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Hi everyone,
I have been trying to be more active as Roo Roo. Unfortunately, my legs have been healing (photo), along with my face and back. My face and back are still very sun burned and not yet at the peeping phase. My legs are healing from some bruises they sustained. I am unable to put makeup on my skin just yet, but at least the skin is no longer burning and itchy and red. I'll be back, hopefully, next week.

July posting schedule. 6 public posts scheduled. Patrons will receive early access to the YT video & will receive exclusive b roll not used in the YT video posted.
UPDATE: I deleted facebook. I didn't take a break from facebook, I deleted it.

Are you a patron on my Patreon? Patrons will get at least 4 posts a month (whimsy determines posts). I will do my best to make 1 a video, 1 a written update, & 1 a photo. What will the 4th one be? Who knows? Maybe a 2nd video! 😱

I just realized how much about me can be seen in this one photo.

With my friend & hero @micahthemagician , photos by my friend & hero @vilemichael

Photo by @zoabge

Candid by @whiskey_shotz

Candid by @whiskey_shotz

It was a good night out. ❤

Photo by @vilemichael

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