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Clyde Clarissa Justina  I love horses & I’ve got 2 babies pascal and rosie whom gave birth to some film photos here 🌞🌊🌴 sg

Honestly Fuji you have been a real beauty & most of my shots features you!! Pls stop being pretty and stealing my attention k #dēbüdëbūü

Dear Osaka, you have been amazing!! Arigatou gozaimasu ❤️ #dēbüdëbūü

Defining moments - I could almost feel the cold crisp wind blowing on my face as I reminisced the foggy tuk-tuk drive up Dou Suthep mountain, and the trek up to the peak. The Chiang Mai province of Thailand spread far and wide but my adventure was here. I had my manual film camera with me and uncertain of the outcome, about the photo that I was about to take, may not even be nice, it might be super blurry and just filled with white misty fog. But thats the beauty of it, just take the picture because you dont know what will come out of it. I remember feeling free, contented and nothing was going through my mind. Total bliss. Hoping for the best, I waited anxiously for my films to be developed. then voila!! the photo turned out beautifully. Despite it being so plain, maybe to others, I fell in love with it. A photo captured on a whim, in a moment of pure ecstasy, reflected everything I had felt; the rush, adrenaline, reckless abandon. The blissfulness of being away from your home land, in a foreign place, be it alone, or with friends or with family, that feeling is what I yearn for every time while traveling. Its just a feeling only one can discover for yourself. #thetravelintern #travelinternlife

It’s been a year and I can’t wait to have 7-11 Japanese food and amazing tonkatsu ramen and curry rice😍 #35mm

4 months into 2018, and im feeling rlly happy and blessed 😌❤️ gonna be done with poly real soon!!!!

I’ll miss u fsv and friends and film crazy ppl #35mm

Oh hanoi u made 3 of my rolls and money really worth it !! especially because I'm always behind everyone, my fam appears in every single photo.. What a way to keep the memories yea 😌 #35mm

it's just damn joyful and happy how the Vietnamese celebrate Christmas early on the street, drinking & eating pho with all their friends after work with strangers and even blocking a whole main road with elderly dancing on the streets ?? Plus taking sleeper trains and sleeper buses ?? Vietnam has rlly been a blessing to end this year off 👌🏻

tbh this is a damn good place to go for cold weather that won't burn your wallet!!! It's been 2 days since we're out of sapa and I miss it terribly :(

Every single sight was just ahsbdhfjfufnfifkfnd sapa you are just truly beautiful !!!! Randomly stopping in the middle of nowhere was truly a miracle, aka this gorgeous view

Just before this year ends, here's to one of the biggest chapter of 2017!! Danzation has been such a tiring, exhausting but amazing journey with lots of sweat, tears, injuries and lack of sleep!! There's really too much people for me to thank and dedicate too, so just thank u everyone for this crazy 6 months, having pracs everyday and doing LEDs till 7am, and every single supper we had after pracs ❤️

Yay I've finally hit the big 2 HAHAHAHA I feel old but young but idk thanks everyone for the wishes and also happy birthday to my other 2 nuts @clyde_josh @charlene_clyde ❤️❤️❤️

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