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Photo credit to: @happycapyfilms
Question asked by: @kotakatelps
Topic: water pics
Ok so my last post had how to take a water picture so check that for how to take one
This will be tips -
Ok so besides the set up and what setting your camera should be on
If your just starting off turn the tap on high
Because this will make the water splash more In the picture
Of course adjusting the tap to weather the water is fast or slow change the splash and how the picture looks when taken if you want drops of water turn the tap on slightly and it will look like it's dropping or wait for a drop of water but that will take awhile sometimes -
If holding the lps and taking the photo is too hard you can always put it down but I find it harder to get the right angle with the camera when I'm trying to take water pictures in the sink
You don't always have to take the water pic in the sink in saying this if it's not working out in the sink try mabye with a hose outside or the shower
Be creative -
These are all the tips I can think of for now
If you guys have any other tips? Leave them in the comments .
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Pic credit to: @lpswesteros
Question asked by: @kk.lps
Topic: water pictures .
Ok so to take water pictures really good I recommend a camera but you can do this on your phone if your phone has a flash
Ok so turn on flash and shutter speed and then just take the picture you can see the difference when you use the flash compared to when you don't
You can also use sports mode I think instead of shutter speed
Usually I take water pictures in a sink or shower but you can use anything .
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Pic credit to: @lpswesteros
Question asked by: @heavydirty.crybby
Topic: themes
So for themes I get a lot of people ask what theme I'm stuck?
The best theme to do is no theme {random } or and outside theme, the reason is because;
A. Not many people do outside themes
B. It looks nice and it creates and nice feed so if your a beginner and you just started or your stuck and outside theme is best { in saying this inside pics can also create a nice theme but I find it harder to keep a theme going after I post 3 photos or it gets boring to take the photos }
A good inside theme Account is: @lps.ophelia <---- go check her account out .
Ok I don't recommend a tumbler theme yes tumbler is in and everyone wants to be tumbler that's why don't do it be different don't do what everyone else does aka tumbler ! As some people have said on confessions accounts "it is boring that everyone is doing tumbler and no one is being creative"
In saying this just be you a theme depends on the photographer 📸 and there style .
What theme do you guys find best?
Comment bellow👇🏼👇🏼
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Question asked by: @lpstrinket
Photo by: @lavender_kitty123
Topic: filters
Ok so it's very simply if you go onto VSCO and you go onto edit your picture and the filter option when you get to the end there is a little shopping cart click that and it will bring up the shop, from there on you will see some cost money but some are free to download just download all the free ones and if you want packs you will have to pay 😊💘
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Question asked by: @lpssnowcrystal
Photo credit to: @lavender_kitty123
Topic: indoor photos
{ feel free to leave any other tips in the comments}
Inside photos are hard because there hard to get right and make them pleasing too look at like outside pictures
The first place I would recommend taking photos is on your desk! And choose the right filter for these theme photos too
A good inside lps photography account is @everything_lps you can go look at her account!

Another thing I would recommend doing is walking around your house and finding anything that looks interesting that the lps can sit on top, Infront of, inside, ect .

And last tip is the camera angle this goes for anything the photo may not be looking good one angle try and bend down or change sides because different angles can look better than just a front on shot!

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I want to start using your guys photos instead of mine all the time so if you want your photo to be featured on my account
Simply hashtag it too
And if you want to for you photo to have a greater chance of being chosen shout out this account :)
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Question asked by: @littlestpilots .
Bath bomb:
So although I have never taken a lps bathbomb photo I would use the flash on the camera in the situation. All that does is brighten up the surroundings and can help with the colour. And or take the picture in the day when there is good lighting .
Also I'm going to try and be more active on this account

Question asked by; @vibrancelps
Freeze pics;
So I don't take freeze pics but my camera does the same thing when I try and take water pics what I do is before I start I have the setting on the landscape thing and have shutter speed on or flash with shutter speed I usally play with the shutter speed first to see how fast it will go different settings change it up.
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Question asked by; @lps.succulent
So a good filter on VSCO would be A5 and A6 just then muck around with the exposer, contrast, saturation, temperature, and fade.
Until your happy with the filter .
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Question asked by; @lps.wizard
Photo video;
So this is the new thing on Instagram were there is cool effects that move are placed over your picture and people who do this don't tell how well this is how
So apparently they use video star and what they do is record the pic onto video star through another device and add effects as you go. I think to get the good effects your need to buy them
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Question asked by; @sunnysurfedits
When your new to ig it can be hard to get noticed/gain
Here are some tips you can try
1- surf the lps tag regularly like a lot of pics in that tag to get people to notice you
2- in someone's account there is a drop down arrow that will lead you to other people's accounts
3- make some friends
4- sfs is a good way- but not all the time I don't recommend this but you can if you want
5- use heaps of hashtags some that are not related to lps like #edit #outside
6- interact with other people and your followers
7- comment on people's photos .
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Question asked by; @lpsallie_productions
So sorry to say you most Likely got scammed I personally don't trade with people anymore but when I do I always make sure they send first and they are serious traders because I always lose contact and end up not trading so to prevent that I make sure they are serious traders if they replace me or trick me I will block them. So now I would warn other people about this person to make sure no one else gets scammed

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