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Lifting more than just pizza. 285# hang clean and jerk. One day I'll get "fit" again. #karhuweightlifting #nikeweightlifting #pizzafit #beergainz


Felt strong today. 225# rows

Slowly but surely we'll get better under the watchful eye of @ricky_redus , just moving 245# around for a 2 power jerk + 2 split jerk complex. Switched my lead leg when I came back. Still building stability #stillmoving #karhubarbell #nikeweightlifting

Starting to move a lot better. 180# #karhubarbell #karhuweightlifting #roadtokokoro47

When 90% for 1 is listed and you haven't squatted really in 6 months but you somehow smoke 405#. It's good to be back in a structured program. It's been a rough year. Looking forward to improving my weightlifting with @ricky_redus #karhuweightlifting

6 months is a long time to sit and do nothing. Working on getting back into the mode. Did some of my friends weightlifting program Sunday.

Lifting things. Def surprised to get to 245# for 3 Hang clean. #tubbystrong

The Recovery 225# push jerks for today. #notinstafit #shoulderday #everydayisshoulderday

Seated workout after some misc chest and arms things. . 4 rds 20 dub battle rope, 15 kb clean + press 35# , 12 close grip incline push-ups #recoveryround2

Long story short. All the issues with my lower legs I've been dealing with forever especially in regards to running , was related to chronic exertional compartment syndrome in both of my lower legs. I had surgery Wednesday to relieve pressure is mutinies compartments in each leg. Looking at 6-8 weeks before I can start any fitnessy stuff with my legs. Lots of seated workouts for the new few months. Looking forward to not being held back by physiological issues.

Random 275# OHS PR. Off balance out of the hole. Haven't done any overhead squatting this year. I'll take it. Believing is half the battle. #tubspo #powerbuilding #bmfit

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