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Ariane R Kamps | Artist  Portrait painter of my own surreal dreamworlds & their inhabitants 🌙Fighting paint by moonlight #theaksecretcollection May 6 for pre-sale sign up DM

Do you have a nerve wracking job?
You would think painting is this lovely idyllic job but putting colour layers on this grisaille painting felt like I was defusing a bomb. The whole time I was wondering if I could scrub the whole layer off and salvage the black and white underneath 😅
*Warning: artists are prone to hyperbole*
If you had a stressful week Double tap!
Painting featured currently unnamed, work in progress in #theaksecretcollection

This painting from last Spring started me on this quest for magical, mysterious stories and myths. I always loved myths as a kid, they captured my imagination so it only seemed right to paint some of those things. The Pooka was a celtic myth about a shapeshifter that could become anything but sometimes became a horse then would give you the ride of your life...if you lived to tell the tale, that is.

Still one of my favourites with the evil unicorn just waiting for the other creature to try and take his horn.
This one really feels in the same vein as the current Secret Collection so I just had to share it with you all.
Tag a friend you think would love this!

Painting featured | Hunting The Pooka | oil on canvas 18x24
Originally hung in “Beasties and Bots” @stgermaincafe
Contact me if you wish to purchase.

A little introduction post for all the new faces around here:

I’m Ariane` (said R-Ee-ana, yes I know it doesn’t sound like how it’s spelt) mother of 5 crazy and wonderful rascals, wife, walker of Rosie the human dog, introvert, sci-fi geek, & historical fiction lover. While I wish I had more ambition to get out to jog everyday my favourite way to exercise myself and the wolf pack is to take them on a hike on some of our favourite trails around the Okanagan. It’s there I often find the scenery that inspires a lot of my recent work. The Secret Collection exists in that realm between reality and the twilight of the waking dream. Every piece has a hint of mystery somewhere, often guided by a little girl through the landscapes of a place that is real only in the imagination.

These last pieces where I’ve strayed from former work where I was painting lots of fanart and other seemingly random things; have really helped me dig deep into my subconscious and try to understand why I paint what I paint. Much of it is inspired by remnants of dreams I’ve had over the years. Our dreams are really personal mythology we build for ourselves as sort of a language that helps us decide who and what we are. It’s really not that different from the stories we tell, the movies we watch, except that it’s our story, our movie. When I started, I never meant for it to be so deeply personal of a theme but I’ve found it very therapeutic to try and understand these paintings. It’s given me a little insight into the language my brain is trying to communicate to me. I hope that viewers find them meaningful as well.

If you are keen on any of the pieces in #theaksecretcollection go to my website in the linktree and sign up for my email newsletter. All newsletter recipients will get to see and purchase paintings from the Collection first and will receive a FREE print with each purchase.
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Okay guys so I’d love to hear about you-
Tell me something no one else knows about you #itsasecret
Your favourite activity, sweet treat or just whatever

Flashback to #weekofthrones when I crazily tried to do an oil painting a day. I’m excited to see how this show ends.
Some of these originals remain, if you would like one comment payment plans are available.

Egyptian eye rocks commission I’m still working on.
Who knew that when I started painting on rocks because of the brilliant @jennyallnuttart who did it first, that people would find them so fascinating.
Stay tuned for more eye treasure hunts around town 👁 you can find the location by following along in my stories. Hoping for a dry day!
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Siren Swarm 1 & 2
Nice to have these fanciful stormy scenes framed. I confess I had some trouble capturing these little paintings in the afternoon sun.
I’ve always been fascinated by the how and why myths came about. I would imagine it much easier to tell Johnny or Susie that their father was whisked under the waves by fiendish, seductive sirens rather than explain the reality.
These mysterious little scenes will be apart of #theaksecretcollection
To be released May 6th. Go to my website (link in bio/link tree) to be added to my mailing list to be the first to gain access to the sale.

Another sleepy mermaid on ampersand claybord 🧜‍♀️ 🌊Available 🌊 .
#dreamworld #mermaid #mermay #mermaidhairdontcare #watercolorpainting #watercolor_art #artistsoninstagram #ampersand #koiwatercolors #sakuracolor

5 things you may not have known about me:
1: when I was little the 80s hair looked good on me
2. I never took drawing lessons which is pretty obvious if you see my drawings from when I was a kid. Swipe for card that actually made to show all my friends 😬 my 8 year old is *way* better at drawing horses than I was at 10.
3. I took lessons for just about everything else. I played classical harp from the time I was 6-16 years old. Also played piano and a wee bit of guitar. I loved to compose my own tunes back in the day.
4. I also danced all through childhood in countless different styles. Like... I mean all of them. Name it I’ve done it. Not that I was great at all of them. I loved theatre and won a competition once for song and dance duo.
5. I have an obsession with orchids..and keep quite a few around 🌸
Okay so there’s a few things about me, complete with awkward teenage photo. So I hope you all enjoyed that and feel free to tell me something about you!
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Juxtaposition of art and spring meals. I love a good bbq and after a day of spring cleaning & organizing it seemed only fitting. Juggling life, moving studio stuff, and all the other things mothers do all day to keep things going. When it’s all done I try to add some layers to this moody scene. I guess the point was to make my own fairy tale here about decisions, paths, and making one’s own mind. Hoping to add some colours soon.

The line between being inspired by a photo you took and embracing the abstract nature of paint is a constant war in this piece. I’m liking the red and purple underpainting but it also needs balance. When creating this collection inspired by night walks and mystery I find myself trying to navigate through a dark landscape of my intentions as well. ❔what am I creating?
❔where am I going with this?
❔is it a dreamworld or something else
On a practical level I want to show more wood grain so I’m dialling back this layer. .
#processvideo #theaksecretcollection

One last look before I send off this little mermaid to her new home in Florida 🌊 perfect place for her to live.
Thank you to everyone who bid! You made my first online auction exhilarating. I’m thinking of doing this once a month, maybe with more artwork.. what do you think?
. .
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Auctioning this one off for the next 24 hours on my Stories starting at $20. DM me if interested 🌊 Obsessed with mermaids lately 🧜‍♀️ it seems I haven’t changed much since I was 6.
#watercolor on 5x7 claybord from #ampersand .
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