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Corey Lunney  East Regional Athlete, Sponsored by Mission6, FitAid and Dawn of Thyme


Can't wait to throwdown with this guy! @avazquez03
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465 Squat triple PR

This was supposed to be a 3x3, but was only able to complete one of the sets. I dropped down and finished my other sets at a lower percentages. It's okay that I didn't hit my sets because it means I'm pushing myself to my limits. I know I'm getting better and stronger every time I hit these upper percentages.

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Active recovery day with @clauuddss . We went back to our roots as collegiate athletes with a lot of speed, agility, and plyometric work today.

We both swear by a lot of these drills to increase our abilities as athletes. Balance, coordination, speed, and agility are all components of fitness that can be trained and practiced in many different ways, but are often overlooked because they are not as "sexy" as slangin a heavy barbell! •
Today's workout:
A. Ladder drills, 3 forward, 3 backward, and 3 lateral drills.
B. Hurdles, 3 bounding drills, 3 one leg jump and catch drills. Focusing on control and balance.
C. Heiden drills, practicing jumping and catching off of one foot in a few different planes. Forwards, backwards, and side to side
D. Plyo circuit, 4 sets of: 6each side of side twist pass with medball, 8/5 explosive push-ups (one rep is push-up onto plate and push-up off of plate), and 30 quick feet onto plate.

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Last time I did dumbbell snatches and ring dips together it didn't go so well. Today it went just fine! I think I can finally put the injury behind me for good.

3 Rounds
400m Run
21 DB Snatch 50/35
12 Ring Dips

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235 x 3, Low Hang Snatch PR

Still a little beat up from the granite games and traveling, but happy to get after some snatches today.

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What a great weekend at @thegranitegames with my teammates @blacksmifff and @jcrossfitcook !! Happy to take a solid second place finish in a strong field!

Big congrats to all the other competitors, and especially to the winners.

Thank you to @johnswanson27 and his whole team. The volunteers and judges and everyone behind the scenes did an amazing job running the event.

Thank you so much to my sponsors for their continued help in supporting me at these competitions! @mission6nutrition @virusintl @misfitathletics @sharpentheaxe @fitaid

Thank you to the entire #shrewcrew and my mother @betsylunney for cheering all weekend! I love you guys!

Now it's in on to @thewodapalooza !!!

Some clean and jerk technique work and working up to a heavyish hang clean. Just moving around before we head out to Minnesota tomorrow! I'm ready for an action packed weekend! #LFG

#shrewcrew @misfitathletics @fitaid @virusintl @mission6nutrition @sharpentheaxe #thecomebackkids

More prep. Can't wait to throw down with #thecomebackkids at @thegranitegames this weekend! This one will be a blast!

#shrewcrew @misfitathletics @mission6nutrition @virusintl @fitaid @sharpentheaxe @jcrossfitcook @blacksmifff

@thegranitegames Prep. I'm thinking I gave @blacksmifff and @jcrossfitcook more than enough time to get their squats done (I hope!) because I don't want want to hold that bar any longer!! 7 Front Squats 275
Hold 30s
5 Front Squats 275
Hold 20s

Can't wait to hit this workout on game day, I love squats! •

#shrewcrew #thecomebackkids @misfitathletics @mission6nutrition @sharpentheaxe @virusintl @fitaid

Didn't film much today but here's some clean work at 285. Went for a nice 3 mile run after this working on negative splits throughout. Feeling good with all the aerobic work. Can't wait to test myself next weekend at @thegranitegames with @jcrossfitcook and @blacksmifff aka the comeback kids!! We are coming for that top spot!

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Friday night @misfitathletics intervals with @clauuddss
Finding the time to get the work in isn't always easy, but what's important is that it gets done. And to be honest, there's no place else I'd rather be then working hard at the gym.

8 Rounds
200m Ski
Rest 2 Minutes •
#shrewcrew @misfitathletics @fitaid @virusintl @mission6nutrition @sharpentheaxe

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