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Clyde Clarissa Justina  I love horses. a lot. more than a lot. and I know Pegasus & unicorns r real in this world & are hiding somewhere in this earth. 🌞🌊🌴 sg

it's just damn joyful and happy how the Vietnamese celebrate Christmas early on the street, drinking & eating pho with all their friends after work with strangers and even blocking a whole main road with elderly dancing on the streets ?? Plus taking sleeper trains and sleeper buses ?? Vietnam has rlly been a blessing to end this year off 👌🏻

tbh this is a damn good place to go for cold weather that won't burn your wallet!!! It's been 2 days since we're out of sapa and I miss it terribly :(

Every single sight was just ahsbdhfjfufnfifkfnd sapa you are just truly beautiful !!!! Randomly stopping in the middle of nowhere was truly a miracle, aka this gorgeous view

Just before this year ends, here's to one of the biggest chapter of 2017!! Danzation has been such a tiring, exhausting but amazing journey with lots of sweat, tears, injuries and lack of sleep!! There's really too much people for me to thank and dedicate too, so just thank u everyone for this crazy 6 months, having pracs everyday and doing LEDs till 7am, and every single supper we had after pracs ❤️

Yay I've finally hit the big 2 HAHAHAHA I feel old but young but idk thanks everyone for the wishes and also happy birthday to my other 2 nuts @clyde_josh @charlene_clyde ❤️❤️❤️

7 weeks left to danzation and im pretty stoked!!!!! Wahooooooooo!!!!!!!! #35mmfilm

Ahxydhdkendudj I can officialy say school is literally ending in 6 months.... (ps I miscalculated the light meter, but this shot turned out beautifully) #35mmfilm

Love u momma ❤️ Happy bday to you, the shortie of he family heehee // missing last year's vietnam/bkk trip! Good vibes 👌🏻😩#35mmfilm

Finally fulfilled one of the things to do on my bucket list, to take a 11 hour sleeper train!! Trekking up waterfalls, riding jungle coasters, thrift shopping and eating nonstop with the girls was just amazing!! Really blessed and grateful for them ❤️

It's a rainy day not a rainy life!!! School is finally over and just half a semester left to graduation // credits to @vidoniayeo who took this when we were in Japan!! I miss Japan so much 😩 #35mm

Here's to the end of shoots and a short break before everything starts again!!!!!!!!! Rlly grateful for @sabliminal.msgs and working with her for nearly everything this sem, im truly blessed 👌🏻

Our AFP journey is nearly coming to an end!!! All the abangs and their good vibes, with ups and a lot of downs and ups again HAHAHA but I couldn't have gotten a better team ❤️❤️❤️

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