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💖Valentine's got our heart rates up!💖 💋What did you get up to on the most romantic day of the year!?💋 👀Proud to see so many of our clubbers ditched the romantic meal for some good old clean clubbing!💕 Great feedback on the new tracks I sprung on them too 😂
Let me know what you thought!

My fitbit stats, albeit I took some breaks...I mean I have just had a baby 😂😊

😆Shrugging off those new tracks like 😆

#sorrynotsorry #feelingthelove #wecameforloveandlunges #clubbercise #returnoftheT #taskmaster #valentinesparty 😅💪IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU IT WONT CHANGE YOU!! 💪😅 There are always low impact options. TAKE THEM If you feel like you need to then bring it back down a notch. It's our job to push you beyond your limit.
Your workout is fun but if its too easy you Wont get results.
Challenge your fitness levels each week to do that extra Jack or high knee combo. You'll see such an improvement inside and out. X

You're all awesome and smashed it! #thanksclubbers loved seeing you all xxx

@clubbercise @charlottewilkins86

😍HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!😍 So between having a baby🤱, running a business📱💻 and trying to keep the house protected from hurricane Oscar🏠 I totally failed to show @mckellyian any love this valentines day...unless asking him to change a dirty Nappy is deemed loving!? 😂

Here he is on the other hand being his loving silly self after telling me I'm going a great job 🤣🤣🤣x

Any way if you love or hate the day we have Brinkley tonight to share the love or just some sweat 😂💑😅💃 See you there!!! Possibly covered in baby snot and sick 🤢🤧

😍GLOW SQUAD WE LOVE YOU 😍 💑Don't forget you can bring your partner this valentines for free just because we want to share the love of Glow xxx👭 🚨Only 1 space remaining at Elmstead tonight, please let us know if you cannot make it so we can give the space to someone else. THANK YOU XXX🚨

🌟Yesterday's glow party🌟 with @charlottewilkins86 💜🎂Happy birthday Brooke. We are glad you had lots of fun with your friends 💜🎂

So @charlottewilkins86 sneakily dropped three new tracks last night!🔥🔥🔥 🎵What did you think!?
🎶Which was your favourite? 🔊Pop us a cheeky review if you have a space moment. We really appreciate the support x🔊

@ellisjstuart is confirmed as our official photographer for this exciting event! 💃🕺🏾All that dance and fitness under one roof! 🕺🏾💃All to raise money for a charity close to not only my heart my that of everyone involved and so many people we meet day in day out! @mnessexmind

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💃🏃‍♂️💃🏃‍♀️💃 🚦With exclusive performances, amazing presenters, instructors and @thisgirlcanessex ambassadors we have got it all going on to lift you up and dance you #happy🚦 🤩This is #thehappyfactory 🤩

#MIND #fundraising #charityevent #fitnessisforeveryone #dance #happyvibes #danceyourselffit #danceyourselfhappy #beatingmentalillness #bpd #depression #anxiety #thisgirlessexambassador #thisgirlcan #letsdothis #weareinthistogether #colchester #shakethat #schoolofstreet #clubbercise #zumba #divacise #townsendtwins #burlexercise
@clubbercise @holishakes @charlottewilkins86 @sos.schoolofstreet @dancewithkto @saanateather @daisykemp @clubbercisewithsteph

💃 Keep it original 💃

Reminiscing about my amazing Friday freestylers @martleshamleisure 💜I'm at my happiest when I'm choreographing and instructing my own routines. They are a reflection of me and an expression of feeling💜. #keepitoriginal #originality #choreography #freestlye #dancing #sorrynotsorry #fitness #friday #mornings #goodtimes #thisgirlcan #expressyourself
@thisgirlcan @thisgirlcanessex

1 space has become available at Elmstead Primary tonight 8pm! 💕Throw back with this 19 year challenge! Still raving in pink Neon 19 years later weeks before giving birth to Molly 💕

Post your 10 year throw back pic in the comments for fun!! X

💕Well what more do you need!?💕 🌞Start today and have no regrets.
This life we have been given is for living! Grab it, make it wonderful and have the time of your frigging life!🌞 No one else is going to boss it out for you! 💪GET UP AND GET LIVING 💪$YOUONLYLIVEONCE #lifestoshortnottobehappy #lifesforliving #powerofpositivity #tuesday #turnupandmatter #transformyourmind #tuesdaytransformation #pma

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