Did you win our Giveaway for our new Carbine Buffer Tube Kit?

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