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  I love grilled cheese sandwiches & avocado toasts with sunny side up eggs 🥑🍳 // @clydeclarissasjdifnf

A team that really came out of nowhere, half filled with people I didn’t know and learnt an entire new genre but still suck at it, but it’s ok, ya gotta start somewhere. But learning together in this 3 months journey, I’m just grateful for the amazing company and experience and all the stupid shit everyone does at pracs!!! Humongous thanks to @lesterfisherman & @chelsealinda for guiding us and having faith in 24 humans ❤️

They’re here!!!! The rolls from Fiji!! Wahooooo!!! When in Fiji, it’s always Fiji time 😂🌴#fujinon35mm

“This chicken is part raw, part cooked, part charred” - rae

Step aside Moana 🌴 (jk u still the best moana) but dang fiji you’ve topped every single beach and coral reefs I’ve been to!! Vinaka ❤️

Its June... that means we’re at the halfway point of 2018??? Christmas is near!!! Wahooooooo

Seeing Mt Fuji everyday was such a shocker to me, like da hell, what a beautiful painting in mother nature!!! Thank u for this beautiful trip gorls ❤️

Dear Osaka, you have been amazing!! Arigatou gozaimasu ❤️ #dēbüdëbūü

4 months into 2018, and im feeling rlly happy and blessed 😌❤️ gonna be done with poly real soon!!!!

I’ll miss u fsv and friends and film crazy ppl #35mm

Oh hanoi u made 3 of my rolls and money really worth it !! especially because I'm always behind everyone, my fam appears in every single photo.. What a way to keep the memories yea 😌 #35mm

it's just damn joyful and happy how the Vietnamese celebrate Christmas early on the street, drinking & eating pho with all their friends after work with strangers and even blocking a whole main road with elderly dancing on the streets ?? Plus taking sleeper trains and sleeper buses ?? Vietnam has rlly been a blessing to end this year off 👌🏻

tbh this is a damn good place to go for cold weather that won't burn your wallet!!! It's been 2 days since we're out of sapa and I miss it terribly :(

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