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Christine McKee  My out takes from the journey of life. Denver area photographer specializing in fresh*bright*fun photography.


Gotta love #Colorado: the land of flip flops and down vests in the same day. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’› #ilovefall

You unravel me // with a melody // you surround me with a song
My shoulders had become knotted, tight right up almost to my ears. As the song played, they unraveled, relaxing into the truth, as I listened, I chose to believe, and I was able to dismiss the panic of the very real fear that I had no clue what I was doing. ~
of deliverance // from my enemies // til all my fears are gone
See, I don't, in fact, know what I'm doing. I'm bumbling through this life, just like everyone, trying things, making mistakes, parenting, realizing my parenting skills stink, running a business, realizing I want to change the course of that business, trying things to change direction, getting distracted, lost, confused, discouraged, distraught. The lies of the enemy had twisted my mind into a panic that all was lost and total failure was a given. This was the place I was in as I sat, stressed out in confusion, with my shoulders bunched up to my ears, listening to this song, No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music. ~
I'm no longer a slave to fear // I am a child of God // I'm no longer a slave to fear // I am a child of God //
The truth, that I am a child of God, did surround me and calm me. I am loved by the creator of the universe so much that he died and rose again to rescue me from my failures and sins. And tho I will continue to fail and struggle, he walks with me through the confusion and uncertainty. And, when I'm not caught in the lies and panic, I believe I can think and listen more clearly and he will guide me to the plan and place that he has designed for me. So glad I heard the song at IF:Lead with @ifgathering. 🎡: No Longer Slaves (Radio Version); @bethelmusic #iflead2017 #gospel #truth #hope #anxiety #fear #worry

Finally, a snippet of adult time with @brmckee at the fabulous @therayback in @bouldercolorado

Yesterday we laid my Grandma Asmus to rest. This woman was truly, in every definition of the word, amazing.
Here are some words I said at the interment.
I will remember Grandma Asmus as an amazing woman who loved her family dearly.
I will remember:

Joy and laughter and crafts: Grandma was so good at looking on the bright side of things and taught this to me and I'm sure others through her example. I loved laughing with her and doing crafts with her. Some of my fondest memories are of doing crafts and making bandana necklaces, clothespin reindeer necklaces, or puffball ice cream floats with Grandma and Aunt Ginny.
Work ethic: I feel like I even very recently, I saw her carrying wood in Grand Lake from the wood pile to the fireplace inside the cabin. Was never afraid of hard work or to do the hard thing.
Generosity: took care of so many, would go far out of her way to help; infamous for it, elevator conversation w someone at windcrest;
It makes me smile and cry happy tears to think of her in heaven now, finally reunited with grandpa and creating new heavenly crafts to make everything beautiful, and still welcoming and greeting those entering with a "church bulletin" and her smile.
I desire to be more like her in many ways, and hope to honor her memory always.

Thank you, Grandma. I love you.

Heartbroken. Las Vegas, we are praying by your side. Lord, have mercy. Repost @ifgathering with @repostapp

Representing IF:Gathering today at church. And it's Twin Day, too! #iflead2017 #twinning w @tonyambaker

This was earlier and I'm back in my place now. Had sooo much fun, and have much to think and pray on from #iflead2017

Hanging with my peeps at #iflead2017 on #nationalcoffeeday!!! Happy magical liquid day, everyone! @serenitylynnv @tonyambaker

Can't believe we are actually here! #soexcited #iflead2017

A beautiful side trip adventure to @magnolia on the way to #iflead2017

This is how excited I am that #iflead2017 is starting tomorrow. 🀣😎😝 πŸ“·: @tonyambaker

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