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she is my beauty, and i am her beast 🌹 #BeautyAndTheBeast

😭😭😭 #TakeCare #DidItForCharity #TheWeeknd #Drake

LMFAOOO 😒 justin gon cry in the car #HurtBae #TheWeeknd #JustinBieber #SelenaGomez

🌚✨ #TheWeeknd


we got em feelin some way, cause they see XO in the place ⚑️

this photo (live photo) was not planned. the camera was on auto timer. but you can clearly see how in love and distracted we were. sometimes we stare at each other like this and it makes me fall more in love with her. it also makes me appreciate how real our love is. man i'm just extremely grateful for what i have. thank you god.

LMFAOOOO wow 😒😭 my girl be on her savage shit

my mother in law is better than yours 😊❀⚑️ #TheWeeknd

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I'm honestly not ashamed to say i feel broken for this girl. She doesn't deserve what he did to her, no one does. You can tell how in love she was and still is with him, despite everything he did to her and put her through. And i just want to say that not all guys are like this, i promise you. But i'm sorry to those who've had to endure this, i can relate to this too well. And to all females going through this, i promise, it gets better. You may endure pain and heartbreak and even betrayal from the person you've loved the most but i promise that in time you'll find your soulmate. Someone who will never dream about hurting you or making you cry unless they're tears of joy. Love is out there, and i promise you'll find it. (sorry for all the cuts, wanted to fit these specific parts into the video) the full video is on youtube. #HurtBae #TheScene

this shit right here man.. this shit right here made me so happy 😭 brought me back to 2011. #OVOXO IS STILL ALIVE BITCHES ⚑️#TheWeeknd #Drake